2013 Meeting Minutes

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room

November 18, 2013 6:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Mead. Introductions were made prior to Rep. David Gomberg discussing the 2013 Legislative Session and providing hints for working with the Legislature.

Gomberg provided some interesting background and information on Lincoln County. 22% are over 65, 2/3 of our kids have subsidized meals, 10% of our population are homeless and 1/3 live below the poverty level. Gomberg talked about accomplishments in 2013 that he was proud of such as a good Education Bill which helps community colleges and establishes SBA centers because small businesses support our economy. He continues to work for tax reductions for small businesses since Big Business rates are 7% while Small Business rates are 9%.

If we want to be better citizen lobbyists Gomberg’s advice was to come to Salem to see him when the legislature is in session. The worst way is participate in blanket emails since they have to identify which are from constituents. The hardest to respond to are hand written letters. Gomberg discussed what happened to the various women’s issues in the regular session. Gomberg also introduced his new legislative aide Kyle Linhares.

In addition, Leanne DiLorenzo, the Founder and Board Chair of VoteERA.org discussed the efforts to get an Equal Rights Amendment in the Oregon Constitution. The goal is to ensure that the Oregon Constitution provides for full equality of women and men. To that end a campaign is being launched to gather the signatures to get the measure on the ballot in November 2014. Information is available at voteERA.org. The deadlines are daunting as more than 116,000 signatures need to be collected in the next few months. DiLorenzo also believes that having both the Marriage Equality and ERA measures on the same ballot will be synergistic because more will be inclined to vote and those that will vote in favor of one are likely to vote in favor of the other. Both measures should benefit.

Old Business

Minutes from last month’s were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Michele Walters reported that COCNOW deposited a small rebate this month and paid the annual Corporation dues of $50 to the State. As a result our assets decreased by about $20.

Human Dignity Coalition – Virginia Gibbs reported on the most recent meeting of the Human Dignity Coalition and also reported that the Immigration Information Response Team (IIRT), a member of the Human Dignity Coalition, hosts informative films focusing on immigration issues and education. Harvest of Empire was shown at the VAC on Nov. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Ceasefire – Cindy Jacobi reported that the group is supporting expanding background checks for all sellers not just limiting it to those who sell more than 24 guns or are registered with the government as sellers. Specifically any gun sold by any means, gun show, internet, etc. must go through a background check. The only exception is an exchange between family members.

New Business

Committee Reports:

Court Watch – Alice Vachss reported that we continue to move forward in developing Court Watch. Next meeting is at Nel Wards on Dec. 19th at 2 pm. Michele Walters will be observing the Mendibles sexual assault trial in Newport in preparation for our first training in January.

STEM – Janice Eisele updated the progress made at last STEM meeting. We are working on a newspaper article to invite women in STEM to act as volunteers or tutors in partnership with Joyce Graham. Next meeting is Monday, Dec 16th at 1:30 at Michele’s house in Depoe Bay.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee – has not met yet.

Fund Raising Committee – The committee reviewed some ideas for raising money. The first was to bring an item of some value (such as a bottle of wine or a book) to each meeting for a raffle. Raffle tickets would be $1 each. To get this started in 2014 we will need donations. The second idea was to auction a service such as grocery shopping or walking the dogs, etc. It was agreed that this idea needs some more thought and careful development. It will be discussed at our next meeting.

Volunteers are still needed:

Fund Raising Committee chaired by Treasurer – please contact Michele Walters with fund raising ideas or to volunteer to help.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee – contact Nancy Mead if interested

Still looking for a volunteer to chair the One Billion Rising celebration to be held somewhere in Newport on Feb 14th, 2014.

Orders were taken for t-shirts/sweatshirts to be ordered in December. Emails will be sent to members not attending this meeting to ensure everyone knows about the order.


Next meeting will be in January 2014 and is being planned as a social event – perhaps going out to dinner or having a potluck. More information will follow. There will be no meeting in December.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Neighbors for Kids (Kids Zone), Depoe Bay, OR

October 21, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Mead. Introductions were done prior to the Neighbors for Kids presentation. Perhaps because of the location in Depoe Bay there were only nine members present for this meeting.

Neighbors for Kids Presentation:

Board Member Byron Lewis presented the history of Neighbor for Kids (Kids Zone) and the role that grants and volunteers play in its success. In addition to the school year program Kids Zone has a 9 week summer program. Kids Zone is one of the participants in the LCSD OCEAN 21st Century STEAM (STEM plus Art) After School Program. This program primarily supports busing the kids to and from their schools to Kids Zone which allows more children to be served. After the presentation we were taken on a tour of the facility by Neighbors for Kids Board President Bob Houston.

After the tour, Joyce Graham talked about the role of the LCSD OCEAN 21st Century grant in the six locations – Taft, Newport Intermediate School, Siletz Valley Carter School, Toledo Elementary and Crestview Heights School and Seashore Family Literacy and of course, Kids Zone.

Old Business

Minutes from last month’s were approved.

Michele gave the Treasurers report: COCNOW has processed 23 new members during the first 10 months of operation. Those dues plus rebates from National for those joining online minus our expenses and the portion of locally processed dues owed to National left us with a balance of about $400.

Judy Bowman shared the samples for T-shirts and sweatshirt that will be available for order and those present discussed style and color options. These shirts are made in the USA and are being printed in Portland by a woman owned shop. Judy will bring the samples to the next meeting so that orders can be taken.

Human Dignity Coalition Potluck (Interface Committee) – Nancy Mead attended the Potluck, as a representative of NOW. Other attendees included representatives of PFLAG, the Siletz Tribe, Immigration Information Response Team (IIRT), Neighbors for Kids, Interfaith Community for Peace & Justice, Health Care for All Oregon, Cascades West Area Agency on Aging Senior & Disability Services, and others. We plan to meet every 2 – 3 months for networking and work on ways our various organizations can support each other. For its part in the “potluck” the Siletz Tribe served wonderful salmon.

New Business

Committee Reports:

Court Watch – Alice Vachss reported that we are gearing up to become a presence in the community. Nest meeting is at Nel Ward’s on Friday October 25th.

STEM – Janice Eisele updated the progress made at last STEM meeting. We continue to look for more women in STEM to act as volunteers or tutors to work in partnership with Joyce Graham. Next meeting is Thurs. Oct 31st at 1:30 at Coast Roast Coffee in the Salishan Marketplace.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee – has not met yet

Elections – Attending members voted to accept the slate of candidates for our NOW Chapter 2014 Board. Officers on the board are Nancy Mead – President, Janice Eisele – Vice President, Nel Ward – Secretary and Michele Walters – Treasurer.

Volunteers are still needed on all committees (if you do not have contact information for people listed email centraloregoncoastnow@gmail.com):

Fund Raising Committee chaired by Treasurer – please contact Michele Walters with fund raising ideas or to volunteer to help.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee – contact Nancy Mead if interested

Court Watch – Contact Alice Vachss

STEM – Contact Jan Eisele

Looking for a volunteer to chair the One Billion Rising celebration to be held somewhere in Newport on Feb 14th, 2014. Terrie Woodd and Amy Clou worked with My Sister’s Place to put this event on in 2013. They are willing to help anyone who takes this on. It is important that there be a One Billion Rising event in Newport in 2014 (On 14 February 2013, one billion people in 207 countries rose and danced to demand an end to violence against women and girls).


Oregon Says I Do is holding Marriage Equality house parties at Ineka Estabrook’s on Oct 26th at 6 p.m. and at Nel Ward and Sue Hardesty’s on Nov 3rd at 2 p.m. Everyone is invited.

Alice Vachss announced that members should bring jewelry to next meeting to donate to “Bejeweled” a benefit held at the Shilo Hotel in February for Food Share. You can even donate broken jewelry because there are jewelers who will fix it.

Next meeting is Monday, November 18th at 6:00 pm at the Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room,

2129 North Coast Highway, Newport. The topic: 2013 Legislative Session and Hints for Working with the Legislature. Speaker will be Rep. David Gomberg.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD

September 16, 2013

Meeting called to order by Nancy Mead. Introductions were done prior to the panel discussion.

Panel Discussion – LGBT 101 – What You Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Who to Ask (about Lesbian, Gay. Bisexual and Transgender people)– panel members included Jeanne St. John, Brent Burford, Lisa Gray, Ineka Estabrook, Mia Estabrook, McKenzie Figuracion, Nel Ward, and Rhonda Jantzen.

Many great handouts were shared including a pretest to check for understanding, a LGBT 101 primer, a PFLAG brochure, What Research Says About Bullying and LGBT Teens and one describing what the LGBT community wants to affirm. This is the 5th anniversary of the founding of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Using the GenderBender Person handout panel members discussed their gender identity, gender expression, biological sex and sexual orientation. Nel W. shared a handout of QuiltBag sources for suggested readings and websites.

Old Business

Minutes from last month’s were approved.

Treasurer reported that COCNOW has about $240 in the bank at this time.

Nancy Mead reported on progress of Oregon Says I Do campaign. Collecting signatures started out faster than anticipated and about 80,000 have been collected to date. Still need additional signatures.

Committee Reports:

Court Watch – Alice Vachss reported that the response to her requests for meetings with law professionals to gather statistics on what is actually happening in reported DVSAS cases has been less than stellar. Newport Police Chief Mark Miranda was very generous with his time and give good suggestions. Sheriff Dotson declined to meet with us. We are not giving up on this idea though. We will be looking for volunteers to observe actual cases like traditional Court Watch process in the meantime. We need to start being a presence in the community.

STEM – Janice Eisele updated the progress made at the last STEM meeting with Joyce Graham who is coordinating the Lincoln County State Grant for 21st Century Afterschool STEM education. She is also looking for women in STEM to act as volunteers or tutors. Next meeting is Thurs. Sept 26th at Michele Walters’ house.

Interface – Nancy Mead reported on the Oregon Says I Do joint celebration with PLFLAG, NOW, and Democratic Party on August 28th. About 10 people were trained to collect signatures.

Human Dignity Coalition – Nancy will attend a meeting of the Coalition on September 23, 2013.

Nominating Committee – Nyla Jebousek reported on the slate of candidates for 2014: Nancy Mead for President, Janice Eisele for Vice President, Michele Walters for Treasurer and Nel Ward for Secretary.

Self nominations are encouraged. The only requirement is that you must be a member for 60 days prior to taking office to be eligible to run. Elections will be held at the October 21 meeting.

By-Laws and Operating Rules – Attending members voted to accept both the By-Laws and Operating Rules for our NOW Chapter.

New Business

Volunteers are still needed for two new standing committees:

Fund Raising Committee chaired by Treasurer – Janice Eisele volunteered. Judith Bowman is looking into t-shirts sales. An interest in using local business, woman owned, etc. was discussed.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee – Kayleen Williams & Virginia Gibbs volunteered to work be on that committee

Gun Responsibility Committee – meeting to be held on Sept 19th to determine future direction. Nyla Jebousek suggested that it would be good to have statistics for the relation of DV cases and guns present


Nel Ward described an email she received about lights on a US map of mayors who are supporting marriage equality. It would be nice to have lights in OR. The suggestion was made to contact mayors through the Association of Mayors to determine if it is possible.

Gary Lahman announced that the IHN-CCO( Intercommunity Health Network-Coordinated Care Organization) is holding a public meeting in the County Commissioners Room at 5:30 on Sept 19th to discuss Medicaid funding issues across the three counties (Benton, Lincoln and Linn). The concern is that there will only be quarterly public meetings going forward.

Oregon Says I Do is holding house parties at Ineka Estabrook’s on Oct 26th at 6 p.m. and at Nel Ward’s on Nov 2nd at 2 p.m.

Interfaith Community for Peace and Justice – Gilbert Schraumm will speak on Peace in the Middle East – What We Can Do: a community Forum on Friday Sept 20th at St. Stephen’s Church at 7 p.m.

Nancy shared the process to become a new member of our chapter. New members should send their application and checks to the Depoe Bay PO Box 354 on the application form so that our chapter gets a share of the dues. Renewals can be done on line.

Next meeting is Monday, October 21st at 6:30 pm at the Kids Zone (Neighbors for Kids), 630 SE Highway 101, Depoe Bay (on the south end of Depoe Bay next to the Shell gas station).

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD, Newport, Oregon

August 19, 2013

Meeting called to order by Nancy Mead; started late because of accident on 101 at Beverly Beach.

Speaker: Strengthening & Enhancing Social Security and Medicare by James McCarthy, AARP volunteer

McCarthy presented the current state of Social Security and Medicare as well as suggestions that have been made to enhance them. This is important to women because we rely on SS more than men and receive less on average – overall US average annual benefit is $14,700 of which men receive $17,000 and women 13,000. This is primarily a result of lower lifetime earnings. Both Social Security and Medicare are in trouble although Medicare is in worse shape. It is predicted to have a shortfall by 2025.

Interesting to note that 1/6 of all Oregonians are on Medicare. AARP is encouraging us to provide feedback on our preferences by going to the www.earnedasay.org website

After the presentation, everyone introduced themselves sharing why they attend the chapter meetings.

Nancy mentioned that this month is the 78th Anniversary of the signing of Social Security into law. It is also the 93rd Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment and the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. There are celebrations in Washington, DC.

Old Business

Minutes from last month’s were approved.

Treasurer reported that COCNOW has about $220 in the bank at this time.

Committee Reports:

Court Watch – Nancy reported for Alice that they had a productive meeting to flesh out the approaches being pursued, and decided not only have a traditional Court Watch with women observing actual DV/SAS cases but also gather and share statistics on what is actually happening in reported cases.

STEM – Jan Eisele updated the progress made at last STEM meeting. Next meeting is Thurs Aug 29th at Amanda La Pine’s.

Interface – Nancy reported on meeting with Human Dignity Coalition

By-Laws and Operating Rules – Nancy has posting the updated By-Laws and new Operating Rules on the website. Please read them prior to the next meeting. All current members attending will be asked to vote to accept both of these for our NOW Chapter.

New Business

Volunteers are needed for two new standing committees:

  • Fund Raising Committee to be chaired by the Treasurer (Michele Walters)
  • Affirmative Action/Diversity Committee

Nominating Committee was established to develop a slate for elections for next year’s officers. Sheri Ambrose and Nyla Jebousek volunteered to address this need. Elections will be held at the October meeting.

Members agreed that our chapter should partner with the local MoveOn group to support Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This bill was introduced by King and Thompson to require background checks for all guns sales in commercial settings. It has 184 co-sponsors (178 Democrats and 6 Republicans). A meeting with MoveOn will be held on Sept 19th at 6:30 p.m. in the Central Lincoln PUD meeting room.


KYAQ is looking for a couple of volunteers who want to regularly field press releases in email and turn them into what you see on the KYAQ news website. It is not difficult but requires some training, good judgment and the ability to work in “the cloud.”

Oregon Says I Do – joint celebration with PFLAG, NOW and Democratic Party on August 28th at 7 pm in Central PUD Meeting room. Important that NOW have a good attendance to show support.

Nancy shared the process to become a member of our chapter. Application is available online at our website: www.centraloregoncoastnow.org. Please complete and mail application to Central Oregon Coast NOW, PO Box 354, Depoe Bay, OR 97341. Membership fee includes, National, State, and our local chapter.

Next meeting is Monday September 16th at 6 pm in Central Lincoln PUD Meeting room, 2129 North Coast Highway, Newport. Topic: LGBT 101 panel discussion with Jeanne St. John, Nel Ward and others.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD

July 15, 2013

16 people present.

Meeting called to order at 6:06 by Acting President Nancy Campbell Mead

Alan Searle from “FireBear” a 501(c)3 Non Profit whose charter is focused on community education presented a short history and progress towards establishing KYAQ 91.7 FM Lincoln County’s new public radio station. Its purpose is to be a forum for community news and information that can find few outlets here locally. It is slated for startup Jan 2014. They are operating under a 3 yr construction permit. Currently they are fundraising to reach their $50,000 goal. They do have funds to match small donations. Their contact info is project@KYAQ.org.

Old Business:

Minutes were approved for May 20th meeting.

Treasurer reported we have $200.25 in the bank.

Nancy presented highlights of the National NOW meeting she attended in Chicago. Speakers, Walmart protest and workshops were energizing.  Need to get the ERA passed was one of the topics.  NOW passed a Resolution that if a candidate does not support the ERA the candidate will not be endorsed by or receive campaign donations from the NOW PAC.

Nancy asked whether our chapter will support Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO).  After some discussion it was decided that all agree that single payer government supplied health coverage is a worthy goal but that more information is needed to confirm HCAO’s position on Women’s health care issues (abortion, etc.).  Amanda Le Pine agreed to write the organization to get more information.  Sheila Swinford will also make some contacts within the organization and do research on HCAO’s  priorities.

New Business:

NOW’s National Action Campaign will focus on two issues for the 2013-2014:

  1. Marriage Equality
  2. Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling

There will be a Social Security NOW Webinar for NOW leaders on July 24th at 7 pm that Nancy will participate in.

Marriage Equality in Oregon will be holding a petition signing kickoff/training with PFLAG, Democratic Party and others on [at 7 p.m. on]  August 28th in PUD Meeting Room. Details to follow.  It is important that as many of us who can be at this important meeting. To get Marriage Equality on the November 2014 ballot we will need to get 116,284 valid signatures.

Our chapter voted unanimously to join the Coalition for Oregon United for Marriage Equality.  Nancy is submitting a Viewpoint “Op Ed” to the Newport News Times supporting Marriage Equality in Oregon.

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day (the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote); Nel Ward will write a Viewpoint “Op Ed” for the Newport News Times.

Committee reports:

STEM: Janice Eisele (Chair), Judy Bowman, Amanda Le Pine, Cynthia Jacobi, Nancy Mead, and Michele Walters

Committee agreed upon three focuses:

  1. Awareness – Increasing girls’ awareness of      STEM activities, fields of study, careers.
  2. Achievement – closing the gap in science and math      achievement in middle and high school.
  3. Possibility – supporting a      growth in girls’ self-esteem and sense of the possibility of girls’      success in STEM activities, careers.

The STEM committee will work with the schools to decide what activities COC NOW can work on that will promote these three focuses.

Court Watch: Alice Vachss (Chair), Nel Ward, Amy Cloe, Michele Walters, Jane Cothron and Nancy Mead

Committee is looking at four areas:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementation
  3. Outreach
  4. Actual court watching

Alice has established an email address to connect interested parties:  courtwatch@tealpub.com

ByLaws – Nancy Mead (Chair), Michele Walters, Nyla Jebousek, Amanda Le Pine and Nel Ward

The ByLaws Committee is virtually connected and beginning to do the work needed.

Terri Woodd facilitated a brainstorming session to determine our chapter’s focus for 2013-14.

Once possible issues were identified they were discussed and organized into like categories.

Some issues are being addressed by individual actions currently underway such as bullying and education in schools, and marriage equality.

Major categories included the current STEM and Court Watch committees plus two new ones: Interface and Women’s Health Issues (accessibility and universality). Amanda La Pine volunteered for the later.

Nyla Jebousek agreed to let us know if help was needed in her efforts to work on issues of Aging, seniors and disabled issues.

It was agreed that Court Watch will include all issues of violence against women such as domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, etc. and in addition will report on training offered to police. 

Interface (aka: community outreach) – Nancy Mead and Rhonda Jantzen

Purpose: will interface COC NOW with other groups taking a lead role and COC NOW will provide support when needed in such areas as:

  • Immigration
  • ERA
  • Marriage Equality

Suggestion for future meeting: invite all local media to discuss the best ways to interface with the community.

The next meeting is August 19th at 6 pm in PUD meeting room 2129 North Coast Highway, Newport. Topic with be “Enhancing Social Security” presented by an AARP representative.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD

May 20, 2013  

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm by Nancy Mead.

Introductions: Approximately 22 people attended.

Minutes: It was moved and seconded that minutes from the April 8, 2013 meeting, posted on the website, were accepted. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was not present. Mead announced that OCC NOW has a balance of between $150 and $200.

Program: Health Care for All – Gary Lahman, Oregon (HCAO) spokesperson for Newport presented the 27-minute film The Health Care Movie and discussed HCAO’s proposal for single-payer health care and what it would mean for Oregon, including Oregon’s women and children. The film presented early opposition to single-payer health care in Canada during the 1960s and the high level of satisfaction after 50 years. Health care in Canada requires 11 percent of the economy whereas in the United States the amount is 18 percent.  The United States’ health care cost is over $7,000 per capita; Canada’s cost is a little more than half that much. The discussion following the film-showing concentrated on HCAO’s plan to support a single-payer law in Oregon, either through the legislature or ballot initiative in 2017. Currently Vermont is the only state that has passed a single-payer plan, but its implementation may be delayed until 2017 because of the U.S. Affordable Care Act. OCC NOW will decide in July about being a supporting group for HCAO.

Old Business:     Family Forward Oregon’s May 8 Mother’s Day of Action: Judy Bowman and Nancy Mead attended and talked to legislators about the importance of passing such bills as paid sick leave. Human Dignity Coalition: Jeanne St.John described the new organization of progressive groups as a coalition of communication.

State NOW Meeting, April 14, 2013: No one from CCC NOW chapter was able to attend, and no information about it has been provided to the local chapters.

New Business   My Sister’s Place paper towel & toilet paper drive: Jamie Irwin talked about the 33-year-old Lincoln County organization that offers shelter and other assistance for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and dating abuse. She distributed brochures and thanked those attending the meeting for their contributions.

National NOW Convention, July 5 – 7, Chicago: Nancy Mead was elected as the delegate.

STEM Job Fair – 2014: Janice Eisele talked about the need for more committee members. Jamie Irwin, Amanda Le Pine, and Cynthia Jacobi volunteered; Alice Vachss offered to send names of other potentially-interested parties. Amanda Le Pine announced the opening of Oregon’s first medical school in over a century at Lebanon on July 31, and Nel Ward suggested that librarians might be part of the fair. The committee will determine its date, scope, and place.

Bylaws Committee: Committee members are Nancy Mead, Nyla Jebousek, Amanda Le Pine, Michele Walters, and Nel Ward.   Announcements: Gary Lahman announced that a group has begun to collect signatures for a ballot initiative that would constitutionally bar state funding for abortion. [Note: The petition must obtain 116,284 valid signatures for the initiative to be put on the 2014 ballot. A similar 2012 attempt failed. Oregon is the only state that has not enacted any abortion restrictions following the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 and one of 17 states that broadly provide Medicaid funding for abortions.)

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Next Meeting:   July 15, 2013, 6:00 pm: Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room, 2129 North Coast Highway, Newport

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD

April 8, 2013 

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Michele Walters. 

Minutes: It was moved and seconded that minutes from the March 11, 2013 meeting, posted on the website, were accepted. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: OCC NOW has a balance of $122.50 with a new member added before the meeting. This will add $20 to the balance. 

Old Business:   

  • April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Cynthia Jacobi announced that OCC NOW is commemorating SAA Month with the meeting’s panel.
  • Courtwatch: Michele Walters announced that she had distributed materials for comment. Nel Ward added that Mary Zelinka, Advocacy Services Manager at the Corvallis Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence, would be sending their materials.
  • Women’s Health Day (Salem, March 14): Judy Bowman attended and posted photos on Facebook.
  • Siletz Care SAAM 1st annual 5k Fun Run/Walk (Siletz, April 20, 8:00 am):  Kelley Ellis announced registration is at https://www.coasthillsevents.com/signup/event.asp?eventid=4 ; crafts and food will be at the event, and dogs are encouraged to attend.
  • STEM Job Fair (Mary 2014): Janice Eisele asked for a co-chair from Lincoln County and other members for an organization committee.
  • Meeting Date/Time Change: The meetings have been changed to the third Monday of the month starting at 6:00 pm. 

New Business 

  • State NOW Meeting (Portland, April 14, 12:30 pm) Nancy Mead will attend. She can be contacted for carpooling.


  • Teri Woodd announced that she had filed to be a candidate for the Lincoln County School Board in the seat that Jean Turner had vacated. 

Panel/DiscussionEffects of Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Dating Violence in our Schools

Moderator: Cynthia Jacobi


  • Jordan Ostrum –President, Newport High School Gay/Straight Alliance
  • Erin Richie –News Times intern/Newport High School sophomore
  • Majalise Tolan – Principal, Newport Intermediate & Isaac Newton Middle Schools; certified Olweus Bully Prevention Program Trainer.
  • Jeanne St. John –Volunteer, LCSD’s Crisis Response & Bully Prevention teams; Co-chair, local PFLAG chapter

In answer to Jacobi’s question about what is being taught about sexual harassment and what changes are being made, Richie talked about her freshmen health class. Ostrum brought up the need for a change in methods of teaching because his class was primarily filling in worksheets with no discussion. They were both concerned about the frequent use of the word “rape”; Tolan said that the use of this word has replaced “gay” in conversation. The two high school students also said that cyberbullying at Newport High School is less apparent after cell phone use was prevented in class. They also talked about the earlier predominance of bully and rape jokes at Newport Prep Academy.

Tolan discussed the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program at length, citing the improvement of student and parent attitude at the two schools where she is the principal. A handout described the program.

St.John stated that the state laws mandate reporting and that the school district is collecting data on date violence in addition to state requirements. She distributed a handout abstracting a few statistics from the Oregon Health/Wellness Survey to show how Lincoln County School District students differ from state percentages in harassment, sexual intercourse, and LGBT status. She recommends that LGBT issues be integrated into the school bullying policy, workshops, and entire school curriculum and discussed a report from Ostrum on how the third item could be done. With Ostrum, St.John has also conducted a series of “Gay 101” workshops for district staff.

Another issue that both Richie and Ostrum addressed was the message of speaker Brad Henning at Newport High School, who addressed the student body twice during the past four years, because of his highly sexist statements and pejorative comments about girls who had sexual intercourse, frequently referring to them as “sluts.”  http://www.bradhenning.com/index.html


  • No available district reports regarding bullying in schools because of de-centralization in district.
  • Panel represented only Newport with no information about other schools.
  • Many people unaware of district anti-bullying policy either because schools do not provide information to parents or community members are not connected to schools through children.


  • St.John will look into reporting across the district.
  • Current district anti-bullying policy, currently undergoing revision, can be posted on OCC NOW blog for comment from readers.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm. 

Next Meeting:

May 20, 6:00 pm, Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room, 2129 North Coast Highway, Newport, OR.

Topic:  “Health Care for All – Oregon,” film/discussion (Gary Lahman)

Respectfully submitted by

Nel Ward

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Minutes

Central Lincoln PUD

March 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm. As was decided in the last meeting, the minutes from the February 11, 2013 meeting were posted on our website. Members were asked to read them prior to the meeting. It was moved and seconded to accept them. The treasurer’s report was given. COC NOW has a balance of $135 after forwarding $30 for two new members to National. Six new members have been added by the chapter since we reconvened the chapter.

Old Business:

COC NOW participated in the Int’l Women’s Day Bridge Walk for Peace on March 8, starting at the north (Newport) end of the bridge. Some walked across and back, others stayed near the start and waved their signs at passing cars.

Committee reports:

  • Committee addressing the Sexual Harassment policy at schools have met and are preparing a panel discussion at the April 8th meeting
  • Court Watch committee has not met. There is material on the NOW website that will be sent to all

Proposal to change meeting times and/or date was discussed during the February meeting, and an email was sent to all members and people who had previously attended meetings asking for meeting time preferences (a notice asking for response was also put on Facebook). Based on the responses, starting in May (APRIL MEETING WILL BE APRIL 8 @ 7 p.m.) meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of the month at 6 p.m. 

New Business

  • March 14th is Women’s Health Day at the Capital. Three of us are planning on attending Planned Parenthood Training and Lobby session. If others want to go let Nancy know
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • April  8th meeting will be a panel discussion of the Sexual Assault Policy at local schools in light of concerns about recent speaker at Newport High
  • Siltez Care SAAM is having their 1st annual 5k Fun Run/Walk at 8:00 am on April 20th in Siletz.  https://www.facebook.com/SiletzCareProgram/events

Panel Discussion – Attracting girls to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum and retaining women in STEM professions

Our panel was composed of five women – 3 educators who have won acclaim in the sciences and 2 professional women from Hatfield Marine Science Center.

  • Ingrid Olson teaches first grade.
  • Mary Koike teaches high school science.
  • Ruth McDonald is the district’s resource liaison.
  • Janet Webster is the Interim Director at Hatfield.
  • Maryann Bozza is Hatfield’s Program Manager.

The discussions focused on what attracts girls to STEM and what is needed to retain that interest through their school years into a career. Girls who succeed in STEM fields tend to have a strong sense of self and a lot of perseverance. That sense can be nurtured with personal contact between girls and female STEM professionals.

It was mentioned that in our lifetimes women have made big inroads in legal, medical and veterinarian professions but the STEM professions have not seen the same rise in populations. It is sometimes assumed that girls are more nurturing and have less spatial/abstract/visual skills but such assumptions may be self fulfilling.

One of the outcomes of the discussion identified a disconnect between the school system and the community. One possibility to improve this might be to leverage the university presence in Lincoln County by involving STEM professional women in classroom activities and finding mentors for science fairs. Also need to find ways to place images of women in scientific roles through targeted publicity such as billboards, social media, etc. Creating a computer science curriculum starting in freshman year was also suggested.

NOW grants/funds to sponsor girls scout troops, after school activities and providing help on projects such as the competition to build the ROV were suggested as ways that NOW could help. Another interesting idea concerned creating a “Career Fair” that would introduce girls to a variety of actual scientists and engineers so the girls could have a sense of what their future careers might look like and thus expanding their realm of possibilities. The thought being that “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

Introductions were made after the panel discussion.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is April 8th at 7 pm at the Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room, 2129 North Coast Highway, Newport, OR.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Notes

Central Lincoln PUD

February 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm. Meeting minutes from previous meetings were accepted. It was agreed that attendees will be notified when minutes are posted in the future so that all that will need to be done at the next meeting is to ask that they be accepted. The treasurer’s report was given. COCN has a bank account and actually has a balance of $80 after forwarding $30 for two new members to National.  


Int’l Women’s Day Bridge Walk for Peace starts at noon on March 8, starting at the north (Newport) end of the bridge.  There will be signs with relevant slogans, including Women (and men who love them) for Peace, Bridging for Peace, Women Walk for Peace, etc.  Some walk across and back, others walk to the center, and some stay near the start and wave signs. 

Alice Vachss won her case against a serial rapist even though the victim had been killed in a car accident. Friends of the victim were there every day of the trial and were a very positive influence on the jury and judge.

The One Billion Rising demonstration at the Newport Recreation Center was held on February 14th.  The music and dancing were awesome. Mysistersplace, PFLAG and NOW co-sponsored it. There were several of us representing NOW in attendance. Many had an opportunity to tell why they were “rising” including some women who had been abused and agreed that it must stop. Videos of the event were posted on Facebook also. Other videos can be found by googling ‘break the chain.’ There was a photographer present taking pictures for the newspaper.  At the end of the event those present also had an opportunity to be among the first to sign the petition for marriage equality.


The purpose for this meeting was to continue our discussion of what NOW can do to address our culture of rape in Lincoln County. We agree that we need to hold our city officials, our police, our prosecutors, or our D.A.s accountable.  Voters need to hold the legal professionals accountable. Community pressure is needed to reverse this present culture.  So this meeting was dedicated to working towards a comprehensive strategy.

Cynthia had agreed at the last meeting to contact city officials about addressing this culture. She shared the responses to the letters that she wrote to the sheriff, the Chief of Police, the Mayor and city council members. In general, their responses indicated that unexpected events prevented their attendance. One positive result of her letter writing was that several policemen did attend the training that was offered in Siletz.

There was a general discussion of processing of rape kits. Apparently there is a severe backlog but in areas where they have been processed unexpected links were discovered sometimes even identifying serial rapists. One reason of many cited for the backlog is the cost to process. Newer kits are less expensive to process.

There was some discussion on what it would take to develop a Court Watch system again here in Lincoln County. The previous system did have a positive impact on our local judges so any new system would need to have a slightly different focus.  Volunteers to work on developing a system tailored to our local needs include Alice, Nel, Michele, Jane, and Amy.

This planning will focus on tailoring the system to local needs, pretrial education, definition of terms, etc.  Some research has been done into successful Court Watch systems by Nel. She identified one in Nevada and will be sharing best processes.

There was a discussion about what can be done in the local schools to change harassment and bullying behaviors. One idea was to invite the superintendent /principals to a NOW meeting to talk about what NOW could do to help. Another idea was to use bystander education which would address what you can do if you see someone in that type of a situation. It was suggested that someone visit the Superintendent to talk about the current sexual harassment policies at schools and perhaps suggest that bystander education could be added to the current bullying training being given.  Cynthia, Amy and Erin agreed to follow up on this idea.

There was a question about the correlation between returning soldiers and domestic violence. Alice says that a correlation has been observed. There are specific programs being developed in Oregon to work with returning soldiers. Veteran’s Health Clinics are being staffed to handle post soldier care.

Nel has written several excellent pieces in her blog Nel’s New Day about the culture of rape and indifference that we should all read. You can find them easily by googling ‘nels new day.’ Nancy also posts Nel’s articles on the Central Oregon Coast NOW Facebook page and on the COCN webpage/blog: www.centraloregoncoastnow.org. This is also where to look for Meeting and Event Announcements, and the actual meeting minutes.

There was a request to consider having our NOW meetings at a different time. A 5:30 brown bag was suggested. I have since talked to Nancy and she would like to leave it the same for March and make it an item for discussion on our agenda at that meeting.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is March 11 at 7pm in same room. I am continuing to search for women in a Science, Engineering and Math disciplines to speak at our next meeting. Have been considering a panel discussion asking the panel to explain why they were attracted to their particular disciplines, address the difficulties that women face in these disciplines and what might be done by NOW to encourage more girls to pursue these fields. If anyone knows any women who might consider participating, please let me know.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting Notes

Central Lincoln PUD

January 14, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm. Nancy briefly explained the purpose of NOW for the benefit of first time attendees and confirmed the timing for future meetings – second Mondays of each month at the Central Lincoln PUD Meeting room at 7 pm.  She reviewed upcoming activities:  Legislative Day on January 17th, the Bridge Walk for Peace on March 8th and what our chapter is doing to support Woman’s History Month in March. Nancy dispensed with reading the minutes for this meeting in order to save time for our speaker.


Barbara Roberts, Oregon’s first female governor is speaking in Newport at the Visual Arts Center this Saturday.  Jeanne St. John described the Youth Leaders Academy that is currently training 50 local High School students. The second session is scheduled for January 26th and the final session is being done in April. This training is cosponsored by PAADA (Partnership Against Alcohol & Drug Abuse, PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) and Lincoln Community Dispute Resolutions


We were very fortunate to have Alice Vachss, Special Prosecutor for Sex Crimes, Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office to address our culture of rape. The title of her talk was “All Rape is Real Rape.”  A key point expressed was that we have a lot of really good people that are silent about ongoing sexual abuse. This empowers some really rotten people to do whatever they wish with impunity since there are no consequences. There is no investigative reporting, the police are not doing much about it and when they do the DA seldom prosecutes.  If rape kits are administered, they are seldom actually tested. Even if a policeman tries to do the right things, if nothing comes of it, they soon learn that it is a waste of effort. It takes years to bring a rape case to court. When rape is prosecuted excuses are given about the ‘bad’ behaviors such as boys being boys, being young, etc. Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused. Because most of us are effectively silent we do not hold our city officials, our police, our prosecutors, or our D.A. accountable. We do not even have a way to judge our judges.  Voters need to hold the legal professionals accountable. Community pressure is needed to reverse this present culture. 

General Discussion: 

Following Alice’s talk there was a discussion of the rape culture in our county, and ways to improve the response to rape. It was generally agreed that there needs to be a set of standards with which to track the performance of our law enforcement personnel as well as elected and appointed officials from the initial response all the way through the prosecution process. Our chapter needs to develop a comprehensive strategy. Any strategy will need to include determining what we are going to monitor – what actually counts. Several suggestions were made which included developing a Court Watch system. Discovering what other communities have done that were successful in transforming their rape culture will be important. Alice identified Indianapolis as a potential model and Protect.org for further research. Several different aspects in addition to developing standards such as changing community attitudes and developing a comprehensive helper community were suggested. Other suggestions included writing letters to the editors of local papers.  Developing a community charter might be an idea to pursue.

Towards the end of the discussion we went around the room asking each person to state what they would like to see us do, or what they would do:

Michele Walters – wants us to design a comprehensive strategy at our February meeting

Judy – Court Watch

Nel – Letters to the editor

Sherry – participate in www.onebillionrising.org event on February 14

Melody – education for youth

Jeanne – Bully prevention; youth leadership

Ethel – glad to be a part of the group; will work with us

Rene – get together and plan

Jay – Court Watch

Valerie – focused plan of attack

Michele Robinson – make people aware; “Called to Rescue” (rescue children from sex trafficking); http://www.calledtorescue.org/

Kelley – pointed out “don’t report” among tribal victims

Gary – concerned that sexual violence more prevalent on the internet & available to kids – what to do about it?

Cynthia – will write letters to commissioners & D.A.

Amy – will write letter to newspaper & will join NOW

Erin – talked about high school contacts:  Leadership class at Newport High (Mark Moore & Erin Baloney), GSA – Teresa Atwell; Harbor Light – Matt Love; PE Class (Olmstead); Rotary Interact – John Tumey

Next Meeting:

Since our next meeting on February 11th   at 7 p.m. at the Central Lincoln PUD Meeting Room is scheduled to be a planning meeting this discussion will be continued and folded into an overall chapter strategy.