3 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Pro-Choice Community to Embrace the Word Abortion | Center for American Progress

  1. I agree that we should use the word ‘abortion’ when talking about the controversy and own up to the real issue. Women should be able to do whatever they choose with their bodies with the acknowledgement that the gift of freedom is linked with accountability. If a woman decides to have premarital sex, or sex without protection she is susceptible to the consequences of her choices. Just like bad things happen to good people, surprise pregnancies happen to careful women at times and circumstances that are inconvenient. An abortion is defying the law of nature that states “with every action there is a reaction.” An abortion gets rid of the consequence and gives a woman the ability to do whatever she desires without having to worry about repercussions. A woman does not have the right to an abortion because it’s not her body she is destroying. The author of this article states “We should not be ashamed to talk about abortion or apologetic for defending our rights. We should be outraged that we still need to do so.” I know of no law that states that a woman has the right to get rid of the consequences of her actions. I am outraged that women are proud of the fact that they can get rid of their children and feel that it’s their right to eliminate those lives. Having the ability to terminate her baby’s life should not give a woman reassurance that she has inherent freedoms.

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