Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

The March 11 meeting of Central Oregon Coast NOW will focus on women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM):

“Women are faring better, academically, than ever before. Today, the majority of college graduates (57%) and master’s level graduates (60%) are women,vi and nearly half (48%) of this country’s work force is comprised of women.vii
However, there are some fields in which female representation has remained low. Within STEM
fields women are better represented in life sciences, chemistry, and mathematics; women are
not well represented in engineering, computing, and physics.
• Womenaccountforaboutonly20%ofthebachelor’sdegreesinengineering,computer
science, and physicsviii, ix
• RegardlessofspecificareaofSTEM,onlyabout25%ofthesepositionsareheldbywomen.x
Researchers and experts in STEM education agree that boosting the number of women in
STEM fields would expand our nation’s pool of workers, educators, and innovators for the future,
bring a new dimension to the work, and potentially tackle problems that have been overlooked
in the past.”