Remembering Margaret Thatcher : The New Yorker

Remembering Margaret Thatcher : The New Yorker.

While many of us may not have agreed with a lot of her policies, during the year she was Prime Minister of England she was the most powerful woman in the world.  Known as the “Iron Lady”, one of her famous quotes:  “If you want something said ask a man; if you want something done ask a woman”.

“Let’s celebrate all women who aspire to blaze trails for us — whether we like them, agree with them or not. Then let’s hold them accountable when it comes to their professional skills and accomplishments, not their clothes, hairstyles, husbands, parenting skills or anything else that doesn’t have to do with the job….I don’t have to love Margaret Thatcher’s policies to appreciate the fact that she is one of the women who made it possible for me and other little girls to grow up seeing leadership as a viable career path…But we will know we have reached true equality when women like myself no longer feel as though we will be diminished when another woman we don’t agree with or feel represents us, experiences a setback. We’re not there yet.” – KeliGoff