Kentucky 5-year-old gets rifle as gift and shoots 2-year-old sister dead | The Raw Story

Baby with gunThis is a picture from the Crickett (children’s gun manufacturer) website.  Apparently they even encourage the purchase of guns for babies.


Kentucky 5-year-old gets rifle as gift and shoots 2-year-old sister dead | The Raw Story.

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  1. I went to the Crickett website (the manufacturer of guns for children) and, after reading the testimonials have concluded that there are many parents who believe buying guns (with real bullets) for children is perfectly reasonable. Example: “”My wife told me to do something with my daughter after gymnastics today, she recommended going for hot chocolate or a donut. I thought, that’s not special, plus once you’ve consumed the item where does that leave you. Instead we bought a pink Crickett from my six year old daughter and wanted to say thanks for making quality affordable firearms for new shooters. The ‘girls’ option is especially appreciated because as scary as it sounds the color really helped get her excitet about it. Bethany says thanks too! She’ll be quite fashionalble at the Sportsman Club tomorrow.” Chris “I wanted to tell you about my daughter’s first gun. For Christmas 05′ My oldest kid,6,wanted Santa to bring her, her first real gun. When her teacher at school told the class to write a letter to Santa about what they really wanted for Christmans, she wrote “I want a rel gun my size”. The teacher said she couldn’t write that at school and had to write something else. When she told me and her mom about that I decided taht if i had to sell one of my guns to get her one I would..Luckally I didn’t have to sell any of mine to get Chris her gun. She is so responsible, and had proved it with a bb gun, that my wife and I went shopping a few days before Christmas…Our local gun store had just the perfect model in stock. Pink laminiated stock and stainless barrel. To see her face on Christmas morning after opening te wrapping paper was priceless. Out of the box she was a crack shot at 10-15 yeards, and just yesterday she bagged her first ground squirl at about 15 yards..thank you for such a great product that has brought so much fun and joy to my kid…and our family.”Michael “I just wanted to send in a photo of my daughter’s new Crickett rifle. I ordered it from Gander Mountain.It is a bull barrel thumbhole pink laminated stock model. I added a bipod and a 3.5x10x50 scope. It turned out to be a great little target gun for her. I enjoy shooting it too.”
    Larry — From GA

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