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via PUD Customers Targets Of A Scam | oregoncoastdailynews.

Central Lincoln PUD has received multiple reports from customers who have received phone calls from scammers claiming to represent the electric company.  In the scam, the caller tells the customer that their bill is past due, and electricity will be shut off unless they pay an overdue bill immediately using a credit or debit card. According to Central Lincoln’s Customer and Energy Services Manager Dennis Hinton they do not call customers who are late in paying their bills.  He said they only do notifications via mail, and scams like this are one of the reasons why.

If a customer is late paying a bill, they will receive a reminder in the mail.  If the bill still is not paid, they are sent a disconnect notice about ten days after that.  It is recommended that anyone who receives such calls should just hang up. Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Dotson reminds that citizens need to remain vigilant in not allowing themselves to be victimized.  This most recent scam once again appears to originate from a legitimate and trusted source, however financial institutions, credit card companies, businesses, and companies know how to contact you. They still utilize the U.S. Mail or use other modes of communication that you have established with them.

So, if you don’t know the person calling you, and the call seems in any way to be suspicious, Hang up. If you have questions contact that institution yourself and make an inquiry about what the person was talking about. The Central Lincoln People’s Utility District is Oregon’s fourth-largest electric utility, serving approximately 55,000 people living and working in nearly 700 square miles covering portions of Douglas, Coos, Lane, and Lincoln counties.