The Biggest Liberal Protest Of 2013 In 35 Photos & Video

Nel Ward wrote about this in a recent blog.  Here is an opportunity to see it in pictures (some great protest signs!) and video.

pRALEIGH, North Carolina — To little national fanfare, the largest liberal protest of 2013 took place on Monday this week in North Carolina, with thousands in attendance and hundreds getting arrested. For weeks, faith leaders in the Tar Heel State have gathered every Monday to give voice to women, the poor, and other groups under […]/p

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Wendy Davis Warns Texas Republicans, “The eyes of Texas, the eyes of the country, are watching”

June 30, 2013
By Anomaly
State Sen. Wendy Davis responded to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s insinuation that she should remember her own mother chose not to abort her was “a terrible personal thing to say,” on ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday.

Davis said, “I’ve been in the political arena for some time, and it takes a lot to offend me. But what I was offended about was the statement it makes on behalf of women throughout the state of Texas. I think it showed disregard for the fact we all we each own our own personal history, we make choices and have the opportunity to take chances that present themselves to us. What this is about is making sure that women across the state of Texas have the same opportunity to make those choices and have the same chances that I had.”

“They mismanaged the clock terribly last time, and they also ran roughshod over a lot of our senate rules and traditions to try to ram this bill through,” she added. “And they’ll probably be a little bit smarter about how they try to move this bill in this next session starting on Monday.”

Davis continued, ”But, what they now have to confront is that the eyes of Texas, the eyes of the country, are watching and they are going to be held accountable for the decisions that they make in this process. And if people continue to see that their voices are being ignored I think we’re going to see a long-term sustained response to that in the state of Texas.”

Watch courtesy of CBS and “Face the Nation”:

Thousands To Rally In Texas With Senator Wendy Davis On July 1 | Liberals Unite

Monday should be a pretty exciting day to watch American democracy at work. Much of the country’s media will be focused on the State Capitol in Austin, Texas where thousands are expected to show up and rally for women’s reproductive rights.

This past week, Senator Wendy Davis began a 12-hour filibuster against the anti-abortion Bill SB5. Along with the support of the pro-choice supporters in Texas, women’s rights organizations from around the country, and those of us watching live around the world, we witnessed a roaring stand-off that eventually killed the bill and made a bit of political history. Days later, Governor Perry not only called for a second session on the bill, (par for the GOP) he also made insulting and demeaning attacks towards Senator Davis while speaking at national right to life conference.

What Perry may not have realized at the time was, his anti-choice/ant-women tactics and words, would set off a backlash that’s about to make his huge U.S. Presidential Primary Debate blunder, look like a bad high school test grade. Bless his little heart. He’s about to get blown off his Texas seat, along with all the other Republican lawmaking misogynists and ‘gynoticians.’ You would think the 2012 elections would have been enough for them to learn not to mess with women. Bye-Bye Red Texas. Hello, Blue State.

Another exciting aspect of this event is the solidarity it seems to be creating between women rights groups around the country:

“While women’s reproductive rights are being challenged in many states across the country and now in the U.S. House, what has taken place in Texas has brought tens of thousands of women and organizations together in this fight. Texas is working with so many new and long established groups standing together to make our voices heard. Other states are watching and are not only standing with Texas, but re-energized to engage in their own states as well.” – Patricia M. Gil, Executive V.P. of Operations and Texas resident.

Listed below are Women’s Rights Organizations And Facebook Groups To Visit/Join/Support:


Planned Parenthood

National Abortion Federation


Occupy Austin

One Million Pissed Off Women

Fight Laws Against Women (FLAW)

Faith Action for Women in Need

The Lilith Fund

Catholics for Choice

Many of the above will have their own meeting places and times. Here is the main rally scheduled by

What: Stand Up For Women Rally

Where: South Steps, Capitol

When: 12pm

Bring: Hat, Signs, & Sunscreen

RSVP: Stand Up Monday


The rally will immediately be followed by organizing opportunities in the Capitol including:

Letter writing

A Signing Book for Wendy Davis

Citizen Lobby Training

An area to share YOUR best local organizing ideas

Standing with Texas women is something we can do across the state.

You can:

Host a watch party of Senate and House proceedings

Join a statewide phone bank to target key Legislators

Write a letter to the editor explaining how clinic closures could affect your community or pointing out other critical issues facing the state such as education, water planning, and healthcare that our state government needs to address.

Visit your Legislator’s district office

Local Texas Branches/Groups:

Texas Women’s Coalition

Turning Texas Back2Blue

Capital Area Democratic Women

What Happens in Texas

Occupy Austin


Planned ParenthoodTexas

Austin Chapter of NOW

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas TX

Yes, on Monday, our thoughts will be deep in the heart of Texas. Here’s to reigniting the fire, and here’s to using that fire to unseat every lawmaker that messes with women’s rights.

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Article on Texas Masturbation Bill a “Satire”.

So many have asked to see this SATIRICAL piece which I pulled because it was “satire” and totally not true.  I am reposting it here to give you a laugh (we all know that this is not something that the Republican men in the Texas legislature would ever let pass):

Texas legislature fails on abortion, passes masturbation bill

Politics June 26, 2013 Comments: 96

Texas legislators successfully pass pro-life bill.

Texas legislators successfully pass pro-life bill.

Coming down to the final minute as Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhearst forced Sen. Wendy Davis to end her filibuster, the legislature was unable to pass a widely decried abortion bill. The legislature was able to accomplish another aspect of their pro-life agenda though, a ban on male masturbation.

One Texas lawmaker joyously announced after the passing of the measure, “this marks a milestone for the pro-life movement! We must protect the unborn any way we can; I’m very proud that my fellow legislators voted to protect life, even in its earliest stages!”

The new measure will go into effect on January 1, 2014 which will make many forms of male masturbation illegal. Exceptions include sperm donations, which now must only be performed at a designated hospital facility.

New rules will also require men to sign an agreement when obtaining prescription erectile dysfunction medication which indicates they will not use the medicine for any purposes other than sexual intercourse with a woman.

Amendments added to the bill also require a permit to obtain and possess male sexual toys which could be used to assist people in violating the new law.

Those found in violation of the new law could be sentenced up to two years in prison.

Many legislators who voted in favor of the bill also voted in favor of a bill debated just prior to speed up executions in the state. Legislators were hopeful they would be able to have time to pass another bill which would have nullified Obamacare, the federal legislation in which many are decrying as government getting in between people and their doctor and making healthcare decisions for people.

By: George M. Spooner
George may be contacted via email at

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A Bad Week For Rush Limbaugh Is Always A Good Week For America | Liberals Unite

A Bad Week For Rush Limbaugh Is Always A Good Week For America | Liberals Unite.

Not a good week for RushLimbaugh. Once again, America proves the falling talk show host, to be on the wrong side of history, or shall we say, ‘spot off.’ Texas and the U.S. Supreme Court have sent the Rushbo hate agenda – askew.

Limbaugh is known for continuously, and publicly, promoting the degradation of women on his show. On Tuesday, Senator Wendy Davis, women’s rights organizations and supporters from around the country, stood their ground and roared their objections to the anti-choice SB5 Bill, considered to be the most restrictive anti-choice bill in Texas history. They then, roared their joy, as the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, delivered good news from Davis, that the bill was dead. Sure, we’ve got anti-choice misogynists like Governor Rick Perry calling for a second session on the bill, but that has only re-ignited and re-enforced support for Davis, who is now looking to be a prime candidate for TX governor. Davis may even turn the state Blue. Ouch to GOP – as well as Rush.

And of course, Limbaugh is known for promoting hatred towards lesbians and gays, linking same-sex marriage to pedophilia, sex with children and sex with animals. And also last week, the Supreme Court announced its ruling to overturn DOMA. This decisions affords equal marriage rights to lesbians and gay couples living in states that have passed same-sex marriage. BAM to Limbaugh!

Can it get better? Yes it can. The Supreme Court also overturned Proposition 8, which means same-sex marriage is now fully legal in the state of California. Limbaugh has been eating crow for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week.

We can pretty much imagine what he’s had to say – something about, ‘the disintegration of America‘… blah, blah, blah. And he is lying again, saying, nobody in this country has ever been denied the right to get married… But he’s now preaching to a choir that is dwindling fast. The ‘hate radio’ host who has been promoting malicious commentary for decades, has been paying dearly this year from protests and boycotts against him. With each hateful word, he is seeing more of his sponsors dash for the exit signs.

So it was a very good week for America as we to celebrated equal rights and women’s rights victories, and at the same time, watch Rush Limbaugh fidget, fluster and stew. ‘Twas frosting on the cake.

To get involved in the fight against hate speech on public radio:
Sign: Limbaugh Petition
Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Group
Visit: The StopRush Database
Email: FCC Acting ChairWoman Clyburn
There is also a ThinkContext Limbaugh Sponsor Browser App and a new Limbaugh Petition to the Military/AFN. Some of the larger groups that support the protests include: Media Matters,, Daily Kos, and Liberals Unite. Thousands of sponsors have bolted from Limbaugh’s show.

Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express — MSNBC

Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express — MSNBC.

Melissa Harris-Perry, @mharrisperry
1:55 PM on 06/29/2013
The success of the latest Superman reboot left me wondering: Can a sista get a superheroine for a change? Well, someone must have been listening—because this week, I got my wish.
Instead of a man of steel, we got a woman with backbone when Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis used the powers endowed to her—not by a yellow sun—but by the citizens of Texas to save the day. But of course, every great superhero must also square off against an equally evil archenemy.
And while Sen. Davis is fully capable of taking on her nemesis on her own, I thought I’d play sidekick and give him a few kicks with my letter this week.
Dear Gov. Rick Perry,
It’s me, Melissa.
You sir, have taken the term “adding insult to injury” to an all new low this week.
It was bad enough that you forced the Texas legislature to extend its legislative session for an additional 30 days for the express purpose of adding legislation to restrict reproductive choice.
Two dozen anti-abortion bills that all failed to reach the floor of either chamber after your fellow party members in the legislature figured out what you seem to have some trouble comprehending: Texans don’t like it when you try to erect barriers against women’s health care.
But you just couldn’t stand to leave well enough alone, could you?
You just had to give the legislature another shot at banning abortion after 20 weeks, and passing laws to force 37 of Texas’ 42 abortion providers to shut down. Governor, you are so hell-bent on pushing your agenda of outlawing all abortion that I’m sure it came as somewhat of a surprise to you when the people pushed back.
Since you clearly have a problem hearing what they want, Texans raised their voices—literally shouting to be heard—and led by a champion of the people, whose message was clear: Preserving the right to women’s reproductive choice is the only choice.
Well guess that hearing problem of yours was acting up again, because when Wendy Davis spoke, you apparently heard something entirely different.
Let’s put aside for the moment the irony of you holding forth on the sanctity of every life, right before you went and oversaw Texas’s 500th death by execution. Because what’s really unfortunate is that you haven’t learned from Wendy Davis’ example. She recognizes that all she has been able to accomplish was thanks in part to having what Sen. Davis called “the privilege of making a choice.”
You, on the other hand, have chosen to use your privilege to hurt instead of help women. With yet another special session to resurrect the bill that Sen. Davis and her pro-choice allies succeeded in killing. To restore what you called, “the breakdown of decorum and decency.”
Please spare me all the decency talk. Because really, what would you know about decency? What’s decent about refusing a Medicaid expansion and leaving 1.5 million poor, elderly, and disabled Texans without health coverage? There was certainly nothing decent about defunding your state’s family planning clinics last year, leaving more than 140,000 Texas women without health services, and forced to carry 30,000 unintended pregnancies to term. And punctuating all that by saying this week, ”The louder they scream the more we know that we are getting something done.”
Be careful, governor. You’re looking a lot like the villain who twirls his mustache and laughs while a speeding train is headed toward the woman you’ve tied to the tracks. Although you might want to take a closer look at that train. Because Sen. Davis has been hinting that she might be interested in your job.
Right now there’s a lot of momentum behind the Wendy Davis Express. And it’s headed right for you.

Feminist Daily News 6/27/2013: UN Passes Resolution to Address Rights for Those Affected by Rape as a War Tactic


via Feminist Daily News 6/27/2013: UN Passes Resolution to Address Rights for Those Affected by Rape as a War Tactic.

On Monday, the United Nations passed a resolution to address the use of rape as a war tactic and establish the rights of victims of war-time rape to include comprehensive sexual and reproductive health. UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon addressed the Security Council before the debate, “Sexual violence, whenever and wherever it occurs, is a vile crime. It must be exposed and met with the anger and action that it deserves.”

Resolution 2106 [PDF] was approved unanimously by the 15 member UN Security Council. In the Resolution, the UN states that it

“Affirms that sexual violence, when used or commissioned as a method or tactic of war or as a part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilian populations, can significantly exacerbate and prolong situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security; emphasizes in this regard that effective steps to prevent and respond to such acts significantly contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security; and stresses women’s participation as essential to any prevention and protection response.”

Resolution 2106 urges member states to provide victims with comprehensive reproductive healthcare. The resolution continues [PDF],
“Recognizing the importance of providing timely assistance to survivors of sexual violence, urges United Nations entities and donors to provide non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, including sexual and reproductive health, psychosocial, legal, and livelihood support and other multi-sectoral services for survivors of sexual violence, taking into account the specific needs of persons with disabilities.”

UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie addressed the Council, urging the members to have a realistic picture of rape as a war crime. “Let us be clear what we are speaking of: Young girls raped and impregnated before their bodies are able to carry a child,” she demanded.

The Global Justice Center’s President Janet Benshoof applauded the decision, saying “Although the word ‘abortion’ was not used, the ‘non-discriminatory health services’ provision is an enormous breakthrough in the fight to end the deadly denial of abortion for female victims impregnated by war rape.”
Media Resources: ZeeNews 6/25/2013; PRWeb 6/24/2013; Resolution 2106 6/24/2013