Black History Month: Mamie Powell

This is dedicated to the strong African American women who lived through the oppressive inequality of the South and kept their hearts open and loving.  My first mother-in-law, Travis Mae Powell, was such a person, i was privileged to meet her in the early 70’s in Houston, Texas.  I had married her youngest of 12 children, her first to go to college.  My ex participated in a program that brought gifted students from the South to California for enrollment into the university system.  I imagine how proud she was but then concerned how an interracial marriage and becoming a father at an early age would affect his life.  She never let on, she was so kind, I felt an immediate bond.  How great it would have been if she could have been at her son’s graduation from Stanford University.  She encouraged him to study and do his best.  If she had the opportunity to further her education or not had to care for a severely disabled daughter I am sure she would have excelled in any field.  Travis Mae did excel in being a strong kind woman.