End of Summer Art Sale by Local Women Artists this Saturday, September 26 from 10 to 4 at Newport Visual Arts Center

Announcing:  End of Summer Art Sale by Local Women Artists


By 12+ Local Artists who are selling overstock of art supplies, frames, seconds, yarn, fabric, books, collage and assemblage pieces, pottery, papers, original art and prints, ephemera, plus more!  Many of these artists donated to the Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation’s “Celebration of Women” and some are Central Oregon Coast NOW members!  This will be a fun way for us to show our support and thank them for supporting us!

Treasures for everyone!

Cheri Aldrich

Eileen Hearne

Frances VanWert

Alice Martin

Cynthia Jacobi

Sylvia Hosie

Linda Briggs

Donna McCoy

Chasse Davidson

Mary Madewell

Janet Runger

Diane Eckstein

OR Coast Children’s Theater

Date:  Saturday, Sept. 26

Location:  Visual Arts Center, 2nd floor,

Nye Beach Turnaround

Time: sale from 10 to 4