Time For An Oregon Revolt!

The Oregon Community Rights Network and Oregonians for Community Rights are organizing an Oregon speaking tour by Thomas Linzey, the Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).

Linzey has been named one of the country’s “top ten revolutionaries” by Forbes Magazine and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Mother Jones and The Nation. He will be speaking on the need for a new rights based movement to challenge corporate power and assert our rights.

“As a people of ‘we the people’ fame we have become either ahistorical, amazingly obedient, exceedingly stupid, or all three. We can stay that way if we choose – either denying the corporate state or resigning ourselves to it – with the understanding that every day we fail to challenge the corporate state is another day that the planet falls down around us.”

– Thomas Linzey

October 5th – Newport
Locally co-hosted by: Lincoln County Community Rights (lincolncountycommunityrights.com )
Newport Senior Center – 20 SE 2nd Street, Newport.
7pm to 9pm | Free event (donations accepted)
Contact info: 
mkrausster@gmail.com | 541 961 6385