If Today’s Republican Party Were to Come Up With A Good Idea, It Would Die of Loneliness

Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 19, 2015

Margaret, normally we can find a little humor in everything. I think that’s why we’ve outlived almost everyone we know.  But the Republican Party has gotten to a place where even humor doesn’t make them palatable.

If I hear one more Republican deliver the talking point that America doesn’t need a continuation of Obama’s failed policies… Well I’d say I’d pull my hair out, but I want to hang on to what little I have left.

So with all humor aside…

Fact: the economy is amazingly robust with over 12 million new jobs created under Obama, a stock market that has more than doubled, and deficits that have been cut by two-thirds.

Fact: the Middle East has been screwed up for generations but it’s better off than when George Bush and Dick Cheney were calling the shots.

Fact: Obamacare has been remarkably successful  with health care inflation at the lowest rate in nearly 50 years.

Fact: Carly Fiorina failed at HP just as she failed to realize Planned Parenthood  is more popular than the NRA and the Republican Party.

Opinion: Gay weddings are actually quite well done and it’s been nice to see Americans excited about wedding ceremonies happening outside of a London cathedral .   And by the way, the Republican front runner has been married three times more than the Democrat.

Like it or not, Obama is a highly popular President as are Former Presidents Clinton and Carter.  Meanwhile  both Bush’s are as lost as last year’s Easter egg.

The Republicans can go on believing that we don’t want a continuation of Obama’s policies, but from where I sit that dog just don’t hunt.  Why in the hell are we trying to find a Democrat who can work with Republicans when even Republicans can’t work with Republicans.  That whole damn party is so useless if they actually could come up with a good idea, it would die of loneliness.

And I really, really wish CNN would point that out every time  they have another delusional Republican spokesperson on as an expert.  I mean it.  Really.