By Linda Aguirre Polisner,  Newport News Times Letter to the Editor, March 4, 2014

As one of 14 Central Coast Ceasefire volunteers who participated in the second annual Lincoln County Gun Guy-Back on Feb. 6, I monitored the area outside the Newport Police Department for the duration of the event. I would like to correct misinformation in letters to the News-Times from Herb Goblirsch and Bob Jensen.

Goblirsch and the other gun dealer were never harassed by any volunteers. In one instance, Chief Miranda questioned them about a gun they were buying from someone in the parking lot who had come to turn in his gun to Ceasefire for a grocery card. The chief was verifying that the gun dealer was licensed and adhering to the background check law.  

The only “harassment” any Ceasefire volunteers witnessed was when Goblirsch ignored signs outside the police station to not enter unless participating in the buy-back. He followed a couple into the police station who were turning in firearms and accused them of having stolen guns. Goblirsch was told to leave the police station because he was not turning in any firearms.  

The Newport Police Department was to ask no questions about the ownership of guns during the buy-back in order to get unwanted guns off the street. Two guns were identified by the police as stolen, and one was returned to its rightful owner.  

I wish to thank the Newport Police Department for its efforts to reduce gun violence. 

Linda Aguirre,   Lincoln City

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