Trump May Have (Unintentionally) Helped Women!

October 14, 2016

Central Oregon Coast NOW member Kate Madison just wrote this on the Reality Chex Commentariat:

Ironically, Trumpster’s psychopathic sexually predatory behavior toward so many women–and we know there are more–has given us an opening to raise the consciousness of many unenlightened Americans! Just as with the LGBT movement, which is now seeing daylight in much of the country, sexual harassment/abuse of women is an issue which has finally jumped into the spotlight. We have Trump and his unevolved locker room buddies to thank! And actually–a buncha White Republican guyz.

I, and so many other women, have felt sickened and re-traumatized by the revelation of Trump’s longtime disgusting behavior. Michelle Obama, in her impassioned speech, has spoken for all of us! Many in the MSM have also spoken up (except, of course, Fox) in dismay and disgust. It feels as if in the last few days the lights have started turning on in America. With Trump falling down the rabbit hole, we have permission to strip away the self-blame and self-disgust of many victimized women who stayed silent. We are watching “victim shaming” morph into “perp shaming.”

Best of all, Michelle Obama has become a first lady on a par with Eleanor Roosevelt, and has cemented her husband’s legacy as POTUS!

And Donald Trump will be remembered in history as a power hungry, pathological lying lunatic who, in the end, will be as pathetic as his “idol,” Richard III. As he is dying on the electoral battlefield, we will hear him screaming: “A pussy, a pussy–my kingdom for some pussy!”

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