Vote to Defend

Thursday, November 3, 2016


It’s pure mathematics at this point -as described by Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis. You are either voting to preserve hard fought progressive wins dating back to and including the New Deal -or you are voting to blow up America.

And when you blow America up -who will suffer? Those with millions in offshore accounts? Or those that will die from hunger -because the Paul Ryan budget has cancelled food stamps. Those that die of disease -because the ACA has been repealed. Women that die from infections -from a coat hanger.’
This is not about punishing the DNC. This is not about years of right wing attacks and innuendo. If we lose -the America that we all hope for will be gone forever and replaced with the Wal*Mart/Hobby Lobby/Exxon version that will persist for generations.
I know there are many who care deeply and see things from a more idealist and/or purist perspective. Nevertheless this a battle that has been fought over generations -sometimes we can go on offense -and make great gains (as society did in the 1960’s). Sometimes we have to defend -while preparing for another assertive push.
My read is we must defend now. Failure to do so will obliterate any chance we will have -when SCOTUS is stacked with conservatives that believe the pursuit of profit and wealth is a priority over quality of life. When religious doctrine is held to be supreme -over civil rights and separation of church and state.
November 8, 2016 is a major battle -in a long unfolding war for the soul and direction of America. Some may think we can simply wait it out. However after the Reagan and post-Reagan concentration of power and wealth -my read is that we must defend with our votes now and then build a strong progressive machine together.
If we allow ourselves to be divided we will be crushed -and the America that is possible will forever be lost.

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