Local “Stronger Together” March planned in Newport


March committee from left to right: Brenda Wills, Cathy Devereaux, Rhonda Harman, Carolyn Crandall, Rebecca Austen, Trina Kosydar, baby Penelope and Ineka Estabrook. Not pictured are Julia Young Lorion and Nell Austen.

A local coalition of organizers are planning a march through town January 21, 2017 to protect our civil rights, protect vulnerable communities and protect the earth. The date was picked to coincide and show solidarity with the national Women’s March on Washington and other cities across the country including Portland. The “Stronger Together” March committee met for the first time Thursday evening  (Dec. 8) at the Newport Chamber of Commerce to start planning the event. The march will end with a rally at a local venue with speakers and refreshments. Details to be announced.

Organizers are a coalition of NOW members, members from the newly formed Diversity Committee of Lincoln County, PFLAG, and the Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee. ”This march is a way for people to come together in response to the recent
election results and show solidarity with all vulnerable people,” said Nancy Campbell
Mead, member and past president of Central Oregon Coast NOW. In the month
following the election, the membership of the local NOW Chapter has more than doubled, she reported.

NOW promotes women’s equality, leads societal change, and works to eliminate discrimination against women and girls. “This march is an expression of these goals. Women have fought for equality for centuries and are fearful that what we have gained will be lost under the new Administration,” said Mead.

“The Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee supports and is participating in this event to bring education and awareness to protect our vulnerable communities, our civil rights and mother earth,” said Carolyn Crandall, chair of the county’s Democratic Central Committee and spokesperson for the March Committee.

Committee members stress that everyone who supports human rights and civil liberties is welcome to come join the march and rally. “We need to stand together in these uncertain times to protect our democracy,” said Nell Austen, one of the organizers

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