2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Meeting Room

November 13, 2017

In attendance: Sheila Swinford, Nancy Mead, Sheryl Eldridge, Shay Keith, Diane Pugh, Trina Kosydar, Brittany Kosydar, Nyla Jebousek, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey.

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford at 5:30pm.

Upcoming elections for Board of Directors: Need to recruit a Foundation Board Executive Director as Nancy will need to step down when she moves out of state. The board brainstormed ways to recruit someone for this unpaid position. Nyla mentioned Cynthia Jacobi as a possible person. There needs to be time to train the person and if we have someone to nominate we could announce them at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

We discussed whether board members (either NOW board or Foundation board) can recommend Lincoln County organizations to donate Foundation funds to?

It was suggested that Shay put information about donations on the Foundation website. This would include how to donate, what the funds have been used for, and how to apply for funds. Since the funds have to go an organization rather than to a person directly, one way is to give a speaker an honorarium.

Trina offered some ways to do education and outreach about state ballot measures, such as phone banks, and other ways to help folks be more active.

The board voted unanimously to endorse Measure 101. Oregon NOW has also endorsed the measure. We discussed whether we wanted to have a demonstration. No decision was made to organize one. There is a Women’s March being organized for Jan. 21st.

The location of NOW meetings was discussed. Many of us like meeting at the Newport High School Library and Nyla objected as the door that is the Disabled entrance is always locked. If we have meetings there, we need to be sure that door is unlocked.

Trina made a recommendation that the NOW website list Women Owned Businesses. Everything thought this was a great idea.

The Annual Dinner was discussed. It will be a potluck dinner at the Visual Arts Center meeting room. Volunteers to set up should arrive by 5pm to get ready and Trina was put in charge of centerpieces.

Trina will put together a panel for the general meeting on how to run for office.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW & NOW Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

September 11, 2017


The Foundation Board meeting was called to order by Foundation Executive Director, Nancy Mead, at 4:30pm. In attendance were: Cynthia Jacobi, Nel Ward, Michele Walters, Linda Aguirre, Sheryl Eldridge, Nancy Mead, Sheila Swinford, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey.

Nancy Mead opened the meeting with the question about giving scholarship funds to students attending Oregon Coast Community College. A discussion took place about how to do this, and how much should be offered. The college said we can’t earmark scholarships for only women, so it was decided that we need to invite the grants person from the college to answer our questions and determine the best way to go forward. Nancy volunteered to set this up. It was decided that we’d prefer to grant money to a student who is attending college locally.

Nancy Mead also notified the board that she will be moving out of the area once her house is sold and so someone will need to take her place as Foundation President. Nancy believes it’s preferable that the person is familiar with the rules surrounding non-profits. No decision was made regarding recruitment for this position.

Nel Ward raised questions about: categories for giving, requests in advance for funds, how much should be in reserve in the bank account, deadlines for grants, and requesting a post-report of funds spent after money is granted to a particular group or individual.

One member stated that many are still not aware that the NOW Foundation has money to grant. Another member pointed out the application is overly long and burdensome. A decision was made to review and shorten the application; however, no one was assigned that task.

Three categories of requests were discussed. They were: Scholarships (school, education, college), Community Outreach (for community groups), and Emergency Fund (self-explanatory). One of the challenges is that the foundation can’t give money directly to an individual, but instead has to donate the funds to an organization.  Organizations that have received funds from the foundation are: The Stronger Together March, the Diversity Coalition, STEM, KYAQ, and the NOW Conference.

A decision was made to join the Oregon Non-Profit Association. They provide technical assistance and trainings. The fee to join is around $100.00.

A decision was made that $2,000.00 should be kept in the Foundation account as a stable balance.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm.


The Board meeting was called to order by Sheila Swinford at 5:30pm. In attendance: Sheila Swinford, Nancy Mead, Linda Aguirre, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Trina Kosydar, Sheryl Eldridge, Shay Keith, and Marta West.

The Celebration of Women event was the major focus of this meeting. Logistics, donations, volunteer assignments and so on, were discussed at length. A gift card for Nel and Sue was approved to be awarded at the celebration.

Annual Dinner: This is when our board elections take place. Nominations for Chair and Vice Chair are open. A location for the dinner was discussed. It’s difficult to locate a restaurant as there’s no way of knowing the number of folks who’ll attend. Last year we expected about 30, and got over a hundred.  Everyone was asked to think about a good location for this one. The dinner also takes the place of a November meeting.

Civ.works (George Polisner) was discussed as a potential speaker at an upcoming NOW meeting.  Amber Rose Dullea will be the featured speaker at the September meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary



Central Oregon Coast NOW & NOW Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Conference Room

July 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford at 5:30 pm. In attendance: Sheila Swinford, Shay Keith, Trina Kosydar, Brittany Kosydar, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Sheryl Eldridge, and Ellen Bristow, member-at-large. Absent: Linda Aguirre, Nancy Campbell Mead, Nyla Jebousek.

Treasurer Report:

No new members. Sheila said there were 2 new members: Carla Perry and another woman.
$3,554.59 in general account.
$47.40 paid for SiteGround website hosting.
$6,707.96 in Foundation account. Two donations: $25.68 from Kroeger; also $150.00 from ?


Shay gave us website information: We changed our hosting to SiteGround so allow committee members to post to their respective committee pages. If they choose not to, they can send their info to Shay to post.

Our July 25 general meeting speaker, at the Newport High School library, will be Dr. Bruce Thomson speaking on Health Care for All Oregon – universal health care. Dr. Jerry Robbins is interested in being involved if we start up a group locally. He’s unable to able to attend the next NOW general meeting.

NOW Summer Picnic in lieu of general meeting in August. Potluck at Port of Toledo park. OK to bring your own alcohol. Check the week before to see whether we can get kayaks.

Brittany – Chair of Women’s Celebration – report:

  • Silent Auction and Food – both needs chairs to head these two important committees.
  • Susie Blankenship will help with Silent Auction.
  • CM volunteered entertainment and program.
  • Hidi for food coordination.
  • Publicity.
  • Community engagement.
  • Logistics.
  • Chocolate competition?

Upcoming Meetings:

  • September 26, October 24, and January 23 (4th Tuesdays)- at Newport High School library.
  • August meeting (Sunday, Aug. 13) – the picnic at Toledo Pavilion Park.
  • No September meeting program scheduled yet; nomination committee.
  • October – Domestic Violence month.*
  • October 1 (Sunday) – Celebration of Women at the PAC (Performing Arts Center).
  • November 28 – Annual COC NOW Dinner/Banquet. Pres. and VP positions elected at this dinner meeting.
  • December – We don’t meet.

*Think about what we want to do in terms of working with My Sister’s Place.

Our “Support Group” will be renamed as “Networking Group” to better clarify its purpose. The past two meetings were every other Thursday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, at Apple Tree (1605 North Coast Highway Newport OR 97365) (https://www.facebook.com/ExploreAppleTree/). Social time and opportunity to connect with each other. Sheila will write up a description for Trina to promote the meetings. Continue talking to each other and just get to know each other. It was suggested that we meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, maybe the 1st Thursday at Apple Tree and the 3rd Thursday at Bier One (424 SW Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365). So the next meetings would be Thurs. Aug.3 at Apple Tree and Thurs. Aug. 17 at Bier One.

Trina has volunteered to create a newsletter.

Team Building:

  • Sit by someone you don’t know
  • How can we promote inclusion?
  • Code of Conduct
    • Kindness – Respectful commentary; constructive talk
    • Inclusivity – Recognize everyone who’s present; listen to each other patiently and check in to make sure everyone has the opportunity to offer their thoughts.
  • Help folks feel welcome; introduct newbies.
  • Monitor one’s input; allow others time to talk.

Start each meeting with “a moment of zen” – feeling grounded.

Need notetaker for July general meeting. Sheila will ask at the NOW meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Next Meeting: The next COC Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 11, at 5:30 pm in the Newport Library conference room.

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary



Central Oregon Coast NOW & NOW Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Conference Room

May 18, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford at 5:30 pm. In attendance: Sheila Swinford, Nancy Campbell Mead, Shay Keith, Trina Kosydar, Marta West, Brittany Kosydar, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, and Sheryl Eldridge. Absent: Linda Aguirre, Nyla Jebousek.


Board meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday, every other month, starting with July 10th. The meetings will be held at the Newport Library at 5:30 pm. We can bring sack lunches to the meetings.

Committee chairs should forward their updates to Shay and she’ll post on the website. Shay mentioned that there is a page for each committee and the reports and updates will be posted there.

Permanent meeting place for COC NOW meetings: It was decided that starting with the June meeting, all NOW meetings will be held at the Newport High School Library. We can reinstitute the raffle each meeting to help pay for the cost of renting the space. At only $25.00 each meeting, it was felt that we should be able to cover the cost easily. And we can schedule the meetings in advance. Sheila will contact the High School and get the room reserved. If anyone has anything to donate to be raffled off, bring it to the meetings.

The board decided that in lieu of having an August meeting [which would have occurred during the solar eclipse], it would be fun to have a picnic for NOW members and their families (and potential NOW members!). Franki will ask the Port of Toledo what dates are available and any costs to rent the waterfront park in Toledo. A potential date is Sat. Aug. 26th if it’s available.

Sheila and Franki volunteered to review our by-laws and National NOW’s by-laws to draft a conflict management policy. If there’s one we already have, great; if not, we’ll draft one to bring to the board for discussion and approval.

Treasurer Report:

The treasurer, Sheryl Eldridge, reported one new member last month. We have $3,000 in the COC NOW Membership fund, and $6,500 in the Foundation fund. It was decided that we would make a donation to My Sister’s Place.


The next NOW meeting is May 23rd at 6 pm at the Central Coast Community College meeting room. Topic:  All Voices at the Table: A How-To for Serving on Boards and Commissions.  Panelists: Mary Moller, Director of Appointments for Governor Kate Brown; Spencer Nebel, City Manager of Newport; and Casey Miller, Public Information Officer for Lincoln County. Moderating the forum will be Sunny Petit, former Executive Director of the Center for Women’s Leadership at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University; former Chair of the Oregon Council for Civil Rights; and former Chair of the Oregon Commission for Women.

Our NOW Celebration of Women is Oct. 1st (not Oct. 8th) at the PAC. There is a committee planning this event and they will be asking for folks to sign up for various committees as the planning goes forward. Nancy has contacted the wine guy, and Trina will bring sign-up sheets to the next NOW meeting. This is the COC NOW Foundation’s only fund-raising event for the year, so it’s important we have a successful event.

June 6th is a march in Salem, called Oregon Can’t Wait. From their website, “Oregon Can’t Wait for investments in education, health care and other essential services. Caregivers, nurses, teachers, parents, students, advocates, workers and more know that it’s time for corporations to finally pay their fair share so we can all have the Oregon we deserve.”

Marta (Chair of Legislature committee) shared that NOW tracks legislative issues through LegiScan, and she’ll put a link on the COC NOW website.

The Diversity Committee Chair, Franki, said they will conduct an assessment of the membership, programs, and activities of COC NOW to see where we can improve, as well as what we’re doing well as an intersectional organization.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.

Next Meeting: The next COC Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 10, at 5:30 pm in the Newport Library conference room.

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary