By Carolyn Crandall, Chair   Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

My organization had the proud honor of partnering with NOW, PFLAG and the Diversity Committee to create a march to bring our community together to let the world know that we are not taking this administration’s backward stance on our rights.  

We showed them that we care about each other, something they might want to learn to do. It has become perfectly clear where they want to take our country and we are having none of it. We did not have 200 or 400 or 600 show up. We had 1,600 people who came together in the rain to send this very important message; we are here, and we are loud, and we are not going away.  

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be with our fellow Americans to sing, to chant, to carry signs of resistance and to listen to inspiring speakers. We thank the Hallmark for their support in helping make this march a complete success. We could not accommodate all 1,600 in the Hallmark, but it did not deter them from standing in the gravel across the street and wait for spots to open up in the rally. Some of our speakers went out to them and spoke about our rights and how we can work together to protect them. We rotated people in and out so as many as possible could get inside to hear our amazing speakers and visit the organizations that had tables set up.  

We thank KYAQ for live streaming the event. We thank the Newport police and their volunteers for watching out for us during the march. Businesses came out to their front doors and smiled and waved to us. This was a community function that brought us together and to prove that we are stronger together. Stay tuned for more events coming soon.

Letters to the Editor, Newport News Times, January 27, 2017, A6

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