NOW Rallying Cheer!

The Herstory-We were taught this song by our chapter leaders when we joined our  NOW chapter in 1989 I believe it was written after we lost the ERA. I don’t know who wrote the original words but I am most grateful she did. Please take up the challenge! Make and post your own version on YOuTube and Facebook! – Toni Van Pelt, Florida NOW

(2017 version of a NOW Rallying Cheer)

(sung to the tune of Hey Look Me Over)
song enthusiastically, if not in tune, by 
Sheila Jaffe, Toni Van Pelt and Joyce Smookler
Feb. 05, 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida
The Words
You screwed us over you’re going to pay.
We’re going to get you, come election day.
So don’t count your votes, boys, don’t feel secure.
We’re going to get you in the end… of this you can be sure.
We are here by the millions and you know it’s true.
Hang onto your hats, boys, we’re coming after you.
Here is the lesson we learned this year, on this you can rely
When we’re screwed we multiply!

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