League of Women Voters – Oregon ACTION ALERT!

ACTION NEEDED: Ask the State Land Board not to sell off the Elliott State Forest!
This Tuesday, the Department of State Lands will decide whether to proceed with the sale of our first State Forest, the Elliott State Forest. Tell them no!
The State Land Board agenda for February 14th pushes for privatization: “The Department will initiate negotiations in good faith with the plan proposers towards a binding Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA), and an eventual transfer of ownership of the Elliott Property to the Elliott Forest LLC, unless and to the extent the Board directs the Department otherwise.”
The proposed sale would:
  • Sell off our public lands
  • Severely reduce protections for spotted owls, marbled murrelets and Coho Salmon
  • Open thousands of acres of rare older forests to industrial-style clearcutting and pesticide spraying
Only members of the State Land Board can stop this sale. The League of Women Voters of Oregon is working with our Conservation allies on long-term solutions that would provide needed money to schools and education, protect critical forest values, create jobs in the timber industry and other fields, and maintain public access.  Governor Brown has provided this opportunity to reconsider the sale.
Please get involved NOW!:
  • Call Governor Kate Brown (503) 378-4582
    Treasurer Tobias Read (503) 378-4329 and

    Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (503) 986-1523 and ask them to keep the Elliott State Forest public and protected.

  • Attend the State Land Board meeting next Tuesday, February 14th-10 a.m. Speak up & wear green. Details here.
  • Send a personalized note to Governor Brown, Secretary of State Richardson and Treasurer Read sharing how important this spectacular forest is to you and future generations.  Once sold, its public value is no longer in our control.