A Show of Strength for Planned Parenthood | Daily Kos

Planned Parenthood is planning a huge show of strength on March 29th by turning the internet PINK — Planned Parenthood pink — and your support is needed to make as much of an impact as possible.

Planned Parenthood is under attack like never before. Sign the petition today to stand with Planned Parenthood and stop these attacks on quality, supportive care.

The federal government is now in the hands of extremist lawmakers who have tried for years to shut down Planned Parenthood health centers and cut patients off from care.

If they succeed, millions will lose the care they rely on each year, with people of color, those with low incomes, and folks in rural areas most affected.

We need you to tell these extremists you’re a part of the overwhelming majority that opposes blocking patients from care at Planned Parenthood health centers.

Add your name to the petition today and tell them you’re ready to fight like hell to protect reproductive health and rights in this country. Tell them you stand with Planned Parenthood.

Keep fighting,

Kimm Lett, Daily Kos

Paid for by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.