Contacts and Procedures for Immigration Allies, Lincoln County, Oregon

If you witness an individual or a group of people being detained by ICE, follow these                                  procedures:

  • Do not interfere with law enforcement. You could be detained or injured if you try to confront law enforcement agents.
  • Immediately or as soon as possible write down everything you are observing i.e. place, time, actions, identifications of arresting agency, any names of detainees.
  • If possible film or take photos of the detention activity. You have a legal right to do this.
  • Contact organizations in the state who need to know what has happened and can provide help to the detainees:
  • Oregon ACLU 503-227-3186 or 888-527-2258
  • Oregon Rural Organizing Project (ROP) 503-543-8417
  • Centro de Ayuda 541-265-6216
  • Servicios Legales de Oregon 503-981-5291 or 1-800-662-6096.

If a friend or acquaintance has been detained by I.C.E. or you think may have been

detained, the first thing you need to do is find where this person is.

 The quickest info available is usually the ICE hotline for detainees: 855-448-6903. Be sure to have the detainee’s full name. They should also have info on any court dates, attorney, expedited deportation order or other status.

  • To see if they are in custody of the Lincoln County Jail: 541-265-4277.

(If the person is in the county jail, they must have been arrested for a charge other      than immigration. It is illegal for Oregon law enforcement officials, funds or facilities be used  to enforce federal immigration laws.)

  • C.E. detainees are often sent to Immigration Detention in Tacoma, Washington 1-253-779-6000.

For information on dates and decisions of Immigration Court: 1-800-898-7180.

While locating the detainee also contact any of the organizations above for help.

Contact any family members or friends that you may know about to check on their well being.

Finally, keep informed, speak up and speak out!

This information has been summarized from a series of sources and does not constitute legal advice. For any legal questions, consult an attorney. Sponsoring organizations: Lincoln County Diversity Coalition, Immigration Information Response Team, Centro de Ayuda.


Informed Immigrant at

Info on the Trump Executive Order, and programs such as DACA. A great long list of other resources.

Innovation Law Lab at

“Tool Kit for An Inclusive Oregon.” It has a great video on local inclusivity resolutions.

Rural Organizing Project (ROP) at

One of Oregon’s most active human dignity organizations. Much info and ideas concerning immigration.

 Oregon Law Center at

Legal help for rural folks including immigrants. Will help individuals find an attorney or give advice on legal issues. English and Spanish.

ACLU Oregon at  or Facebook page

Updates on current situation of immigrants in Oregon. Useful short films.

“ACLU answers questions on ICE immigration activities in Oregon.” Update on what is happening and what are simply rumors.

Causa at

Organizer of marches and actions statewide. Contact for ways to participate and support.

Interfaith Movement for Immigration Justice (IMIrJ)

Info on the faith based sanctuary movement. Sanctuary Tool Kit.

Alto Trump at

“Know Your Rights” campaign. Report hate crimes here. A series of colorful handouts in English and Spanish on what to do in cases of ICE  actions or raids.

Don’t Get Your Undocumented Friends in Trouble: A How To. “

Very interesting explanation from an undocumented person of the kind of actions that may have negative affects on precisely the people you want to help. On the the Daily Demand website. Google the article.

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