The U.S. Senate is expected
to vote on Trumpcare 2.0,
which would leave over 23
million Americans without
health care. It would slash
over $800 billion from Medicaid
and over 25 percent of
the budget for the Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP), and cut
funding for CHIP, which provides
health insurance to over
8 million kids.
In Oregon, health care cuts
would undermine critical services
for nearly 475,000 Oregonians,
including pregnant
women, infants, children,
adolescents, and kids with
special needs. Over 145,000
Oregon women, infants and
children already balancing
on an economic tightrope
would be cut from nutrition
assistance programs. Premiums
will skyrocket, especially
for seniors, women of reproductive
age and people with
pre-existing conditions. That
includes most of us.
We know what happens
when people can’t aff ord
health insurance. Sick people
go untreated. People stop taking
medicines they can’t afford.
Chronic conditions like
high blood pressure, diabetes,
and psychiatric illness go
out of control. Hospitals feel
the strain fi nancially when
few people can aff ord the
insurance that pays for services,
especially small town
hospitals. What if Samaritan
Pacifi c Communities had to
close? Where would we go,
especially in the winter when
travel to the valley might
be hazardous? What would
happen to all the people who
work there?
The next few weeks are
critical. Please, if you care
about this issue, let Senators
Merkley and Wyden know.
Tell them your stories to help
them fi ght for our health
care. Here’s a link you can
use: https://www.wyden.
We can save our health care
if we all speak out. Call, write,
email, tweet daily for the
rest of the month. Get your
friends and family to do the
same. This is not a partisan
issue. Our lives and our future
are at stake.
Joan Wikler

Newport News Times, Letters to the Editor, June 23, 2017, Page A8