Relief for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

Relief for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. After a hit by Hurricane Irma, followed by an even more devastating hit by Hurricane Maria, residents of the island are still reeling from the damage–and struggling to recover.

Millions around the country are donating to disaster relief efforts, and many NOW members have expressed a desire to support victims of this tragedy. We would like to help facilitate that. We have listed below three feminist organizations collecting donations–who would certainly appreciate your support.

If you would like to donate to disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, please consider these options:

In times of tragedy, disadvantaged groups face even bigger challenges to recovery. I encourage you to give in a way that aligns with our shared values as feminists–to organizations who will rebuild with women and marginalized groups in mind.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

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