Oregon NOW: Yes on Measure 101


Oregon NOW is proud to have endorsed Measure 101. Here are four things you need to know about Measure 101, which will be on your January Special Election ballot: 

  • Oregon NOW joins over 100 groups in endorsing Measure 101. This coalition includes nurses, doctors, healthcare advocates, hospitals and local businesses, consumer advocates like AARP, and everyday people like YOU!

  • 1 in 4 Oregonians counts on Medicaid. Measure 101 guarantees that our friends and neighbors who rely on Medicaid/OHP won’t lose their coverage.

  • 400,000 Oregon children rely on the Oregon Health Plan to grow up healthy. With Measure 101, families don’t have to worry that their children could lose their coverage.

  • Measure 101 stabilizes insurance marketplaces and premiums. It will save middle-class families that buy their own insurance an average of $300 a year in insurance premiums.

Many women are deeply affected by a lack of access to health care. Despite the fact that women make about 80% of the health care decisions in their families, they often face many barriers to accessing the doctor visits and the prescriptions they need. Until recently, they were often charged much higher rates for insurance coverage just because they are women, and they were often denied coverage because of “pre-existing conditions” like diabetes or even being a survivor of domestic violence.

Measure 101 protects health care for working Oregonians — and that especially matters for women. When women are healthier, families are healthier. When families are healthier, our communities are healthier. And when communities are healthier, Oregon is healthier.

Join us in voting YES on Measure 101 by January 23rd. If you agree that every Oregonian deserves health care, no matter who they are or where they work, then pledge to vote YES this January.

If you live in the Portland or Eugene areas, can you volunteer to help protect health care access for Oregonians? Sign up here to phone bank or canvass: yesforhealthcare.org/RSVPVisit the Yes for Healthcare website to find out other ways to get involved.

Please join us in voting YES for women, YES for families, YES for health care, and YES for Measure 101.

In solidarity,

Michelle Ganow-Jones
Executive Director, Oregon NOW