2018 Board and Foundation Meeting Minutes

Central Oregon Coast NOW (Foundation) Celebration of Women Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

October 17, 2018


The women to be honored are Jeanne St. John, Heather Fortner, Angie Sremba, Carol Von Strom, Traci Flowers, Virginia Gibbs, JoAnn Kittel.

All have been contacted and agreed to be recognized.

Cindy will get photos and brief bios of each to frame for event. Will be placed on the piano.

Franki will create name tags for each honoree and introduce them.

Franki has arranged music, classical guitarist Lyra Carmer, and will provide sound system.

Check out-

Discussed cashiers and checkout procedure. Cindy has contacted Food Share to see if a few experienced volunteers will help out. We want 3 credit card sites and 1 cash/check site.

We realized that cashiers are needed for the start of the event when wine tickets may be purchased and donations are made.

Nancy Mead has the password to get on the NOW credit card site. She will go over the process with cashier volunteers.

We discussed the 2-sheet bid page. The last decision was to have bid winners pick up both sheets, bring to cashier, they get one, we get one. Cutoff bids at 3:45 pm.

Set up- 

Amy and Cindy will go to PAC on Thursday Oct. 18 to create schematic of table layout.

They will also verify the contract and times to enter and depart the building.

Amy has contacted rental company for high round tables and table cloths.

Franki and others want to make sure that there are enough chairs for patrons and for musician.


Marta will write thank yous to donors.

She will use the backside of a large foamcore sheet to post a printed list donors’ names/ business for display at event.


Amy reviewed the menu for input.  Since all the food will be cold, it can be prepared in the PAC kitchen. Amy will have 3 helpers. We will use PAC coffee pot. The Swaffords will serve the wine.


Kay got the publicity started.  Jalene did some editing. Jalene will send out to news outlets.

KYAQ- Nancy Mead and Cindy will talk on radio. Recording Nov. 8, 2pm.

Posters and postcards are available for members.

Everyone is encouraged to personally invite friends.

Silent Auction items-

It was decided to place the bids sheet with the item after items are placed on the tables.

A small group can meet at Amy’s garage pre event to make baskets of smaller items, etc., pack up for transport.  Date to be decided.

Respectfully submitted by

Cynthia Jacobi


Central Oregon Coast NOW (Foundation) Celebration of Women Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

September 10, 2018

In attendance were: Sheila, Nancy, Marta, Jalene, Amy, Shay, Linda, Cynthia, and Franki.

Program Report: Franki didn’t know she was program head, but it was clarified that she will put together the schedule of events, act as emcee, and hire the musician.

Food: Amy and Diane Pugh checked out the PAC’s kitchen and it’s not a certified kitchen, so food cannot be cooked there, but can be brought in ready to eat.

Amy proposed charging a $5.00 entrance fee and no charge for food, and $5.00 for wine tickets.

She’s thinking: olive tapenade, goat cheese, bread, gluten-free crackers, veggie platters, desserts, and sausage snacks. Folks preparing the food need temporary food handler permits.

Also they’re thinking of renting 6 or 7 tall chairs with tables – $50.00 delivered, rather than using the low tables and chairs. Swaffords are willing to bring wine again, and we’re expecting 100 to 125 folks.

Amy also mentioned she got our stuff from Apple Tree and there wasn’t much in the way of paper goods. Will still need to purchase everything.

Decision: We’ll charge $5.00 at the door, and $5.00 wine tickets. We need someone to be at the wine table to take cash and someone also at the front table selling wine tickets.  The entrance fee covers snacks.

Decision: Franki will hire Lyra Carmer to play for $200.00. We’ll pay the PAC to set up a PA system and Franki will emcee the event like last year.

Decision: After much discussion, it was decided to pick 5 women to honor – Jeannie St. John, Virginia Gibbs, Heather Fortner (vet), Traci Goff Flowers, swim coach (Sheila knows her name). We’ll need a 8×10 photo and a paragraph about the women. These will be placed on the piano near the bathrooms.

Decision: We’ll print and hand out Save the Date postcards, and instead of a multipage brochure we’ll have a welcome postcard at the door.  Also we’ll post a donor recognition poster.

Decision: Amy will collect donation items at the Newport Chamber of Commerce office. Marta and Shay will collect gift cards. No “buy it now” option and there will be a minimum bid on items.

We should all carry donation forms and Amy will start tracking all things money!

Meeting ended at 5:15pm

Respectfully submitted by

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Board & Foundation Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

September 10, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm by President Sheila Swinford. In attendance were: Shay, Nancy, Cynthia, Marta, Sheila, Franki, Nel, Sheryl. Guests were: CM, Rebecca, and Nell A.

Reports from Committee Chairs:

Women’s Health report: Nancy reported that Angela Neville and the Gray Family Foundation have released a report on the quality of reproductive services in Lincoln Co. There’s the possibility that we could write a grant for creating a brochure or website, or link to our website about what services are available in Lincoln Co. Rebecca says there is more money available for public health services.

September Meeting: Cynthia has been working hard to set up a panel of women from various stakeholders in regards to affordable, dependable, childcare. The list includes, Alma Baxter, Toby Wynn, Barb Dougherty, Leslie Ogden, Birgitte Riesling, and Lola Jones.

Other topics discussed:

Overdue memberships – should we track these?

Oct. 17 General Meeting – postcard signing for: Measure 105, 106, 103, 102, 104, and 21-189. We want to encourage folks to vote NO on all of these except for 102 which is a YES vote. The foundation spent $400.00 for a statement in the Voters pamphlet opposing 21-189. Other endorsements: Doug Hunt. Nancy will send out the endorsement form for other open seats.

Annual Holiday Party December 5th.

CM Hall said that there are no other women besides herself running for the Newport City Council. Encourage women who live in Newport to apply.

Time for voting on COC NOW and Foundation positions. Amy will be the new Treasurer, CM Hall will be the new secretary. Marta will attend the phone conferences for Sheila with the Oregon NOW. Nancy’s position on the Foundation board is still unfilled although Nancy will remain in that position until she moves. Franki will remain on the board as Chair of the Diversity Committee.

This meeting transitioned into the NOW Foundation meeting. Since we’ve already discussed the Celebration event, and the new folks to fill board positions, we discussed our scholarship arrangement with the Oregon Coast Community College. Franki will email Cynthia and Nel the draft and the board agreed to allow the three of them to handle it.

Also, Franki was asked to contact Mindy Baxter about the possibility of donating $500.00 to Siletz and Eddyville programs that are working on student safety issues.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm by President Sheila Swinford.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

July 9, 2018

The July meeting was fairly small, but did broad coverage of several issues. Marta, Sheila, Cynthia, and Sheryl were present, as was member Amy Greer.
Celebration report by Cynthia. Amy will help with food.
Summer Picnic will be a potluck, COC NOW providing ice chests and water. Besides food and boating, it was decided to invite members to bring game ideas, table or field. Cynthia volunteered to lead a prayer flag activity, having fabric for designs. Need to invite all, and be open to activities.
It was decided that the July meeting featuring AAUW Tool kit presentation would be enhanced by broad as well as specific invitations to local interests, e.g., Chamber, OCC, groups interested in work issues.
Need for photography discussed. Amy and others will do for picnic.
September meeting will be a panel discussion about need for subsidized certified childcare in Newport. Idea of hospital need for it discussed. To contact Brigetta  at OCC, Toby Winn at KID ZONE, Lola Jones, Leslie Ogden, Community involvement necessary.
Holiday party discussed. Side Door Cafe suggested, need date decision now. December month.
No PR volunteer identified. No new NOW endorsements decided.
Officer candidates will be needed.

Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

May 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Sheila Swinford at 5:30 pm. In attendance were: Sheila Swinford, Sheryl Eldridge, Shay Keith, Marta West, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey.

It was suggested that we link our chapter website to the National website so that we’ll have the updates from National on it.

Marta will review the bylaws and operating rules to research how committees are formed, who attends board meetings, etc.

We have 8 t-shirts/sweatshirts still available left over from our last event.

We still need someone to do postings on the Facebook page. We will post a ‘help wanted” posting for PR/communications and a photographer.

Our NOW picnic is in August and so we should promote it at the June/July NOW meeting.

Our schedule through the end of the year is:

July – Franki Trujillo-Dalbey – follow-up to intersectionality/diversity

August – Picnic at the Toledo Waterfront Park

September – Women’s Rights

October – Domestic Violence

November – Dinner, Celebration

December – No meeting


Still on the agenda for the next meeting: Nancy’s succession plan.


Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Conference Room, Newport, Oregon

May 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:00pm. In attendance were: Shay Keith, Marta West, Sheryl Eldridge, Cynthia Jacobi, Nel Ward, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Guest: Jalene Case

The meeting was primarily about planning for the Celebration of Women event.

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey volunteered to head the Entertainment Committee.

Budget: The need for a realistic budget was discussed as well as the costs of things such as wine, printing the programs, etc. Cynthia offered that the committee chairs could figure all of this out.

The board discussed donating to PRAADA (Mindy Baxter’s program) to help the students in Siletz and Eddyville Charter Schools buy safety items for their schools.

A succession plan is still needed to replace Nancy when she leaves her position with the Foundation. It was tabled.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

March 12, 2018

At 5:00pm Sheila Swinford called a special budget meeting to order prior to the beginning of the Board meeting. In attendance were: Sheila Swinford, Nancy Mead, Michele Walters, Shay Keith, Marta West, Sheryl Eldridge, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Guest: CM Hall.

Budget Issues:

  • How do we handle memberships new and renewal?
    • New memberships are given to Sheryl. It’s $40.00 and she’ll disburse National’s portion.
    • Renewals are handled directly by National. Folks renewing should go to National’s website directly to get renewed.
  • Foundation Account: What goes in this account and what goes in Chapter account?
    • Foundation account – fundraisers
      • Each PayPal donation needs a thank you letter. We need a process to make sure this happens.
    • Chapter Account – memberships
  • There are separate EIN’s and separate books and accounts for these.
  • It was decided that a quarterly treasurer’s report was sufficient since there isn’t much activity in these accounts to warrant a monthly report.
  • T-shirt money – NOW took the responsibility for the T-shirts for the Resist and Persist March.
    • $873.25 total income from the T-shirts
    • $500.00 of that was NOW Chapter funds
    • $373.25 belongs to the March Committee
  • Michele will submit a write-up on decisions made re: what goes in which fund.

Chapter Board Meeting:

Sheila continued the discussion on committees and what we should do at Chapter meetings. Instead of focusing on so many issues, let’s just focus on a few. A “committee committee” was formed to look into this further. Members are: Shay, Nancy, Sheila, and Marta. It appears we have a STEM committee, but not sure who can take it on. Women’s Health has been active, and a Candidates committee has held meetings. It was also thought that we needed an Events & Fundraising Committee.

Marta offered to bring refreshments to the Chapter meetings and to save her receipts for reimbursement.

Reports from Committee Chairs:

  • Health Committee – Nancy reported the work she’s been doing on a brochure put out by Samaritan Health Services on Pregnancy resources. The resources listed were Pregnancy Crisis Centers rather than bona fide health centers that will provide unbiased services. She talked with the Director of Samaritan and the brochure has been removed from their clinics. Nancy proposed the creation of a Women’s Health Resource website sponsored by COC NOW. We can use Foundation money to pay for the web hosting fee. Everyone supported the idea, and Nancy said that Shannon Pocan, a new member, is willing to get it going! Nancy also gave a report from National NOW.

Also, the Health committee had a good brainstorming session with Leslie Ogden of Samaritan Health Services re: questions and areas to address for the next Chapter meeting with Leslie.

  • Legislative Report – CM Hall along with Marta are the point persons for this group, at least for 2018. Oregon NOW does a good job of letting us know what’s going on. Tough to get advance notice of bills/measures coming up for hearings. CM talked about a Coastal Town Hall in the fall.
  • Diversity Committee – Franki talked about doing a presentation for April’s Chapter meeting and it was suggested that she talk about:
    • Infuriating issues for People of Color
    • Helping folks “get it”
    • How can we be more welcoming
    • Nancy needs a write-up soon for the 1 ½-hour presentation.

New Business:

  • Summer Picnic – it was decided that we want to have another picnic like last year’s at the Toledo Waterfront Park in August. Franki volunteered to make the reservation.
  • We need a photographer and a PR Volunteer
    • Marta’s husband is a photographer and will take pictures when we need him.
    • Nancy will do PR until we find someone to take Trina’s place.
  • After conducting an in-depth interview with CM Hall who’s running for Newport City Council, COC NOW unanimously voted to endorse her candidacy.
  • Nancy reported that she sent out a questionnaire to all of the County Commissioner candidates but has not received anything back yet.
  • Nancy announced the “Soul Box” project.
  • The Student Walkout is this Wed. 3/14.
  • Discussed raffles at Chapter meetings. Decided to table.
  • Nancy talked more about the National meeting report. National NOW voted on a resolution regarding gun violence. Nancy will share it when it’s been published. Since the election, new chapters have been formed! There are now 5 million members strong!
  • The National NOW conference is in San Jose on July 6th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library Meeting Room

March 12, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm.  In attendance were: Nancy Mead, Sheila Swinford, Sheryl Eldridge, Marta West, Michele Walters, Shay Keith, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Absent: Nel Ward and Cynthia Jacobi. Guest: CM Hall

We should hear soon from the community college if anyone applied for our scholarship. If they did, we needed a committee to review the applications and make a decision. Sheryl and Sheila volunteered, and it was thought that Nel, Cynthia, and Brittany might be interested in joining this group.

We talked about what needs to be budgeted in the near future, and it was decided that $1,000.00 be set aside if we choose to show a film for costs renting the film and a location. Also, $300.00 was allocated for a Health Committee website. We will work on this at the next meeting.

Women’s Health Website: it was decided that we will brainstorm topics to include on the website and then divide them up so it doesn’t fall on just one person to research info. Nancy will manage this project. Another idea is to include sources of funds to help women with medical costs.

It was clarified that those who are Standing Board members are not Foundation board members.

CM offered to invite Lola Jones to be the May 22nd Chapter meeting speaker. That’s also Nancy’s birthday!

Women’s Celebration: Brittany was the chair last year and Sheila will ask her if she’s willing to do it this year. If not, is Cynthia a possibility? If we decide to have Women Veterans as the theme, how do we locate them, and then what might we do to honor them? Another thought is to honor women who have done great things in our community.

The succession plan was tabled.

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey


Central Oregon Coast NOW Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Meeting Room

February 12, 2018

Sheila Swinford called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. In attendance were: Sheila Swinford, Shay Keith, Marta West, Sheryl Eldridge, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Nancy Mead and Michele Walters were absent.

Budget expenses were discussed and we need to contact National about getting our portion of the membership dues reimbursed.  We decided to pay the dues to the Newport Chamber of Commerce, and we also joined the ROP.

Women’s Celebration – Sheila was able to reserve the PAC for Nov. 11th, Veteran’s Day, and we discussed whether we should honor female vets in Lincoln Co.?

The Annual Meeting of Oregon NOW is coming up in Eugene. Hopefully many of us will be attending.

Committees were discussed and we talked about why folks don’t volunteer.  Marta said she’d be in charge of committees, meaning that she’ll try to stay in touch with them and support them as necessary. We have three committees – STEM (will Liz head this?), Environment (Diane Pugh?), and Ceasefire (Monica). We have a domestic violence/sexual assault community without a chair.

We discussed how the general meetings should be organized, and it was decided that we’d ask speakers to first present information on the topic, then the presenter or a NOW person would facilitate a discussion, then a discussion about how to take action. Perhaps that would meet everyone’s needs for info, building community by having an open discussion, and how to take action for those who want to do so.

We need someone to be the PR person since Trina has resigned from that responsibility while she’s in grad school. It means writing press releases, and managing Facebook, and posters.

We discussed upcoming programs for the general meetings. Franki would like to do one on diversity issues along with Lisa Norton. February’s meeting is a joint meeting with the League of Women Voters with guests Omar Hernandez and Virginia Gibbs from Centro de Ayuda, March meeting is with Leslie Ogden of Samaritan Health Services.

Michele and Cheryl will work on the budget for 2018.

Marta says that the Oregon NOW Annual Meeting needs volunteers.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.


Central Oregon Coast Board Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Meeting Room, Newport Oregon

January 8, 2018

President Sheila Swinford called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. In attendance were: Nyla Jebousek, Sheila Swinford, Marta West, Shay Keith, Nancy Mead, Sheryl Eldridge, Michele Walters, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Guest: CM Hall.

Sheila started off the meeting with information about being contacted by Angela Neville (private contractor) regarding reproductive rights. Angela said there was money available and wanted to know what’s needed. She’s working with the Oregon Community Foundation. Some of the issues we brainstormed were drugs, domestic violence, and choice among others.

The January General Meeting will be a campaign crash course on how to run for public office. This meeting will be in the Newport High School Library, but after that, all meetings are at the Newport Library meeting room. The February General Meeting will be in the Newport Library meeting room.

Announcements were made about the KYAQ and Coast Hills Running Club’s Community Festival Fun Run and the Resist and Persist March.

Program Committee discussion: Nyla reported on the Program Committee saying she reviewed the programs for 2017 and thinks the President shouldn’t be the person to set up the programs, but rather carry them out. After discussion, it seemed like we didn’t need a program committee at this time.

Old Business:

Operating rules – no need to review them now.

Bank signatures – no need for more signatories.

We have liability coverage for the Chapter.

Budget for both Chapter and Foundation for 2018? Sheryl and Michele will work on this.

There was a decision to start doing raffles again at the General Meetings.

CM Hall announced the presentation on Women’s Health Death and Dying at the Center for Health Education on Feb. 7 at 6pm. This is being funded by the Oregon Humanities Project.

Committee Chair Assignments need to be reviewed and voted on at the January General meeting. Sheila wants to discuss the number of committees and the goals of the Chapter.

Meeting was adjourned at 7pm by Sheila Swinford.

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Meeting Room

January 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7pm. In attendance were: Cynthia Jacobi, Sheila Swinford, Marta West, Nel Ward, Nancy Mead, Sheryl Eldridge, Michele Walters, and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey.

Nel Ward made a request for minutes to be emailed to all of the Foundation board members after the meetings. This is what she did when she was secretary. Franki said she’d do what she can to get the minutes out in a timely fashion.

The board voted unanimously to donate $1,000. to Centro de Ayuda.

Foundation Scholarship discussion: How do we determine if an applicant shares NOW values? Do we ask for an essay on social justice? Should it be granted to a returning student or a brand new right out of high school student?  Or, only give to an OCCC student? We talked about possible questions to ask on a scholarship application – like work history/volunteer history, if financial need – we’d need financial info and history, 3 letters of recommendation?  And how much should we offer?  The board decided to grant the money to a Lincoln Co. student attending the community college. We would fund one student there as a trial as time is getting short and if we want to move ahead with this, we need to get going.

It was determined that we needed more information and Franki, Michele, Cynthia, Trina, and Brittany all may be interested in being on a committee to gather more info. Michele will contact Lucinda Taylor at the community college for a meeting. It was decided that we would offer $500.00 a quarter for 3 quarters, with a renewal possible for 3 more quarters.

Other business: Sheila will call the PAC to reserve it for the Celebration of Women Fundraiser

The succession plan to fill Nancy’s position was tabled.

The next foundation meeting is Feb. 12, 2018.

The meeting was adjourned after 8:30pm