2018 Meeting Minutes

Central Oregon Coast NOW General Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library

June 26, 2018

The June 26, 2018 meeting of the Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) was called to order by President Sheila Swinford at 6:10 pm. There were several community members present who are not members of NOW, so it was decided that everyone would introduce themselves.

The focus of the meeting was on environmental issues impacting the Oregon Coast. Prior to the discussion, a short section of a film was presented that focused on 0 carbon legislation in New Zealand, and legal personhood for nature. President Sheila Swinford then facilitated a discussion that was led by members of Concerned Citizens for Clean Air and Lincoln County Community Rights.

Concerned Citizens for Clean Air has been working for several years on a “No-Spray” Pilot Project in South County; they have convinced ODOT not to spray along Hwy 101 in South County (only “no spray” area in Oregon); they have also been working hard on South County being a pollinator habitat.

Lincoln County Community Rights discussed their success in having county voters pass a spray ban. Though the issue is still in the courts, currently corporations are not spraying with helicopters.

There is a need for volunteers to appear at Newport City Council to say “No” to pesticides above the reservoir (city’s main water source).

Bill Lilly, an environmental educator, spoke about his efforts to have the Willamette River “cleaned”; the industrial area south of the Columbia River has been declared a Superfund site.*

*A Superfund site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the EPA as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment.

There was also a discussion about scotch broom and other invasive species not being removed. It was suggested that we call Public Works (Roy Kinyon) at 541-265-5747 to get the county to remove the scotch broom and other invasive species along our roadways.

Following the discussion, there was a brief business meeting. Celebration of Women co-chairs Cindy Jacobi and Jalene Case talked about the need for volunteers to help with the November 11 event.

NEXT MEETING: July 24, 2018 @ 6 pm, McEntee Room, Newport Public Library. Topic: Oregon’s new Equal Pay Act and what it means for employees and employers. Speaker will be Oregon AAUW Public Policy Chair, Patricia Garner.

ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC: Sunday, August 12, 1-3 pm, Port of Toledo Waterfront Park.

CENTRAL OREGON COAST NOW chapter and FOUNDATION Board meetings will be on July 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Newport Library. All chapter members are welcome.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Nancy Campbell Mead, Past President (for Secretary Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, who was unable to attend)


Central Oregon Coast NOW General Meeting Minutes

Newport Public Library

April 18, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford.  This meeting date was changed from NOW’s regular meeting date of April 24, due to a date conflict with the League of Women Voters Candidate Fair. Thinking that many NOW members would want to attend the Candidate Fair, the NOW meeting was held a week earlier.  For the May meeting (with Lola Jones from Samaritan House) on the 29th, NOW goes back to its regular date on the last Tuesday of the month.

Presentation:  Lisa Norton and Franki Trujillo-Dalbey presented “Feminism at the Intersections.” They discussed differences in defining feminism, and how women of color prioritize their identities and define feminism in ways that are both alike and different from White feminists.  An engaging and informative discussion ensued, and there were many great questions and issues raised.  Franki offered that this was a presentation of the Diversity committee, and that it is the first of many conversations regarding this topic.


  • Those of us who attended the Oregon NOW Conference in Eugene shared their thoughts about attending.
  • Lola Jones at the May NOW meeting, May 29th, in the Newport Library McEntee Meeting Room.
  • Two candidate fairs next week – League of Women Voters on April 24 and Lincoln County Democrats on April 25 – both at the Atonement Lutheran Church.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW General Meeting

Newport Public Library

March 27, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford. Franki made a short announcement that on Friday at 10am and again on Sat. at noon, KYAQ will air a special program on students from Eddyville School talking about their efforts to make their school a safe, violence-free space.

Presentation:  After everyone introduced themselves, Nancy Campbell Mead, President of the COC NOW Foundation and head of the Women’s Health Committee, introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Lesley Ogden, MD and CEO of Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital and Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital on the topic “Women’s Access to Health Care in Lincoln County.”  Dr. Lindsay Kern, MD/OB-GYN, joined Dr. Ogden for this presentation. They had hoped that Dr. Meredith Mann, OB-GYN, could join them, but she was unavailable.

Dr. Ogden started by discussing reasons why women could not obtain an abortion in Lincoln County. She stated that the demand was low and that they’d have to provide an entire program, and that doctors would have to have special training, so they provide referral and transportation services to the valley. Dr. Ogden offered that they provide well-woman exams, contraception, hormonal therapy, and other services.  The doctors discussed end-of-life care, hospice, and pain med policies.  The presentation ended at 7:30pm.

Business Meeting:

  • To renew your NOW membership – go to the National NOW website (NOW.org) and put in COC NOW and your membership number. For new members only, go to centraloregoncoastnow.org to join.
  • Celebration of Women 2018 will be co-chaired by Cynthia Jacobi and a co-chair to be announced.
  • COC NOW needs a photographer and a public relations person – either one person or two to facebook, and to do other PR tasks.
  • Discussed showing films – Birthright, Delores Huerta, Women’s Reproductive Rights, and others.
  • Paid family leave is a big issue for young women in Lincoln Co., as is work/life balance, mental illness, and depression and anxiety.
  • COC NOW has endorsed Kaety Jacobson, but not endorsing other candidates (other than CM Hall for Newport City Council) until after the primaries.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm by Sheila Swinford.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey. Secretary


Central Oregon Coast NOW General Meeting Minutes

Newport Library Meeting Room

February 27, 2018

This was a joint meeting with the League of Women Voters and COC NOW. Approximately 35 people were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by President Sheila Swinford at 6:00pm.

Presentation: Omar Hernandez, Executive Director of Centro de Ayuda, and Virginia Gibbs, President of the Board of Directors for Centro de Ayuda, were the featured speakers. Omar offered background on the Centro and talked about how Latinos are doing in Lincoln Co., challenges they face, and so on. Folks asked many questions and discussed ways to help the Centro locally, and Latinos in Oregon more generally. At the end of their presentation, Nancy Campbell Mead (Exec. Dir. COC NOW Foundation) presented Omar and Virginia a check for $1,000 from the Foundation to help in their mission.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Secretary


Central Oregon Coast General Meeting Minutes

Newport High School Library

January 23, 2018

President Sheila Swinford called the meeting to order at 6pm. Approximately 26 folks attended.

Trina Kosydar presented a panel of 4 speakers on the topic of Campaign Crash Course. The panelists included: Dana Jenkins (Lincoln Co. Clerk), Brenda Brown (private citizen), JoAnn Barton (Port of Newport), and Billie Jo Smith (Mayor of Toledo). Each panelist offered information and tips for running for public office and answered audience questions.

Business Meeting was called to order at 7:40pm. Topics included:

  • Resist and Persist March feedback:
    • Route not on main drag so limited exposure to the public
    • Some were glad it was a short walk and places to sit down at the end
    • Folks felt supported and liked the music
    • Police wouldn’t allow marchers to cross at the Shell Station, so had to walk up Hwy 20 instead of up Hwy 101.
    • Some wish the march could have started at the bridge and end up at City Hall or the Rec. Center
    • Some care more about marching – not so much about the rally.
  • Sheila asked “What would you like to see this year”?
    • Some want to focus on the 2018 midterm elections, voter suppression, voter registration efforts.
    • The demoralized situation we’re in
    • Overcoming divisiveness
    • Program on intersectional feminism
    • Who we are as a community
    • The political scene
    • What committees do we need?

A vote was held with the Foundation board members in attendance regarding whether we should go ahead with a scholarship process. Michele Walters, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, and Cynthia Jacobi presented their findings after visiting with Lucinda Taylor at the community college. If we wanted to participate in this year’s grant cycle and get our scholarship included, we needed the approval of the Foundation board to do so. It was presented that the community college will do the initial screening of applicants, and that we will submit to the college our essay question. Students who answer the question will be included in the running for our scholarship of $500.00 each quarter for 3 quarters. A committee of NOW members will review the applications and essay answers and determine who should get the scholarship. Since we have to get the question submitted in the next few days, the board voted to go ahead with the process as presented.

  • Next Foundation meeting February 12th.

Respectfully submitted by

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey