Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act – Contact your representatives…

All of the bills except one (HB 4140) that we [Oregon NOW] recommended for support are still alive approaching the midway point in the short session.

One bill is of particular interest to NOW: HB 4160, the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act. Please write or call your representatives to express support for this bill while it is still alive. If it fails to progress in 2018, it will remain at the top of our priority list in 2019. Now is a good time to make an impression on House and Senate Leadership as well as to members of the House Early Childhood and Family Support committee, which is considering holding hearings, through telephone calls, emails, and letters. A brochure is attached.

Other key bills that are on our list include  (1) HB 4145, a gun safety measure that prohibits gun ownership by convicted stalkers and broadens the definition of the people who may seek to have guns removed from the possession of people who are at risk of taking violent actions and (2) HB 4001, the cap and invest bill. Consider writing or calling on these as well.