Help protect the Deschutes State Scenic Waterway

I love where I live. I love being able to go out on any given day and enjoy the Deschutes River, and hike, and spot eagles, heron and even elk. That’s why I do this work– because I love it here and I want to see it protected in the future.

A photo I took at the Deschutes River

But if HB 4029 doesn’t pass, it might not be. Your legislator sits on an important committee- which means they need to hear your voice about this issue. Ask your legislators to pass protections for the Deschutes River. >>

The Deschutes River is one of Oregon’s most iconic rivers. It’s also located in a part of Oregon that has very few major waterways, making it all the more important for wildlife that depend on it. HB 4029 would ensure river corridor protections for the Deschutes State Scenic Waterway and it’s precious riverside habitat and wildlife access.

This is an important ecosystem, and it’s beautiful country. We can’t let increased development threaten the local habitat.

There is only one Deschutes River. We have to make sure HB 4029 passes so loopholes in existing law can’t threaten the environment we all love.

This is what makes us Oregon, and it’s up to us to protect it.

Join me in asking your legislators to pass HB 4029 and protect the Deschutes River. >>


Nikki Roemmer, Central Oregon Regional Director OLCV

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