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Your legislator sits on the Joint Ways & Means Committee or the Joint Natural Resources Subcommittee, which is why it is so important they hear your voice. Hopefully you believe in these issues as passionately as we do.

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In middle school, while part of Outdoor Education, I took a field trip to an eco-designed house. An excited 20 year old explained to me how the windows were positioned under the eaves of the house in such a way that they would be shaded from summer sun but let in light during the winter. It seemed so futuristic and intuitive to reduce energy usage just by paying attention to sunlight.

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One of the easiest things that we can do for climate change is make sure our homes lose less energy, and are are powered using renewable sources of energy. From cool roofs to green roofs, plant based spray insulation, windows that reflect light in summer and let it pass through in winter, and passive energy construction. We’re doing amazing innovative things to make our homes more efficient, saving us money and energy.

Unfortunately it costs money to make these investments, and many homeowners can’t afford to make the upgrades that would reduce their utility bills and help decrease energy related pollution. That’s why we need the Home WRAP (Weatherization, Retrofit, and Affordability Program) bill (HB 4121).

HB 4121, known as the Home WRAP would be a huge step forward in helping Oregonians make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable. The Home WRAP provides a financial incentive to homeowners who are making their homes more energy efficient and or installing solar in their home.

The energy efficiency and solar industries employ thousands of Oregonians at living wage, green jobs. Without the Home WRAP some of these jobs will go away. Let’s boost demand for solar installers, wind technicians, and energy efficiency experts by providing incentives for Oregonians to make their homes more sustainable.

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Oregon must do more to address climate change. It’s why we’re working on the Clean Energy Jobs bill, and why so many of us have already made energy efficient upgrades in our homes. Home WRAP is part of the picture, and it would leverage funds to save Oregonians money, improve indoor air quality, enhance economic activity and retain jobs, and achieve significant greenhouse gas reductions.

Investments in energy efficient homes are really investments in our future. It’s an investment we need to make. This bill has strong, bipartisan, bicameral support, but we just need a little more boost to get it over the finish line.

Help us pass HB 4121.

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