Rally for Immigrant Rights, Basic Morality, and the Rule of Law – Saturday, June 23, 1pm

What is happening in our country today is unconscionable. The separation of legal asylum seekers from their children violates the core values of our nation; it violates existing laws and norms. It has already been roundly condemned by the UN and other human rights groups.

A rally to protest these abuses of US and international law will be held on Saturday, June 23 at 1pm at the Newport City Hall. Speakers will include David Gomberg, Rev. Bob Barrett, Lisa Norton, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, and Omar Hernandez. There will also be music by Bill Dalbey and Barbara Lee Turrill and information on what you can do.

It is vital that our community speak out on this these issues. It’s not just happening at the border and it’s not just about Hispanics. A large number of those currently incarcerated in nearby Sheridan, Oregon, are refugees from India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Probably people who translated for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq—people who are at real risk in their home countries—largely as a result of US policy.

Since the Trump administration has essentially claimed that this “zero tolerance” policy is “Biblically ordained,” we especially invite members of local faith groups to participate. Under any circumstances, separating innocent children from law-abiding parents is simply abhorrent. To use these very real and desperate people as pawns in the administration’s political games is totally unacceptable.

The trauma to the young victims is lasting and extreme.

Only a good turnout will drive this message home. Please make a point of being there.