Stop Trump’s Extreme Agenda

Stop Trump’s Extreme Agenda

It’s the homestretch.

And I’m asking for your immediate help to put feminists in control of Congress to put the brakes on Donald Trump’s radical right-wing agenda, including corrupting our Supreme Court.

The next few weeks are critical. We need to send reinforcements to our friends like Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Baldwin, and Elizabeth Warren to add strength to their resistance.

NOW PAC has endorsed more than 175 feminist candidates this year. It’s an outstanding class of women’s rights champions who will put the brakes on Donald Trump and advance pro-feminist values.

Will you help elect a critical mass of feminist leaders by making a donation to NOW PAC today?

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NOW PAC never compromises on our progressive principles. We support only strong candidates who stand up for equality for women and social justice for all.

And we take pride in nurturing up-and-coming feminist leaders and encouraging them to run for office. We invest in their futures when other groups won’t take a chance on them, and we give them the tools to win.

Together, we can elect a Congress that will expand access to abortion and birth control, protect those with pre-existing medical conditions, and end gender discrimination. We can support LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, immigrants and all of us under attack by the Far Right.

Electing a pro-feminist majority is the only way to put our nation on the right course. It’s up to us to make sure that our candidates have what they need to win.

Please help NOW PAC provide the winning edge to these exceptional leaders by making a generous donation today.

Toni Van Pelt Sincerely,
Toni Van Pelt
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