The Newport Warming Shelter is Cranking Up. Volunteers truly needed!

Source: News Lincoln County

From Warming Shelter Director Traci Flowers:

Here we go! ‘Tis the season of cold weather and long hours of cold darkness. The Hazardous Weather Shelter will be open at the Fairgrounds Sunday and Monday night – doors open at 6pm!

With us being open both at the day shelter and night shelter, we need of lots of volunteers!! There are so many ways everyone can help and it will take the whole community to make this happen! We need both day time and night time volunteers, people to hang flyers, prepare food made from someone with a food handlers card, juice, milk, paper products, plastic utensils, coffee, tea, hot coco, apple cider, creamer, sugar, Clorox wipes, soft fruit, desserts, etc.

If you can help us help others who have nowhere else to go, please call the Newport Warming Shelter at 541-265-1974 if you can volunteer.


Giving Tuesday – Stand Up! Speak Up!

NOW Foundation
Stand Up Speak Up Matching Gift Challenge
Most know me as a tough feminist lawyer and women’s rights advocate. I’ve been working for decades with spectacular women who have inspiring and courageous stories and cases. But because of your tremendous past support of NOW – on this very important Giving Tuesday, I want to share my story with you. 

When I was on vacation in my 20s, a man I barely knew held me at gunpoint and raped me. I thought no one would believe my story; and later when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to have an abortion. This was a time before Roe v. Wade where it was a crime for a licensed health care professional in many states to perform an abortion. Like millions of women did in those days – I went to have a back alley abortion – performed by a non-licensed healthcare provider. It nearly killed me. 

I was left in a bathtub hemorrhaging. At some point I developed a very high fever and had to be taken to the hospital. “I hope this teaches you a lesson”, the nurse said to me as I recovered. I don’t know what lesson she thought that was going to teach me, but the lesson I did learn was that abortion should be legal, affordable, safe, and available to all women

That’s why I’m supporting NOW in their 2018 Stand Up! Speak Up! Matching Gift Challenge, where you can double your impact to help women maintain a woman’s right to choose. We have a goal to raise $25,000 by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to stand our ground in this violent war on women and our rights. 

Stand Up Speak Up Matching Gift Challenge

Even though it is now safer to have an abortion, the anti-choice forces have never stopped trying to reverse Roe v. Wade and they have already been successful in significantly restricting abortion rights in many states. We are now at a point where we have to ask ourselves once again: are we are going to allow abortions to be carried out safely, or are we going to put women’s lives at risk to have abortions with back-alley providers? It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. And as someone who was one of the many who had to have an illegal abortion, I never want anyone – daughters, granddaughters, sisters, or aunts – to have to take the risk of being maimed or possibly dying from an illegal abortion. 

This is not an academic issue, this is a real-life issue involving the life and death of women.

With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, we now have a newly constituted U.S. Supreme Court with a potential 5-4 vote against legal and safe abortion access. We are more at risk now than we have been for decades now that Roe v. Wade could be overturned or significantly restricted in its application. Now is the time for us to unite to ensure it is upheld. 

None of us can do this alone – we need organizations like NOW to be there to organize, to protest, and to advocate. Wherever and whenever these rights have been at risk, NOW has helped women speak up and speak out about preserving the legal right to choose. It’s a tough battle and we need organizations like NOW to have the funding to continue this battle. 

Will you join me in supporting NOW and make your DOUBLED contribution today? We’re close to our goal of $25,000 by midnight tonight, but we’re not there yet.

NOW has always understood what is at stake and has always been fully committed on this issue. That’s why for decades I have been a supporter of NOW – whether it was as president of the LA Chapter of NOW in the 70’s or just a member today.

Thank you for all you have done – and continue to do – to champion women’s rights. 

Gloria Allred Sincerely,


Gloria Allred


Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Could Expire Soon


Violence Against Women Act Could Expire Soon - Chicago Tribune

The Violence Against Women Act is a CRUCIAL piece of legislation that protects victims of domestic violence.

But Republicans in Congress REFUSE to renew it — leaving the lives of thousands of women and survivors hanging in the balance.

We shouldn’t even need to ask for this. This is common-sense — protecting women is a MUST.

So we’re launching a 10,000 signature petition to demand Congress renew this critical protection for women!

This is a no-brainer. Sign your name to demand Congress pass the Violence Against Women Act >>

Republicans have tried to get rid of this bill EVERY year since its signing in 1994 — and this time, they could actually succeed! NO!!

They’ve shown time and time again that they don’t stand with survivors.

They elected a self-declared serial sexual abuser to be president, and appointed an accused sexual abuser to the Supreme Court! This is just par for the the course.

So we really need your help to send a message to Congress and demand action.

Do your part to protect women today. Sign on to demand Congress reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act:


We’re TIRED of women and survivors not being taken seriously. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

And letting the Violence Against Women Act expire is a slap in the face to thousands of women.

We’re demanding Republicans STOP playing politics with the health and safety of women. Sign your name to do the same today:

Thanks for your help,

Elect Democratic Women


Elect Democratic Women




Proposed Title IX Changes Would Gut Critical Protections for Students Everywhere

Today Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos announced sweeping changes to Title IX that would eliminate from schools at all levels nearly all responsibilities to

Source: Proposed Title IX Changes Would Gut Critical Protections for Students Everywhere | National Organization for Women

NOW Endorses Nancy Pelosi, Overwhelmingly the Only Choice for Speaker

WASHINGTON — The National Organization for Women (NOW) is proud to endorse Nancy Pelosi to reclaim her position as Speaker of the House. The first woman in

Source: NOW Endorses Nancy Pelosi, Overwhelmingly the Only Choice for Speaker | National Organization for Women

We need to Flood these Members with Calls! 

Today NOW announced our endorsement of Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. But Leader Pelosi is in need of immediate calls to organizers of an effort to prevent her from being elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. A very serious challenge to Leader Pelosi – primarily by a small group of men and some newly-elected members – is poised to prevent her from gaining a majority vote in the House Democratic Caucus. Meetings are beginning today so your call is critically important. 

The effort has been instigated by a vile smear campaign by Republicans. The result is: a challenge to Leader Pelosi instigated by #FiveWhiteGuys: Reps. Seth Moulton (Mass.), Tim Ryan (Ohio), Bill Foster (Ill.), Ed Perlmutter (Colo.) and Kurt Schrader (Ore.). They are circulating a letter opposing Leader Pelosi for signatures among the 22 current and incoming members who have said that they may not support her and among other House members. We need to do what we can to stop this. 

Please call those five Representatives NOW. Even though you may not be a constituent in their Congressional Districts, please tell the receptionist that you are calling on behalf of the many NOW members who are their constituents. 

HERE’S YOUR MESSAGE: Hello, we are calling on behalf of the hundreds of NOW members who reside in your state and your district. NOW is supporting Leader Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House; we need a proven capable and talented leader in these turbulent times. Democrats must present a united front. Leader Pelosi has shown that she can unite Democrats to pass progressive legislation; it was her leadership that got the Affordable Care Act passed. I am asking you get behind Leader Pelosi because she is the very best candidate for Speaker and to urge your colleagues to support her election. 

Members to call: 
Rep. Seth Moulton (Massachusetts) – 202-225-8020
Rep. Bill Foster (Illinois) – 202-225-3515
Rep. Ed Perlmutter (Colorado) – 202-225-2645
Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) – 202-225-5201
Rep. Kurt Schrader (Oregon) – 202-225-5711

For Women’s Lives and Happiness,

Toni Van Pelt


Grace Wins Haven has some serious needs

Source: News Lincoln County

Grace Wins Haven
Helping the homeless get back into life!

Grace Wins Haven is having another volunteer training session, gearing up for winter, this Sunday, Nov. 18, at 1 pm. Also, the homeless facility is in need of sharing their supply list again. Here’s what they need:

Beverages: Milk, Juice, Cream, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate Packets
Breakfast Food: Frozen Breakfast Burritos, Waffles, Instant Oatmeal
Lunch Food: Burritos, Pot Pies, TV Dinners, Raviolis, Syrup, Pepper, Peanut Butter, Jelly
Paper/Plastic Products: Paper Plates and Cups, Paper Towels, Plastic Eating Utensils, Napkins, Toilet Paper, etc.

Drop off anything on the lists above – even cash donations if you can spare them.
Grace Wins Haven is located at 437 NE 1st Street, Newport.
Phone: 541-265-1974.

And Traci’s final request is for her sister to set up a Go Fund Me page for Traci, to help get her car fixed and other medical expenses covered. Her car is having more and more issues with every trip.

Thank you,
Traci Flowers


Public Opinion Survey for Water Decisions

Here’s a Democracy in Action request for you…

A group of people called Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership are seeking to hear from residents of our coastal neighborhoods about our values, opinions, ideas, concerns, and priorities for water. Meetings are open to interested people. 

Your ideas and values may be different from what public works or City Council’s views are. Now’s the time to let them know if you value clean drinking water for public use, wildlife, and aquatics. Millions of gallons per day go from the Siletz River to the Koch-owned GP mill that uses the water, leaving it unusable with toxic chemicals, and put into the ocean offshore Nye Beach.

This SURVEY* should take you a few minutes to fill out. Please pass it on to your family and friends. 

*If you want to pick up or return a paper copy, check out these locations:

  • Lincoln City Driftwood Library (801 SW Hwy 101 #201, Lincoln City, OR 97367)
  • Waldport Public Library (460 Hemlock, Waldport, OR 97394)
  • Siletz Public Library (255 S. Gaither St., Siletz, OR 97380)
  • Newport City Hall Public Works Desk (169 SW Coast Highway, Newport, OR 97365)