Lincoln City Warming Shelter calls out for much needed food and supplies

Source: News Lincoln County

A plea for community support for the Lincoln City Homeless/Warming Shelter from John and Cecilia

Dear Friends,

We are looking for kind donations of cooking utensils to feed and take care of the homeless in our area. Donations are for the Lincoln City warming shelter.

We desperately need a big canning pressure cooker so that bulk food can be processed on time. We need a big rice cooker or steamer. We need one of the salad shooter industrial units to process vegetables in the kitchen as quickly as it is required.

Would be honored to pick up the items if you cannot drop them off.

Just old volunteers here trying to give back to the world for the blessings we have received. Way good karma if you can help us out. Clothing, blankets, anything you can pass on to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Please contact us by email:

So many thanks in advance, God bless,

John and Cecilia