One of the “Women Who Lead” needs our help

Source: Okay Newport and beyond! Listen up! – News Lincoln County

Traci Flowers
She has helped so many others and now we all must help her…

Many Lincoln County residents know what a precious resource we have in a woman who runs Grace Wins Haven at the fairgrounds in Newport. Traci Flowers has been a constant drum-beat for the down, but not quite out, for a number of years. Traci established her shelter and “a hand up” operation so that those down on their luck, or who need medical help, can get what they truly need.

The Newport area has been very generous in helping Traci help others. But now Traci needs help herself. Traci’s been having some very serious health issues lately that borders on life and death. She’s been taken back and forth to a hospital in Portland that has literally saved her life. But the battle’s not over.

Traci and those who love her have set up a “Go Fund Me” account on the internet to help pay her medical bills. If you can find it in your mind and heart to donate to Traci’s medical fund you will be helping the Central Coast’s Angel among Angels. Here’s the link to Go Fund Me.