Watch “Maiden” at the Bijou (starting 8/30)

Hello N.O.W.
We are going to open the movie Maiden, the story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. 
I thought you all might be interested in this. It plays at 4:30 every day the first week, (8/30- 9/5). Then a second week with expanded times. Please pass the word. Trailer below.
Thank you! Betsy


Betsy Altomare, 

Bijou Theatre  
Lincoln City, OR.97367

Know Your Rights – Wed. Aug. 21, 5:30-8:00 pm – Newport Public Library

The people of Lincoln County Community Rights would like to welcome interested activist peers in the area to join us for a presentation by the Civil Liberties Defense Center Staff to get us knowledgeable and up to speed about our legal/civil rights when it comes to demonstrating, engaging in litigation, encountering law enforcement in public gatherings and in non-violent civil disobedience.  Hear updates in law, learn about optimizing your personal and group electronic activities for privacy, how to assert your personal rights without escalating  conflict with law enforcement or others who think differently than you do about social issues.  

This is a free service to us from the non-profit CLDC in Eugene who have represented the Valve Turners (Ken Ward and his peers) in court hearings after they were arrested closing the tar sands pipeline valves along the US/Canadian border as well as others in need of legal representation.  Their goals are to increase knowledge in the public sector about asserting constitutional rights, and are providing this workshop at no charge.  We will offer them a stipend for travel expenses and food, and would be glad to have donations from participants for CLDC’s work!   

Invite your friends or others you know who may be well served in increasing knowledge and skills – we’re reaching out to many local organizations to broaden the circle of up to speed residents here in Lincoln County!  Questions?  Email and we’ll get back to you!  

Debra Fant and LCCR Board