Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill requiring California corporate boards to include women

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to make California the first state to require that its corporate boards of directors include women, addressing concerns that 25% of the companies in the state have all-male boards.

Source: Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill requiring California corporate boards to include women – Los Angeles Times

The Supreme Court Tells Women They Can’t Band Together To Stop Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In a decision written by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers can force workers into agreeing to mandatory

Source: The Supreme Court Tells Women They Can’t Band Together To Stop Sexual Harassment In The Workplace | National Organization for Women


By Sue Hardesty  Central Oregon Coast NOW Member

Newport News Times, February 3, 2016 (Page A7), Letters to the Editor

Somebody please explain to me why so many people like the Bundys, most recently occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, insist on turning against the government; i.e., against themselves. They are the government and can change what the government does by getting out the vote. We the people vote how we want to be ruled. We put together a government to help us protect our families, a government to rule in our best interests.  

I, too, was raised paying the government for grazing cattle on government land. I, too, lived with rules and regulations, wondering why so many were necessary. Then I watched the news and realized that every rule, regulation and law was created to protect what belongs to all of us from the people who want everything for themselves.  

These are the individuals who form corporations that spend money and time circumventing the rules and regulations. That requires more rules and regulations to stop them, and the fight goes on until we are overwhelmed by rules. Big corporations gut our resources, pollute and poison our environment and destroy jobs faster than they can create them. We’re forced to hire government workers to protect us from this destruction. Those who complain about big government getting bigger need only look to the dishonest big business for the cause.  

Somebody, please explain to me why we are not prosecuting the corporations whose criminal activities force us into massive crushing rules, regulations and laws. Their driving need to take what belongs to everyone has made huge corporations that have bought legislators to legalize unethical banking practices by erasing laws such as the Glass-Steagall Banking Act, passed in 1933, to protect “we the people” from the greedy Bundys of the world.  

I thank all government workers who have worked hard to protect and help me.

Our Choice Between a Strong America and a Weak America

George Polisner – Friday, November 7, 2014


Near the end of 2008 America was on the precipice of economic collapse –which would have also had a severe and lasting impact upon global markets and the world. Since 2009 we’ve experienced a long slow recovery from the cliff.

There are numerous issues we must face quickly as Americans or America will perish as a footnote in history –characterized as a “nice try”. We can either be remembered as the society that recognized our strengths and addressed our weaknesses –or we can be known as a once promising society that waited for magic to happen until it did not.

The vital issues as I see them:

The Corruption of the Political and Judicial Environment

Influence of money on elections and representation

Remember one of the key issues in the founding of America – “No taxation without representation”? When we each cast a vote (assuming we do and that our vote is counted), we have an expectation that our elected officials will advocate for our interests. Regardless of your political ideology –do you really believe that your vote or mine compared to a million dollar check from Exxon Mobil, the Koch Brothers, General Electric or Monsanto will have the same value with our elected officials?

The Constitution and Bill of Rights established an intent for representational fairness. Furthermore, three branches of government were created to provide greater protection against the corrupting influence of wealth. My friends that are very liberal with affinity with the green party are justified in their anger and frustration with the present system. My libertarian friends are absolutely correct to be livid as well. Unless you are the person collecting the check from Exxon, Chevron, WalMart, GE, Monsanto, the US Chamber of Commerce or the Koch brothers –you are completely justified in your alarm, frustration and anger.

So why are we fighting each other instead of the system that is subverting our government? –More about that later.

Under our present system it takes generally takes massive amounts of money to run a successful campaign. GMO labeling is a great example –where despite the will of the people –citizen initiatives for GMO labeling have been narrowly defeated due to being outspent by opposition from the likes of Monsanto, Pepsi, Kellogg’s and others by 10 – 1 or more. Media purchases (commercials on TV/Radio, newspaper ads, magazine ads and direct mail are all incredibly expensive.

In recent years the perfect storm was intentionally created to erode our ability to have a representative government. The conditions were set forth by the evisceration of the “Fairness Doctrine” (see – which had provided a mechanism for equal and fair broadcast time) and the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings in “Citizens United” v. the FEC and McCutcheon v. the FEC.

Influence of money on budget and appropriations

Part of the role of government is to determine how to allocate and invest our taxpayer dollars to keep America strong now and for future generations. This is also an area that has caused significant anger and frustration among Americans. This is due to a lack of alignment of how our money is allocated (societal priorities) and the inefficiencies and corruption in the present system.

When people talk about “Big government” versus “a government so small we can drown it in a bathtub” what some are really saying is we want an efficient government that provides the services we need at the federal, state and local levels.

While “drowning government” is used as a battlecry by Grover Norquist and others -they are actually not interested in addressing inefficiency or corruption. They are simply manipulating the masses from civic/political participation and to privatize –so they can transfer and consolidate additional wealth to the top 1%. Most of my conservative and liberal friends agree –if our/their home is on fire –we’d like a well-trained group of first responders that can react quickly and save life and property. If we drive over a bridge we have an expectation that it won’t collapse. If we need a license to drive our vehicle –we’d like to make sure we can get in, be tested and evaluated and licensed. If we turn on our water faucet –we expect clean, safe good tasting water –not a flammable sludge.

The problem becomes when Monsanto or another large company, industry (via a lobbying group) or extremely wealthy individuals write large campaign donations (or hire family and friends of our elected officials) –there is an absolute expectation that our representatives will reward them with lucrative government contracts –or projects that are not aligned with our societal priorities or imperatives. These are “pork projects”, “earmarks” or “bridges to nowhere” –and create justified anger among taxpayers.

Voter Rights

If we truly aspire toward a democracy –we must act like one. We should be making every effort to make voting accessible, simple and highly encouraged.

The voter suppression movement is antithetical to democracy –and those behind such efforts harbor such a complete contempt for America, the Constitution and Bill of Rights –as a nation we should be considering the revocation of their citizenship and eliminating their ability to live in or do business in the United States. A pattern of interference by any individual, group of individuals, lobby or business entity should be investigated and upon a finding of guilt –there should be severe civil and criminal consequences.

All federal, state and local elections should allow absentee voting and receive ballots no less than 30 days prior to election day. Election season should include at very least two legally recognized holiday’s: Issue Day in which broadcast media provides time for all candidates and groups representing major societal issues access to airtime and Election day should also be a paid holiday.

Furthermore we must have law that establishes clear transparency and accountability in elections. Until we can separate money from campaigns -we must demand clear labeling of ballot initiatives including who is sponsoring and funding them. We cannot allow front groups to obscure the real power and motivation behind initiatives.

For example we can not tolerate an unholy alliance between oil companies to attempt to eviscerate law established to protect air quality through a front group called “Citizens for Healthy Clear Air”. We must have the mechanisms to understand that Chevron contributed 5 million dollars, Exxon contributed 5 million dollars -not a “citizens” organization “concerned” with air quality.

Voter Responsibilities

With rights come responsibilities as citizens. We must take the time to understand the candidates, their voting records, their stated positions (and until we can separate money from campaigns and appropriations) who is funding them.

We must look beyond the attack ads, yardsign, soundbite and promises to understand the candidates or ballot initiatives. There is excellent, well-researched information that is published by many different trusted organizations that can guide you if you need help.

People have died or have been beaten in order to win the right to vote. When we do not vote (whether due to apathy, cynicism or a “boycott”) we are not only dishonoring these courageous men and women –we are simply letting Monsanto, WalMart, McDonalds and Halliburton determine what America should look like.

Growing Economic Inequality

Tax code and policy

Since the 1960’s our tax code has changed, become more complex and now clearly favors corporations and the wealthiest Americans. When an administrative assistant is investing a greater percentage of their earnings into American society through their taxes than a wealthy venture capitalist or ExxonMobil -the tax code is clearly a key contributing factor to the growing abyss between working families and the wealthiest Americans. While many may say this erodes the quality and dignity of the American dream for most people -it is far more disturbing on deeper levels as it weakens the American economic system. Our economic engine fuels America -so by weakening our engine -it absolutely weakens this country.

Our tax policy should encourage the type of investment as well as divestment that is aligned with our national, state and local objectives. For example -if from a National Security perspective -we seek to limit our dependence on oil imports -our tax policy should include credits for the purchase of electric vehicles, mass transit passes, solar/wind for home use -while paying for those credits with additional taxes on gasoline or other carbon use.

Estate taxes should provide an exemption up to three to five million dollars and be adjusted for the cost of living every five years. While some argue this represents a double tax (presumably income/capital gains taxes during one’s lifetime) and then again upon death -it is not about fairness -it is about protecting America from the conditions that exist today -an obscene concentration of wealth among the wealthiest 1%. This creates a significant imbalance of power and wealth -and each subsequent “trust fund” generation is more insulated from real American life -while being able to assert more influence and power over such lives. Estate taxes protect the path to democracy from an  “economic cancer”. With diminished or zero estate taxes we are led directly to the oligarchy we’ve become today.


Corporations use our infrastructure, education system, resources and people. The basic rule should be -if you want to conduct business in America -you should pay taxes here. When ExxonMobil is generating record quarterly profit and pays zero tax and a small business trying to survive is paying taxes -there is something inherently wrong. If America’s strength and promise is grounded in fairness -we must address this. Fair taxes are not anti-business. Providing a landscape in which small businesses can thrive -while large enterprise can still provide a solid return on investment (without harming society) should be a goal. As tax revenues are invested in government services -and appropriations for a future, stronger America -large corporations need to either provide their fair share or agree to no longer conduct business in the lucrative American market,

Minimum versus living wages

Lately the stagnant federal minimum wage has been in focus. The federal minimum wage in America is $7.25 per hour. Based upon a 40 hour work week this is $290.00 per week (gross wages).

21 million workers (an estimated 16% of the American workforce) would be postively impacted by a change in policy on wages. The average CEO in 1965 made 20 times the average worker salary.

In 2013 average CEO compensation was 295.9 times average worker compensation. There are a handful of CEO’s that have (or continue to have) the leadership, vision and work ethic -that they have made a company what it is (or in some cases have created entire industries). They have risked their own capital (or convinced others to put capital at risk -not an easy task) and have created opportunities for 100’s or 1,000’s or 10’s of thousands of American workers.

Most of the rest of the class of CEO’s are managers -not leaders. They may have a well-recognized name or following. They may have created higher equity value for a company by shifting costs to society (by reducing the workforce, transferring jobs to lower paying areas around the world, legally evading U.S. tax responsibility through tax loopholes and keeping worker wages stagnant). They are not innovating or creating any value for America or the world -they are simply shifting costs on paper.

To create stock/shareholder gains by reducing the American workforce, busting unions and keeping workers fearful (and reducing worker wages) should not be tolerated by American society.

For example -there are many that would say -the free market will take care of itself (although we’ve yet to actually see a free market -and likely never will). However in near “free-market” conditions WalMart (one of America’s largest employers) keeps average worker wages low and is vigorously anti-union. This causes many WalMart workers to supplement their negligible wages with food stamps and other vital social services that we all pay for (in our taxes). This at a time in which they were paying $100’s of millions of dollars to executives as “performance bonuses”. Yet many consumers continue to shop there because, you know, “Save money. Live better!”.

I’d propose that while we increase the federal minimum wage -many state and local governments should also address minimum wage, raising it beyond the federal minimum if the local region has a higher cost of living. Furthermore -large corporations like WalMart, McDonalds and others should be held accountable for a higher, “Living Wage”.

As Americans -we should be supportive of any worker that is employed and trying to improve their own economic standing and that of their families. And we need to make sure the largest, most successful enterprises are not simply taking care of their executives and to a lesser degree, their shareholders. They must treat their employees fairly and certainly not have an expectation that American taxpayers will cover part of what should be fair wages.

Healthcare Costs

American healthcare and drug costs are out of control. There are two fundamental issues -access to care and cost containment. Between 1999 and 2009 according to RAND healthcare costs nearly doubled for the average American family with little improvement in quality of care.

Furthermore -prior to the introduction of the Affordable Care Act -a growing number of American’s had no access to healthcare coverage in America.

Individual responsibility

In the scope of the American healthcare system -we each bear some responsibility to ourselves our families and society. If we are to be a relatively unhealthy nation, filled to excess with fast, fried food, smoking, drinking (among other cultural issues we discuss later leading to substantial mental health costs -we exacerbate expenses and diminish the quality of the average american life. While government should not dictate individual diet or health -government can certainly make recommendations that must be unfettered by lobbying by meat, fast food, drug, tobacco, GMO or other industries that are seeking profit without regard to American health or healthcare costs. However a person that indulges in high risk behavior -should not shift their costs to society -the cost of healthcare coverage should not be “one size fits all”. The additional costs of healthcare related to conditions of obesity should be borne in part by the individual through a tax on fast or unhealthy food and additional taxes on companies that profit from such products. Additional healthcare costs associated from smoking and alcohol should be addressed in a similar manner.

Food/Beverage/Tobacco/Firearms Responsibility

Companies and entire industries that create health risks should be taxed and such taxes should be earmarked to offset any additional societal costs related to such behaviors including health and education for Americans to live more content, healthy lifestyles.

Employer versus Societal

I believe that as a nation we have a fundamental responsibility to each other to ensure that Americans have access to food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. While an employer benefits from greater productivity (and thus profit) with a healthy workforce -and should encourage positive behavior (fitness, nutrition, incentives for remaining in good health) -it is ultimately our responsibility as a society. Whereas the Affordable Care Act is an attempt to help contain costs (through a competitive, “free-market” exchange and the negotiating leverage that comes from adding 30-50 million people that previously had no access to healthcare coverage) -the intent of the ACA is also to provide a societal mechanism for access to coverage. As more employers have shifted the burden of additional heathcare costs to employees (via the co-insurance payment) -I believe we unfairly burden employers with rising healthcare costs. Such costs should be borne by society in a single payer system of care. While many may vehemently disagree (as evidenced by protest signs such as “I want government out of my healthcare”) on single payer -I suspect much of the negative reaction has been driven by misinformation from insurance companies, insurance lobbyists and people like the Koch brothers. If you have a choice between government weighing in on healthcare or the CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield or a group of wall street analysts (and let’s face it -those are the choices we have) -who do you think is more likely to approve a necessary and vital procedure for your child? A CEO that has their executive bonus tied to cutting costs and driving profit? Good luck with that. Frankly -the only people I’d like involved in my healthcare is me and my doctor. Nevertheless -the system itself has to be administered -and healthcare is one industry (of several) that should not be driven by the motive of profit. There are other, better ways to measure the efficacy of the system without paying a CEO tens or hundreds of millions of dollars while healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control.

Military/Defense Costs There is no question in this volatile world we need a strong, well-equipped and capable national defense with the ability to rapidly and effectively deploy in order to protect American and allied life around the world. Nevertheless -the military procurement process is bloated and there are many well-known areas of waste and corruption. The manner that we address our defense costs needs to radically change. In the year 2015 we will be spending over a trillion dollars (between mandatory and discretionary federal budget) on military services. This represents approximately $3,300 per year for every man, woman, child and infant in America. In 2011 we outspent the next 15 countries (including Russia and China) combined and outspent the second country (China) by five times (see chart below).


The American education system was once one of the best in the world. An international study found that the U.S. is now 19th in combined testing of Mathematics, Science and Literacy. This is important. As many Americans have begun to correlate energy policy to American security (the more dependence upon oil imports and global volatility -the more we have to spend on military to protect our global energy interests) people have not yet considered the connection to global leadership in education to national strength.

Eighteen education systems had higher average scores than the United States in all three subjects. The 18 education systems are: Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong-China, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macao-China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Republic of Korea, Shanghai-China, Singapore, and Switzerland.” (


This is of great concern for the future of American society. When we do not have to depend upon other, potentially unstable regions of the world -we do not have to increase our military capability to remain strong and secure. Our ability to synthesize new materials that will improve the quality of American and perhaps life around the world rests with our future scientists, mathematicians and research.


If we lag in education -we will have to depend upon discoveries and materials that came from elsewhere (if they are even made available to us). At present we have a military advantage over any other nation -however that is due to superior technology, science and research. How long will that advantage last when we are lagging behind at least 18 other countries in education?


Furthermore -the cost of higher education in America is rising exponentially (while again -the American profit before people approach to student loans will continue to transfer wealth and weaken the American economy).


How many of our youth -if surrounded with leading K-12 schools -that are safe havens from violence, bullying, guns might have gone on to be the next Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, John Kenneth Galbraith or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -instead of imprisoned, sent to war or trying to survive in America with menial employment -because we as a society squandered an opportunity to support them.


If there is any place where our investment as a society should be clear -for a strong America now and especially in the future -education is the place. Our schools should be places where learning is inspired, world class and safe. It is the place where we show our youth that we value their life and past generations encourage each new generation to go beyond, add to American and global knowledge and chart a better, safer future for all. It should be unfettered education predicated upon the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics -and should include continuous new scientific knowledge and theory as it becomes available. It should be publicly funded -and in no way should ExxonMobil or the Koch Brothers be teaching climate theory, McDonalds should not be sponsoring nutrition classes and WalMart should not be sponsoring business or consumer courses. And education should be well-rounded in culture, languages, humanities, music and the arts -all to help future generations appreciate and protect the gifts provided by past generations.


Public College and Universities in America should be tuition free -and we should fund materials and limited student expenses -either through low interest loans or grants for those that do not have the economic ability to fund themselves. When higher education is unaffordable -it limits our societal ability to have every individual reach their potential -and when we do not provide the incentives -we weaken American society now and in the future.

Racism and Gender Discrimination

If we are to consider ourselves an advanced and civilized society -there is no room for discrimination or pay inequity. Work performed by an individual should be compensated on the basis of the quality and value of the work, not predicated upon anatomy or the color of one’s skin.


There remains a vast difference in how we seek to be perceived as a nation -and the deep seated fear and hatred we harbor against others. Unlike the recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision that we are a post-race society -there is racism running through most threads of American life -and in some regions -it is not even hidden.

Energy Policy

Our energy policy over the last 50 years has been defined by Big Oil, Coal and the Nuclear power industries. Abdicating such important policy to the profit motive has led us to the brink of climate catastrophe (or Nuclear catastrophe as Fukushima continues to demonstrate an important lesson about nuclear power generation through fission technology). It has also is responsible for shifting incredible wealth to one of the most politically unstable parts of the world -and we have paid for this policy- and continue to do so with the blood of our sons and daughters (as well as many innocent civilian lives). We must rapidly transition to a safe, renewable energy strategy. The answer does not lie beneath the surface of America in the form of dangerous fracking technology. The answer is not in an environmentally ill-advised pipeline. The answer is blowing in the wind -as well as solar energy, transitioning to electric and/or hydrogen powered vehicles and other technologies that minimize carbon emissions and contribute to catastrophic climate change. We need to apply the same rigor to the “energy” race as we once did to the space race. It is at an absolute minimum a matter of national security.

Domestic Security, Drug Policy, Police and Prisons

We would all like to raise our families and enjoy a life free from crime (well, I suspect most of us anyway). Addressing quality and dignity of life in the areas outlined above (namely economic inequality, racism, education, healthcare) are all proactive investment in domestic security. When people and communities are valued over profit and wealth -there is simply less crime. We are human however -and thus crime will happen. Our lack of proactive investment in society and in communities that have led to widening economic inequality is a factor in more crime as well as drug and alcohol abuse in America. Police and prisons are a reactive expenditure when we fail.


A democracy is predicated upon a well-educated populace and access to unfettered, real and independent news. Such news should not be mired in opinion or filtered to produce a specific way of perceiving events -that is a fundamental difference between news and propaganda.

When news (or the “Fourth Estate”) becomes beholden to a particular perspective -it is no longer trustworthy, credible or of value. Many years ago major American broadcast news competed for viewers on the basis of investigation, integrity and were not held accountable for profitability by the leading broadcast networks. News was viewed as a public service -and part of the price broadcast networks paid for leveraging American society-owned “broadcast commons” or airwaves. In the late 1970’s television shifted and with it -news became accountable to produce profit. Not only has this diminished the quality of news (whereas arguably the entertainment value has increased) -the profit motive is often directly in conflict with reporting the news. As a society -we must make a renewed investment in competitive and real news sources that are effective, efficient and not beholden to a political or corporate perspective. Media should be well funded through societal investment from tax revenues and not filtered by industry lobbyists, politicians or from foreign investment. Furthermore -numerous cable channels procured distribution capability by establishing an “educational” component to their programming. For example in many markets while the “News” show Hannity spews hate and lies corresponding to the political perspectives of the foreign owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch the line-up of thoughtful programming that is helping to educate and inspire America is as follows:

  • The History Channel: “Pawn Stars: The Adventures of Corey and Chum”
  • TLC (formerly called The Learning Channel): “19 and Counting: Jesse’s Engagement (can’t wait for Jesse to have 19 kids)”
  • Arts and Entertainment: “Godfather of Pittsburgh -I’m the Big Guy”
  • Discovery: “The Town That Caught Tourettes?”
  • National Geographic: “Alaska State Troopers -Cut in the Gut”
  • Bravo: “Vanderpump Rules”
  • Science: “Which Universe Are We In?”

-a question that seems more than reasonable when putting the above list together. These are a small bit of evidence with regard to why we must read more and watch TV less. What was sold to society as a great boon to education and knowledge has simply been another way in which we are fed opinions via “news” programming, told who to hate and who to blame for our problems. And in between the above programming or “Honey Boo Boo” (thankfully cancelled as of this writing), or watching Ted Nugent or Sarah Palin shooting defenseless animals from helicopters or the Duggars spewing out another child -in complete denial that the world has finite resources while pretending their genes are so remarkable -the only thing better than 19 Duggars must be 20 Duggars! -while I do not recommend violence of any kind -shooting your TV might be considered justifiable from my perspective.


Many hardworking American families have been ripped apart by deportation. A society that claims “family values” and then separates parents and children is drowning in its own hypocrisy. We owe it to the history of how America was founded (by immigrants) and achieved greatness (by immigrant labor) and how we continue to put food on our tables (most of which has been provided through backbreaking efforts of immigrant labor. We need a new round of amnesty (for those that are want to yell ‘Merica here and talk about building a big fence -it was your political idol -Ronald Reagan that signed Immigration Amnesty into law in 1986 -see

Whereas the resources that American society has is finite -we do need sensible controls and a forward thinking immigration policy -and we need to address where we are at today. By not providing amnesty -we devastate communities and create more uncertainty and anxiety for an important part of America.


People want to eliminate corruption and drive perceived and real inefficiencies out of government services and systems. Many are told that privatization is a key to creating a competitive landscape and such competition will lead to efficient use of our societal investment. The reason privatization is not a panacea is it creates competition for profit. As a private enterprise -I can succeed by increasing revenue or lowering costs or both. Often if I lower costs -I diminish the services I provide. Whether I succeed or fail is not based upon the societal outcomes or results we desire -it is purely upon profit or loss of the enterprise.


Government should be held accountable and should be transparent in the funding and outcomes of agencies providing public service. However the profit motive is often in direct conflict with providing the services we need as a society. Privatization tends to benefit the already wealthy -as any reduction of costs (due to stagnant salaries, reduced workforces, lack of retirement or other benefits) -are generally shifted to executives and stockholders. This is why there is so much pressure on industries that historically have been government services to privatize. It is sold to us as “greater efficiency”. It is more frequently intended to transfer and consolidate wealth.

Acknowledging Our History

America aspires to be a strong and benevolent beacon of hope for humanity. A place where people are valued over things, innovation and hard work are rewarded and there is opportunity for all that are willing to work hard. Even if we “right” the ship -I believe we must understand our complete history, acknowledge our past mistakes, remedy them if we can and look to a future that is not encumbered by our past. From genocide (the trail of tears), slavery, imperialism, wars prosecuted on the basis of lies and interference in other sovereign governments (such as the assassination of Allende in Chile, the multiple attempts to assassinate Castro and destabilize Cuba meddling in Central America and elsewhere in the name of “national security” should be cast into the light, studied and readily understood so in the future we do not make similar mistakes. We must redefine what is in our national interests -and it should be predicated upon keeping Americans and our allies safe in America and abroad -it should not be predicated upon protecting the accumulation of wealth -or protecting the interests of large, multinational corporations over the rights of indigenous people.

Cultural Societal Illness

The pursuit of profit and wealth (and the accumulation and consolidation of wealth) has become the American focus. From “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, “Real Housewives of Wherever”, “Cribs”, music videos, expensive cars and the constant bling paraded in front of us in a barrage of commercials for Cadillac’s, Lincolns, BMW’s and so on. We are told we can be much happier if we buy more luxurious homes, cars and jewelry. In fact -we’re told if we don’t shop, the terrorists win. I believe if we don’t shop (and consume) in a more evolved way -”the terrorists” do win.

As a nation we have lost our way. We have had the quality of American life eroded over the last few generations. We have abdicated our American values to money and material wealth. Instead of a sense of community where people would take care of each other, children could be outdoors playing until dinner -we’ve become a suspicious, fearful nation. We’re worried that our jobs could be eliminated at anytime -because the new CEO wants to hit quarterly expectations and take a large bonus. If we are fortunate enough to have a mortgage payment we’re hoping we don’t lose our home as so many recently did. If we pay rent -we hope the owner doesn’t increase the rent so we are faced with a “should I buy my medicine or groceries” decision for ourselves or our family. Some are so frightened they want to take their assault rifle or handgun with them wherever they go -which then creates more fear. A young person graduating from college or university (if they were fortunate enough to have the support to attend) graduates while encumbered with tremendous debt. Any thought of using the education for public good or services is lost as young adults enter the job market with home mortgage-like debt.

    • A pristine forest was once a day or weekend in nature. Now forests are managed and clearcut for profit.
    • We sing about “Purple mountain majesties” in “America the Beautiful. Now we remove mountaintops for mining interests and profit.
    • Our water ways were once unspoiled, precious resources. Now they are perfect to carry our toxic waste out to sea where in the Gulf coast they can mix with the oil disaster caused by BP and Halliburton.
    • For years our diplomatic solution was to send in the Marines (even if it meant invading the wrong country and creating instability and chaos for generations).

We have supported brutal dictators like Pinochet, Noriega, Batista, Trujillo and others in exchange for giving our large corporations unfettered access to their natural resources, people and markets. However when they no longer follow our directives we cut them loose.

We fund prisons but not schools.

Are you fortunate enough to be able to attend college? We’ll make sure you start your your life burdened with significant debt.

We pay our educators, first-responders, nurses and others next to nothing and accuse them of “bankrupting” the American system.

We allow our political landscape to be sold to the highest bidder.

We won’t allow two people that love each other to marry -however we advocate passionately for the right of someone to acquire possession of an assault weapon at a moment in time in which their anger, depression and situation drives them to take their own life and many more around them.

We complain about traffic while driving slowly or stopped, alone in our carbon polluting cars, trucks and SUV’s -and protest against a high-speed train or other forms of mass transit -because it is “wasteful”.

  • We see poverty in other countries and think “what a shame” or we quickly turn the page or change the channel without thinking about the abject poverty that exists in America.
  • We are distressed when people are killed at a mall -but don’t give much thought to the child that walks to and from school in an area plagued by drive by shootings and violence.
  • We see the parade of people of color being detained on “Cops” because they may have stolen a car, assaulted someone or had drug paraphernalia and are glad they are arrested, convicted and behind bars -yet when a massive fraud created the most severe economic crisis in America since the Great Depression -we patched the system up with taxpayer money -slapped a few wrists and then Congress fought for less regulation and enforcement (and continue to do so).
  • We are shocked about what Lindsey, Miley, Amanda or Justin do next -and could care less that an American drone strike or bomb just killed a group of innocent children or a wedding party in a dangerous place whose name we cannot pronounce.
  • We gather in the tens of millions to watch the Super Bowl or American Idol -but we don’t vote -and then we wonder why our quality of life is being eroded, how wealthy Corporations are now “people” and money is now “speech”. We care less about who you are and more about what you do, what car you drive and what you have.

We claim we are hated for our freedom? I suspect we are admired for our “freedom” and are simply held accountable for what we do with it. In 2008 we were tired of illegal wars and occupation. We were tired of a deregulated business climate that led us to the precipice of economic ruin. We were tired of tax cuts for the wealthy and record deficits. We still believed in the American dream. We had hope again. In 2014 we elected a Congress (whether we voted or not) that will advocate for the same policies that brought us to the brink of economic collapse. And this time -the stakes are much higher -our environment and economic systems are at risk.

What Can We Do?
Each election cycle will be viciously fought from herein, the odds against and the stakes higher. We will be fighting against a monumental wave of money pouring into campaigns, attack ads, media buys and opinions masquerading as news.

We are divided (and conquered) in many ways. The politics of wealth focus on our differences, tell us who to blame and corrupt the system to create cynicism and apathy.

If we are to survive as a nation -we must unite around the things that we agree upon. The last few election cycles have provided insight into how America can win -not how a party wins. There were numerous ballot initiatives placed by citizens that received enough petitions/signatures to become part of the local and/or state ballot. As our legislators have largely failed America for a long time -we can work on American outcomes that “We the People” want, share resources across state and local boundaries and put critical issues to vote from sea to shining sea. While electronic petitions have become popular -we need a mechanism to go beyond the petition and draft American law. There are too many recent examples of massively popular support for an issue that dies in Congress because it is wildly unpopular with the people and industries that are buying Congressional representation.

The outcomes most all Americans want are things like:

  • Legislators and Politicians that will put our communities and country first.
  • Government services that are effective, transparent and accountable to taxpayers.
  • A political and judicial system that is well-insulated from corruption,
  • World class, safe, inspiring K-12 Education.
  • Well-paid educators that will inspire the next generation to learn and go beyond previous generations.
  • Textbooks and education that cover the best body of knowledge we have today -free from political or religious debate.
  • Affordable college and universities.
  • An opportunity for all hard working people to improve their quality of life.
  • Access to high quality, affordable medical, dental, vision and mental health care.
  • Clean air.
  • Safe, clear, good-tasting water.
  • Everyone paying their fair share of taxes.
  • Well-paid first-responders that can afford to live in the communities in which they serve.
  • The economic opportunity to create a better, safer future for our children.
  • Mass transit systems that are inexpensive, fast and efficient.
  • Retirement security for our aging population.
  • Housing, healthcare and services that honor our Veterans.
  • A mechanism to address the out of control economic inequality that has become a cancer to the American economic and political system over the past few generations.
  • Communities that are developed and funded to address abject poverty -so every American can enjoy opportunity, prosperity and truly look forward to a better future.
  • Roads, highways and bridges that are well-maintained and safe.
  • State and National parks to protect pristine areas and coastline for ourselves and future generations of America and the world.

Examples of the type of results we may want to support together (not grounded in political ideology -grounded in concepts and policy that will strengthen America for this and future generations):

  • Election Day Holiday Act: All official Federal, State and Local elections will provide mail-in/absentee balloting beginning at least 30 days prior to Election day and accept ballots until the polls close on Election Day. Election Day will be a paid, nationally recognized American holiday.
  • Political Truth in Advertising: Any content in a political advertisement that is determined to be false or misleading will require a label that identifies the advertisement as false and misleading and will require a response advertisement to the opposing campaign without charge. Furthermore, any attack advertisement will be no longer be exempt from civil libel laws or penalties. A pattern of false advertising will result in criminal fraud charges.
  • Political Funding: No individual, group or organization can provide more than $100 for a campaign. No group or corporation may donate to a campaign outside of the jurisdiction of their HQ.

The outcomes we as Americans want and the method to enact law can be at the local, State or Federal level.

We are developing the “how” we do this -and need your help. We are working on launching a social network called “CivWorks” that protects your privacy, does not sell advertising and provides many of the social features you enjoy today with Facebook, Google+ or other platforms and will use a small monthly subscription fee to fund our initial development, new features and functions that you would find useful and for ongoing not-for-profit operations.

The difference is that we are integrating the features that will allow you to connect with interested or concerned people in your area to work on issues we all care about and how we can either begin ballot initiatives or actually draft and track law we want passed by our local government, State government or Congress -and tracking the bill to see which elected officials support it -and which do not.. Working together on both legislative and budget/appropriation outcomes we want for ourselves, our families, our communities and America -we can shift political power back to “We the People” and create a better America and world for future generations.

Posted by George A. Polisner at 10:27 AM

Are American women less human than corporate ‘persons’?


OPINION8:58 a.m. EDT July 21, 2014

Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion, had previously stated that the Constitution does not prohibit sex discrimination. In a ruling the next day, the Supreme Court declared that its decision applies to for-profit employers who oppose all 20 forms of birth control mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

The three female justices dissented: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justice Stephen Breyer. Ginsburg called the Hobby Lobby ruling “a decision of startling breadth” since businesses can now “opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs.” And “closely held” corporations are not necessarily small; Justice Ginsburg noted that Cargill, the giant agricultural corporation, employs more than 140,000 workers.

Major medical organizations have sharply criticized the court for allowing employers to interfere in the time-honored doctor-patient relationship: the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The impact of the court’s decision on low-income women is also disturbing. The unintended pregnancy rate for women below the poverty level is more than five times as high as the rate for women in the highest income level. Dealing with unplanned pregnancies, low-income women often descend further into poverty.

Where will this disrespect for women end? What if a corporate “person” claims its religion forbids it to pay a minimum wage or to serve homosexuals? As Justice Ginsburg noted, the decision opens up endless challenges from employers: “religiously grounded objections to blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witnesses); antidepressants (Scientologists); medications derived from pigs, including anesthesia, intravenous fluids and pills coated with gelatin (certain Muslims, Jews and Hindus).” Thus, thousands of men and children will suffer with women. The Hobby Lobby decision that caters to corporations benefits no one; it offers merely a blip of satisfaction to those seeking to merge religion and government.

This outrageous Supreme Court ruling points once again to the urgent need for the Equal Rights Amendment to become part of the U.S. Constitution. More than ever, women need a constitutional guarantee of equality. The ERA was first introduced in Congress 91 years ago, passed by Congress in 1972 and ratified by 35 states before a congressionally imposed deadline ran out.

Now, bipartisan legislation is pending in Congress to eliminate the artificial deadline and make ERA part of the Constitution after three more states ratify it. Senator Kay Hagan is a cosponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 15, and NC Congressman David Price is cosponsoring House Joint Resolution 113. Women and men who care about women would do well to demand that other members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation demonstrate their support of women’s rights over the rights of corporate “persons.” 

Roberta Madden, co-director of RATIFY ERA-NC, lives in Black Mountain. For information, see

Support Oregon’s ERA which will be on the November ballot!


Women’s Economic Agenda Statement on Supreme Court Rulings Against Women, Families, & Workers

July 8, 2014
Ethel Long-Scott, Commission on Women’s Power, Co-Chair

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg cut to the heart of it:

“In a decision of startling breadth, the Court holds that commercial enterprises, including corporations, along with partnerships and sole proprietorships, can opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they {the corporations} judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Several new Supreme Court decisions demonstrate the speed, breadth and growth of the new fascism in America. Just a couple of months back, the Court ruled in favor of unlimited campaign finance contributions, uncapping the amount that corporations can dump into elections.

This summer, the fascist war on women’s bodies has grown to a new height with the Court’s one-two punch granting companies the freedom to deny health care coverage for contraception. First the Supreme Court ruled that the “corporate body” views on religion can be more sacred than a woman’s right to control her own body! Then the court expanded that ruling to let companies challenge any contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

This has almost nothing to do with religious rights and everything to do with expanding corporate rights. They can name anything under the sun and call it a religious belief. Justice Ginsberg wrote in her scathing dissent, “Would the exemption…extend to employers with religiously grounded objections to blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witnesses); antidepressants (Scientologists); medications derived from pigs, including anesthesia, intravenous fluids, and pills coated with gelatin (certain Muslims, Jews, and Hindus); and vaccinations…Not much help there for the lower courts bound by today’s decision.”

These decisions make it easier for corporation to give religious arguments in their quest for more wealth, more power, and domination of politics and the economy. They reinforce the draconian, fascist drive to make the state, including the government, law enforcement and the military – do what the corporations want, rather than what the people want.

This underscores the importance of human rights battles going forward in the absence of economic rights for workers, women, the poor, and We the People. The need for a cooperative society that is not ruled by the needs of corporations. We need a society that can advance and protect the needs of individuals and bring economic security to us all. We the people must take over and govern public resources in the interests not of the narrow few, but for the good of all. We women with our education, our organizing and our direct actions will step up to first liberate and then nationalize the resources we need so that we might THRIVE and not merely survive. A war on women is a war on all.

How can this happen to us? Who’s America is it anyway? It is certainly not an America for women or for the poor or the masses. These decisions represent a larger trend sweeping the nation where corporations are gaining more and more power over politics on all levels, from local to national. What we are witnessing is a slow and steady reorganization of the state to protect private property laws to support phenomenal wealth accumulation by the 0.01%. By sacrificing women’s bodies to corporate whims, the Supreme Court is siding with profits over people. To have a different America we will build a broad transformative movement to secure the economic justice and security we need.

~ Ethel Long-Scott serves as co-Chair on the Commission on Women’s Power on the Democracy Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet.

Hobby Lobby proves need for ERA: Column

Carolyn B. Maloney1:39 p.m. EDT July 9, 2014

As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s forceful dissentput it, the 5-4 decision rendered in the Hobby Lobbycase is one “of startling breadth” that is going to create a “minefield.” And because the decision will constrain the ability of women to obtain affordable reproductive health care, the first people to be injured by that “minefield,” are women.

If you were to ask “Where are the women?” on the list of issues that the conservative members of the Supreme Court considered in making their Hobby Lobby decision, the answer is clearly, at the very bottom.

Once again, because women are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution as being entitled to equal treatment under the law, the conservatives on the Court were free to render a decision that ignores the concerns and rights of women even though that decision has a disproportionately negative impact on women, and only on women.

As Justice Ginsburg’s dissent notes, the Hobby Lobby decision will effectively “deny legions of women who do not hold their employers’ beliefs access to contraceptive coverage.” She notes that the cost of an IUD is nearly the equivalent of a month’s full-time pay for workers earning the minimum wage. Similarly, the cost of “Plan-B” is realistically out of reach for millions of low wage women.

Unlike men, women must rely on contraceptives as a critical element of their health care. For the sake of their health, women have a substantial interest in limiting the number and timing of their children. Some women have health conditions that make childbearing dangerous, including congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, and Marfan syndrome. Contraceptives can reduce the risk of certain cancers, relieve menstrual disorders, severe PMS, and the sometimes excruciating pain of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Women are “done talking” – ERA now

When a woman says “I’m done talking” … brace yourself. In fact, I suggest this nation best buckle up for that screeching halt ahead. Infuriated is probably putting it mildly. Women are done with being nonentities whose rights can be trumped by a turnip in court. Or, by a “closely held” turnip corporation with “sincerely held” religious beliefs that are scientifically primitive and outrageously sexist.

The divided decision by the United States Supreme Court in Burwell v Hobby Lobby starkly contrasted the political, religious and gender debate lines this country has drawn for women. Five Catholic male justices nominated by Republican presidents ruled that a for-profit corporation can hold religious convictions. This enables Hobby Lobby’s bosses to impose their sexist religious beliefs on their female employees’ healthcare as they bypass insurance laws choosing to single out select contraceptives to ban. The four justices nominated by Democratic presidents (including the only three females on the court) dissented. Three of the four were Jewish (two females, one male) and one was a Catholic female.

Those divided lines lay it out. The Supreme Court as we know it is no more. The majority of its members have become suspect as a demographic known to hold conservative Christian bonafides that frame women as inferiors in the household much less in the judiciary. With its recent rulings, the court is bleeding the lifeblood out of the American woman’s personhood.

The court appears indifferent not only to sexism but also to science in the Hobby Lobby case. The science shames the position of those using the word “abortion” to conjure a murderous mushroom cloud driving to a theological bunker of those being fed misinformation. Hobby Lobbyists blithely profess that Plan B and IUDs are abortifacients that kill a baby at conception. Never mind that the preponderance of evidence supports the contention that these contraceptives work before conception. They prevent fertilization, not kill fertilized eggs. Yes, even IUDs. They affect the cervical mucus changing the way sperm move so they are usually incapable of fertilizing an egg even if they reach the site. Ella is newer but nothing in the research proves that it is an abortifacient either. Women who take Ella can still get pregnant, which suggests it is not an abortifacient. 

Yet, scientific validity of points, though pertinent to the case, was not the constitutional grounds on which Hobby Lobby had to prevail. The majority of the court had to believe that a for-profit corporation has religious rights even to discriminate by sex. All it took was those five true believers. Under their interpretation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) a corporation can claim religion as its shield to subjugate and control women, especially their bodily autonomy. Religiously, that’s a sin against females and God, but a sin long steeped in male authority dogma that has insinuated itself into every aspect of our culture. Secularly, it violates the civil rights of women. But can we protect women’s rights based on sex as we protect citizens with respect to race?

Consider again for comparative purposes [Sylvia Mathews] Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) v Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby pleaded that the contraceptive insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) substantially burdened its exercise of religion. Therefore, using the protection of the RFRA, Hobby Lobby maintained the contraceptive laws had to be justified by a “compelling governmental interest.” Moreover, the government had to be using the “least restrictive” measures possible to fulfill the intent of the laws which in this instance was to protect the healthcare of women. This is known as “strict scrutiny” examination.

Applying this high level of scrutiny, the justices found the government substantially burdened Hobby Lobby’s exercise of its corporate religious rights and suggested less restrictive measures to provide the contraceptives. Essentially they let Hobby Lobby off the hook for providing what others are required to provide. The justices’ suggested alternate measures were almost immediately challenged and their touted “narrow interpretation” of the decision started falling apart as quickly. Who could have predicted that, except of course, the justices in dissent who did?

Now consider that a female employee of a for-profit “closely held” corporation wants to plead sex discrimination. The corporation she is working for is refusing to follow the insurance mandates of the ACA to provide her the opportunity to choose her contraceptive care from the available selections covered. Her bosses hold sexist religious beliefs about their right to control women’s reproductive healthcare and insist on their right to narrow her choices. There is no legal recourse comparable to the RFRA to defend her rights as a protected class of citizen ensuring her case receives strict scrutiny based on her sex. The equal protection clause of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment will not guarantee her strict scrutiny. It has never been interpreted to grant equal rights on the basis of sex in the inclusive way it has on the basis of race.

What comes next?

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, put the courts on notice for what comes next the same day of the ruling on Ronan Farrow Daily.

“I think actually what we need to do is revive the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. Ronan, I don’t think for a moment that Hobby Lobby could have been decided the way it was or the buffer zone case the Supreme Court announced on Thursday. That would not have been possible if we had women’s equality enshrined in the Constitution. Illinois has taken some steps toward ratifying the E.R.A. and if two more states were to do that as well as Illinois, we might have a very different political landscape.  I think the message here is that the response has to be political. We have a politicized Supreme Court. We will meet them on the political grounds. We will defeat them. We need to reverse the 30-year campaign by the right wing to take over the federal courts and that’s my organization’s job and we’ll be working with our allies and I think we’ll succeed.” 

The E.R.A. would secure strict scrutiny. Brewing is a revitalized battle for women’s rights the likes of which this nation has not seen since 1982 when the E.R.A. was narrowly defeated by similar political and theological right wing conservatism evident now in our politicized Supreme Court.

Roberta W. Francis, Co-Chair of the E.R.A. Task Force, National Council of Women’s Organization observes that “The ERA would provide a strong legal defense against a rollback of the significant advances in women’s rights made in the past 50 years. Without it, Congress can weaken or replace existing laws on women’s rights, and judicial precedents on issues of gender equality can be eroded or ignored by reactionary courts responding to a conservative political agenda.” 

Women are living the rollback we were consistently warned about by our foremothers. Until we put into the Constitution the bedrock principle that equality of rights cannot be denied to women, we will continue to be at the mercy of those who don’t believe we exist as equals and are willing to bypass laws to prove that. We need the E.R.A.

We’re done talking.


Learn more: 



Marena Groll is a liberal feminist, former educator and life-long United Methodist. A native daughter, she holds high bar-b-que standards y’all.


    Great analysis, Marena! Just which Constitution is the politically reactionary, conservative Catholic, all-male, five-member majority of the Supreme Court interpreting in order to come up with decisions like Hobby Lobby that violate women’s equal rights and personal religious liberty? Justice Scalia has even said that the Constitution as he interprets it doesn’t prohibit sex discrimination (thereby ignoring over 40 years of precedent). Let’s add the ERA (“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex”) to the Constitution and make it much harder for the “Gang of Five” to abuse and misuse it.