‘We share the stage’: white suburban liberals and minority activists fight together for gun reform

For decades minority communities have pushed for regulation of the gun industry but white liberal allies have rarely shown up to fight with them. The Parkland students have made a concerted effort to close the ‘empathy gap’

Source: ‘We share the stage’: white suburban liberals and minority activists fight together for gun reform | US news | The Guardian

Hundreds of Newport High School students joined the nationwide protests today

Hundreds of Newport High School students joined the nationwide protests today.

They walked out of their classrooms at 10 am for 17 minutes to honor and remember the  Parkland, Florida students.

17 young lives were lost. 17 lives were wasted on February 14th, one month ago today. Students had a microphone to speak to share their thoughts in tribute with each other.

Thank you so much, to the Lincoln County School Administration’s support in making this a sacred and safe event for our children! The pain is unbearable; we must focus and protest the inaction on guns. Columbine was almost 20 years ago and it goes on.  Enough is enough!  #neveragain

March for Our Lives – Sat. Mar. 24th – Newport City Hall

Hi everybody! On Sat. March 24th, we will gather about 11:45 am at City Hall and march at noon. Our route will be to cross Hwy 101 at Angle Street with the blinking light. Stay on the sidewalk, cross only with the lights, and use the crosswalk. We will march as far as the bridge. You may want to carpool and leave your car anywhere before the bridge or the state park at the bridge. Bring your own sign.

This is a national march initiated by the kids who survived the mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. They are going to march on Washington DC 3/24/2018. There are over 500 marches in other cities. Please forward this to all your friends on any/all social media. Make posters! Take them to stores and post. Please help share the event. Thank you! Let’s do this!

Here’s a link to the national page:


Alert – Senate Judiciary hearing for HB 4145 (close boyfriend loophole) and other legislation

A hearing [see item 1, below] and possible work session is now scheduled for tomorrow20 February, at 8am. If you want to testify, registration will open at 7:30am. Testimony is limited to 2 minutes per person. Written testimony will also be accepted.

You can also influence the proceedings by calling and emailing to your own senators and to senate and committee leadership (Pres. Courtney, Senator Prozanski, chair of Judiciary Committee) as well as committee members.
Activity in the Oregon legislature will be fast and furious from now until March 9th. Here are some hearings and actions that may be of interest:
  1. Re HB 4145, closing the boyfriend loop hole: bill passed by the House and referred to the Senate. Sen. Courtney, President of the Senate, has not been strong in pushing for gun safety measures. Now is the time to call your own Senator, chair of the Senate Judiciary committee (Prozanski), and Senator Courtney to ask for positive action on this bill.
  2. Re HJR 203, establishing access to health care as a basic right in the Oregon constitution: Public hearing and possible work session scheduled by Senate Health Care for 2/19/2018,  1pm. Call or write ASAP to support this bill: Chair – Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson; other membership see https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2018R1/Committees/SHC/Overview
  3. RE HB 4160Tuesday, February 20th at 3pm, the Senate Workforce committee will hold an informational hearing on the organization / progress of a work group devoted to Family and Medical Leave Insurance. It is possible that this will be a joint hearing with the House Early Childhood and  Family Support committee. This will be a technical hearing on how a work group effort is progressing. As expected, there will probably be no movement on HB 4160 this session. But effort by a task force will continue throughout the year. This hearing may be an opportunity to hear how that effort is likely to be conducted.
  4. The two major environmental bills (HB 4001, SB 1507), the Clean Energy Jobs bill, have moved into Rules and Ways and Means committees, respectively. No hearings are scheduled, so calls, emails, and letters are best means to push for either of these bills.
A lot of bills have been passed and referred to Ways and Means or to Rules. Third readings (final votes) are still upcoming on some bills, but the list above reflects NOW’s highest interests / priorities. Not sure whether official endorsements were ever made by NOW except for HB 4145 and HB 4160, which have been priority concepts for NOW for a long time. But you are free to work for or against specific bills as an individual, regardless.
On the national level, we should all be looking for actions (demonstrations, protests, letter writing/ telephone campaigns) to try to push Congress into action on DACA and on gun safety measures.