Anti-immigrant ballot measures have no place in Oregon (Guest opinion)

…all of us at OLCV [Oregon League of Conservation Voters] know we have to fight for what we believe in. I wanted to send you today’s guest opinion in The Oregonian from myself and Erica Stock of the Oregon Sierra Club. I hope you will take a moment to read it and share it with others.

Then, I hope you will join us in the movement to keep Oregon a welcoming state where all of us are treated with dignity and respect. We can’t let hate and fear win in Oregon. Please sign the petition to Reject IP 22.

Thank you for taking the time,

Doug Moore, Executive Director OLCV

Anti-immigrant ballot measures have no place in Oregon (Guest opinion)

By Doug Moore and Erica Stock

Everyone deserves clean air and water, and a chance for a healthy and vibrant life. Through our organizations, we work to protect our environment and we try to do the right thing. Right now, we need to speak up.

What has happened to immigrants since the election of President Trump is nothing short of appalling: xenophobia given center stage and real harm to people in our communities. In five months, President Trump has directly attacked people and the planet with his inhumane and ineffective executive actions. His actions and boasts, whether on Twitter or TV, have emboldened the small, but very real, segment of Oregon that propagates hate and feeds off bigotry.

A potential ballot measure, Initiative Petition 22, is one example of the frightening national anti-immigrant agenda gaining ground in Oregon. The proponents just submitted 1,000 signatures to begin the ballot title drafting process. If passed by Oregon voters, it would abolish a law dating back 30 years, which has been called a model for protecting local resources from being used to supplant federal immigration enforcement. For 30 years, this law has ensured our local police are able to focus on public safety, instead of being held hostage to the whims of federal immigration policy.

At the epicenter of attacks like IP 22 is Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), which uses false appeals to environmental concerns to propagate their particular form of hate. OFIR tries to appear mainstream, hiding behind a tree logo and a tagline referencing environmental sustainability. Don’t be fooled.

The Southern Poverty Law Center designated OFIR a “nativist extremist group” because they promote a bigoted, anti-immigrant agenda. At their last membership meeting, OFIR hosted a hate group, a designation their president called a “badge of honor.” They’re an extremist anti-immigrant group, with a dangerous agenda that doesn’t belong in Oregon.

Environmentalism, at its heart, is about both people and places. As our climate crisis worsens, more and more people will be torn from their communities and lose their homes and livelihoods. Our humanity demands of us to not only combat the effects of climate change on a policy and political level, but also to recognize and stand in solidarity with people most affected. How can we not welcome those forced from their homes or who move in search of a better life?

The environmental community has a responsibility to speak out. It’s why our organizations are proud members of the One Oregon Coalition, where we stand with our partners in defending Oregon against anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies and ballot measures, like IP 22. We work to ensure all Oregonians, regardless of country of birth, are treated with dignity and respect.

The stakes are too high for us to fail now. We need environmental solutions rooted in hope, not fear. We need solutions that will bring each and every one of us into a better, greener future. Immigrants make Oregon stronger and are essential to finding workable solutions that make that future a reality.

Doug Moore is executive director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Erica Stock is director of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club.


‘Everyone is affected.’ Immigration raids turn Oregon city into ghost town |

Woodburn is the largest town in Oregon with a Latino majority. More than a dozen men have been picked up in immigration raids. Now Latinos are afraid to leave their homes.

Source: ‘Everyone is affected.’ Immigration raids turn Oregon city into ghost town |

Seattle sues Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’ order | The Seattle Times

Seattle will argue that an executive order by President Donald Trump violates the Constitution by trying to make local governments enforce federal immigration law.

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NOW Launches National Action Campaign

With women’s rights facing more severe threats than we have seen in decades, NOW is fighting back. We are standing up for the rights and well being of all women, in all our diversity and in all communities. We are showing up for our allies in Muslim communities, in immigrant communities, in LGBTQIA communities. We have a message for Donald Trump and every politician enabling his white male supremacist agenda: We are leading societal change and promoting feminist ideals — and you need to get out of our way.

I am thrilled to let you know that today we are launching NOW’s expanded National Action Program. This program encompasses five action campaigns that not only defend the gains we have made, but also work pro-actively to achieve real equality for women and girls.

  • Our campaign to Mobilize for Reproductive Justice will work to defeat Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and we will fight to defeat Trump’s Alternative Health Care Act (Trumpcare), which would defund Planned Parenthood, drastically cut maternity care coverage, and imperil access to birth control. We will also promote pro-active bills like the EACH Woman Act to guarantee full coverage of abortion care in all plans including Medicaid–thus permanently repealing the Hyde Amendment–and the Women’s Health Protection Act to stop states from using deceptive legislation to shutter abortion clinics.
  • Through our campaign to End the Sex Abuse to Prison Pipeline, we will urge the Title IX coordinators in middle and high schools around the country to ensure that students who are survivors of sexual assault receive the wraparound services they need in order to stay in school, recover from their trauma, and thrive. Survivors in far too many public schools, especially girls of color and LGBTQIA students, face penalties, punishment, and school pushout instead of the trauma-informed services they need.
  • Our campaign to Advance Voting Rights recognizes and responds to the impacts on women in communities targeted by right-wing voter suppression schemes. We will work with our allies in the civil and human rights communities to overturn measures like racial gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and voter purges. And we will work with our civic engagement allies to encourage women of color not only to vote, but also to run for public office and for leadership roles in their political parties.
  • Our renewed campaign to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment includes working for ratification of the 1972 ERA by three more states (to meet the constitutional requirement that three-fourths of the states ratify a proposed amendment), as well as supporting a start-over strategy for a new ERA, and engaging younger women and girls in the struggle for women’s constitutional equality. In this effort, NOW is committed to an inclusive and intersectional ERA interpretation that includes equitable access to all aspects of reproductive health care, and centers marginalized people including LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants, women of color, and women with disabilities.
  • Finally, our campaign to Protect Immigrant Rights will work with our allies in the immigrant rights community to oppose Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban and to stop the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s abusive raids, detentions, and deportations that tear families apart. We will in particular work to keep restaurant workers safe from abusive enforcement tactics, knowing that the restaurant industry employs over one million undocumented workers, second only to the construction industry.

NOW’s national action program will propose concrete actions our local chapters, state organizations, members and activists can take, as well as anyone in the general public interested in addressing such issues, along with resources and platforms for engagement. The program will also grow and evolve as we respond in very real-time to the harmful and discriminatory actions of Donald Trump’s administration.

As NOW members and leaders, your role is central to our success. The tools created by the NA Program are intended to be helpful for you as you engage your communities, and your representatives, both locally and nationally. We want to hear from you: your successes, your challenges. How can we better support and equip you to do this important work? This program will strive to increase engagement at all levels of NOW–from the local to the national–and to build unity among our thousands of dedicated grassroots activists across the country.

This is undeniably a challenging time for all of us. But we have been so inspired by the millions of people who have already stood up and committed themselves to resistance just in the last few months. Let’s build on this momentum and make sure this current administration knows we are here, we are watching them, and we are prepared to take the necessary action to defend our rights–and especially the rights of the most marginalized across this country.

Contacts and Procedures for Immigration Allies, Lincoln County, Oregon

If you witness an individual or a group of people being detained by ICE, follow these                                  procedures:

  • Do not interfere with law enforcement. You could be detained or injured if you try to confront law enforcement agents.
  • Immediately or as soon as possible write down everything you are observing i.e. place, time, actions, identifications of arresting agency, any names of detainees.
  • If possible film or take photos of the detention activity. You have a legal right to do this.
  • Contact organizations in the state who need to know what has happened and can provide help to the detainees:
  • Oregon ACLU 503-227-3186 or 888-527-2258
  • Oregon Rural Organizing Project (ROP) 503-543-8417
  • Centro de Ayuda 541-265-6216
  • Servicios Legales de Oregon 503-981-5291 or 1-800-662-6096.

If a friend or acquaintance has been detained by I.C.E. or you think may have been

detained, the first thing you need to do is find where this person is.

 The quickest info available is usually the ICE hotline for detainees: 855-448-6903. Be sure to have the detainee’s full name. They should also have info on any court dates, attorney, expedited deportation order or other status.

  • To see if they are in custody of the Lincoln County Jail: 541-265-4277.

(If the person is in the county jail, they must have been arrested for a charge other      than immigration. It is illegal for Oregon law enforcement officials, funds or facilities be used  to enforce federal immigration laws.)

  • C.E. detainees are often sent to Immigration Detention in Tacoma, Washington 1-253-779-6000.

For information on dates and decisions of Immigration Court: 1-800-898-7180.

While locating the detainee also contact any of the organizations above for help.

Contact any family members or friends that you may know about to check on their well being.

Finally, keep informed, speak up and speak out!

This information has been summarized from a series of sources and does not constitute legal advice. For any legal questions, consult an attorney. Sponsoring organizations: Lincoln County Diversity Coalition, Immigration Information Response Team, Centro de Ayuda.


Informed Immigrant at

Info on the Trump Executive Order, and programs such as DACA. A great long list of other resources.

Innovation Law Lab at

“Tool Kit for An Inclusive Oregon.” It has a great video on local inclusivity resolutions.

Rural Organizing Project (ROP) at

One of Oregon’s most active human dignity organizations. Much info and ideas concerning immigration.

 Oregon Law Center at

Legal help for rural folks including immigrants. Will help individuals find an attorney or give advice on legal issues. English and Spanish.

ACLU Oregon at  or Facebook page

Updates on current situation of immigrants in Oregon. Useful short films.

“ACLU answers questions on ICE immigration activities in Oregon.” Update on what is happening and what are simply rumors.

Causa at

Organizer of marches and actions statewide. Contact for ways to participate and support.

Interfaith Movement for Immigration Justice (IMIrJ)

Info on the faith based sanctuary movement. Sanctuary Tool Kit.

Alto Trump at

“Know Your Rights” campaign. Report hate crimes here. A series of colorful handouts in English and Spanish on what to do in cases of ICE  actions or raids.

Don’t Get Your Undocumented Friends in Trouble: A How To. “

Very interesting explanation from an undocumented person of the kind of actions that may have negative affects on precisely the people you want to help. On the the Daily Demand website. Google the article.

Refugee-turned-lawyer helps others start the path in Portland |

For years, Chanpone Sinlapasai avoided the airport. Then President Donald Trump temporarily banned refugees, and Sinlapasai’s life changed.

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