Demand Humane Treatment for Immigrant Families

National Action Program - NOW
July 1, 2019
Heartbreaking images are rolling though our timelines and television screens of children and families being cruelly denied basic respect, human rights and dignities. These individuals, many of whom are seeking asylum as refugees, are being caged in for-profit detention centers and subjected to deplorable and health-threatening conditions. Children are being separated from their families, denied proper hygiene and medical care and many are experiencing abuse, getting seriously ill or dying. Even babies are being held in jail. Is this really America?

The Trump administration is trying to criminalize immigration and punish asylum seekers, and we must stand up in protest.The National Organization for Women (NOW) is proud to join with our coalition partners over the next few weeks to demand the closure of these inhumane camps. There are three ways you can take immediate action:

  1. Protest on Tuesday. This Tuesday, July 2, while members of Congress are home for the Fourth of July holiday, activists will gather at their local offices in protest. Find your protest at: (For those in the Washington, D.C. area a protest will be held outside of the White House at 7:00 pm eastern.)
  2. On Friday, July 12, join a local Lights on for Liberty Vigil, which will bring thousands of people to locations worldwide to protest the inhumane conditions faced by refugees. Find your location:
  3. Speak out on social media. Please join NOW Wednesday, July 3rd on social media with the hashtag #ProtectOurChildrenNOW and share the following messages:

“Seeking asylum is not a crime” 

“Refugees are people” 

“What kind of country jails babies?” 

“America – the country that jails babies?” 

When attending events please bring your NOW rounds, pins and stickers to let the world know that the National Organization for Women stands firmly against these camps! 

Also, please stay tuned for more upcoming actions from NOW, including opportunities to protest at actual camp locations with our leadership in the coming months. 

Now is the time to take to the streets to demand humane treatment for immigrant families, America is bet


Hello Immigrant Rights Community of Oregon!

Hello Immigrant Rights Community of Oregon!

My name is Erin Grady, I work at the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Eugene, OR, and I am writing to tell you about an exciting opportunity. We are a legal non-profit of attorneys and organizers dedicated to empowering activists and other community members in need of solidarity through legal support and training.
We are offering a Fall 2019 Online Course: Bilingual Train the Trainer in Know Your Rights for the Undocumented Community in Oregon. This training is being offered on a sliding scale basis, from $15-$250 for the 10 week class. Please fill out an application, and if you are selected for the course, we will accept your tuition request at that point! 

Dates: October 15th-December 10th 

Know Your Rights for the Undocumented Community is essential information that we as a community need to be sharing as much as possible in these times! We have been training English/Spanish bilingual trainers in Lane County, and are ready to expand our efforts statewide using the online class format!
The class is 10 weeks long, and covers the following topics:
– Your constitutional rights and how/when to assert them (applicable to anyone physically present in this country)
– Interacting with police and how to keep yourself safe and avoid arrest
– Interacting with ICE and how to keep yourself safe and avoid deportation
– Specific issues you might face with ICE: car stops, workplace raids, borders, detention centers
– Other immigration issues this state and country are facing: DACA, Measure 105
By taking this training, you will be trained in depth about these concepts, as well as given the opportunity to practice this training in both Spanish and English. (Note: We know that there are many more languages this training should be given in. At this time, Spanish and English are the only languages we have it translated to, but are open to assistance from folks who want to help translate into other languages!) You will be given detailed powerpoints in both languages that you can use as visual aids, as well as other materials that you can hand out at the trainings you put on. You will also have access to the regular updates to that information.
The training will consist of one video lesson per week from Oct. 15th – Dec. 10th. There will be homework, an expectation of practice, and weekly group chats, that should consist of about 3-5 hours per week. 
There will be an option to test out of the class in person, by traveling to Eugene, or an option to test out via video chat. At the end of the course, you will be certified to be a KYR trainer!
You will need regular access to a computer for this training.
You are an ideal candidate for this training if:
– You are bilingual and very competent in both Spanish and English. The training is long, and contains legal jargon and concepts.
– You have access to the affected community, and a clear way to reach them with this information
– You have enough time in your schedule to provide this training regularly
– You have experience public speaking, or at least a willingness to try and practice!
– You are a self motivated learner who could get a lot out of an online learning environment
If you are interested in this free training, please fill out this application:
Please turn in your applications by Sept. 25th!
Please put time and care into your application. Because this is our first online class experience, we will be keeping the training to 15 participants!
Finally, please feel free to respond to this email with any questions, and forward to anyone you think would be an ideal candidate!
Erin Grady
Civil Liberties Defense Center

HHS Makes Excuses for Failure to Reunite Migrant Families

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) failed its deadline to reunite all 102 children under the age of five with their parents. Officials supposedly succeeded in only 38 cases by the de…

Source: HHS Makes Excuses for Failure to Reunite Migrant Families | Nel’s New Day

Keep Families Together Rally at Newport City Hall Saturday

Source: Keep Families Together Rally at Newport City Hall Saturday – News Lincoln County

A large crowd of coast residents gathered outside Newport City Hall Saturday to strongly protest the treatment of Latin American refugees as they are housed in tent cities around the country while children are snatched from their parents as punishment for daring to seek asylum in the U.S. The Trump administration has clearly admitted that the traumatic separation of children from their families is aimed squarely at sending a message to other Latin American refugees, that if they want to lose their children, and maybe never see them again, just try to get across the U.S.- Mexico border. It has created moral and angry outrage among millions upon millions of Americans who contend that such atrocities should not be attributed to the American people – rather it is the tactics of an angry White House playing to it’s political base that would build “The Wall” if called upon to do it.


Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Pure Evil, And They Must Be Stopped

Donald Trump’s and Jeff Sessions’ Cruelty Towards Immigrant Families Has No Bounds

Statement by NOW President Toni Van Pelt

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are turning our nation of immigrants into a country of cruelty. They have issued an edict to forcibly remove young children from the arms of their parents, as families seek refuge from dangerous conditions and lethal violence.   Children are being torn from their parents, shipped off to ‘foster’ families at the taxpayers expense and we have no idea if these families are licensed, speak Spanish or if these children are being labor or sex trafficked. There is no specific law, no regulation, no political consensus to support this obscene and unlawful policy. It is pure pandering to Donald Trump’s morally bankrupt political base. It is legally indefensible.Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions would take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty and replace it with barbed wire and guard dogs.In addition to snatching children from their immigrant parents, AG Sessions has now doubled down on the politics of cruelty by undermining hard-won protections for immigrant women and girls fleeing domestic violence. He has single-handedly changed existing policies that protect tens of thousands of women seeking protection from unimaginable abuse, denying their legal right to apply for asylum in the U.S.

This afternoon at 2pm, in front of the Customs and Border Protection Building, NOW is joining other allies to protest the administration’s despicable actions. NOW calls on Congress to exercise its moral duty to protect immigrant families, particularly women and children. Hearings must be held and legislation drafted to end this reprehensible policy.  If judges and courts are overwhelmed, appoint more judges. If lawmakers refuse to act, then women will lead the charge to replace them at the ballot box. We must take action NOW to ensure these survivors are protected, not persecuted for seeking the inalienable right to safety and freedom.


Dee Donavanik , , 951-547-1241
, ,


Source: Donald Trump’s and Jeff Sessions’ Cruelty Towards Immigrant Families Has No Bounds | National Organization for Women

Babies and toddlers sent to ‘tender age’ shelters under Trump separations

Lawyers and medical providers visiting Rio Grande Valley shelters describe play rooms of crying preschool-age children in emotional crisis

Source: Babies and toddlers sent to ‘tender age’ shelters under Trump separations | US news | The Guardian

Rally for Immigrant Rights, Basic Morality, and the Rule of Law – Saturday, June 23, 1pm

What is happening in our country today is unconscionable. The separation of legal asylum seekers from their children violates the core values of our nation; it violates existing laws and norms. It has already been roundly condemned by the UN and other human rights groups.

A rally to protest these abuses of US and international law will be held on Saturday, June 23 at 1pm at the Newport City Hall. Speakers will include David Gomberg, Rev. Bob Barrett, Lisa Norton, Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, and Omar Hernandez. There will also be music by Bill Dalbey and Barbara Lee Turrill and information on what you can do.

It is vital that our community speak out on this these issues. It’s not just happening at the border and it’s not just about Hispanics. A large number of those currently incarcerated in nearby Sheridan, Oregon, are refugees from India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Probably people who translated for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq—people who are at real risk in their home countries—largely as a result of US policy.

Since the Trump administration has essentially claimed that this “zero tolerance” policy is “Biblically ordained,” we especially invite members of local faith groups to participate. Under any circumstances, separating innocent children from law-abiding parents is simply abhorrent. To use these very real and desperate people as pawns in the administration’s political games is totally unacceptable.

The trauma to the young victims is lasting and extreme.

Only a good turnout will drive this message home. Please make a point of being there.

Citizens Rally Saturday, Newport City Hall – Protesting family separations at the border – some incarcerated at Sheridan Federal Prison near McMinnville

Source: Citizens Rally Saturday, Newport City Hall – Protesting family separations at the border – some incarcerated at Sheridan Federal Prison near McMinnville – News Lincoln County