Thank Rep. Kurt Schrader for voting yes to Save the Internet

Great news! The Save the Internet Act just crossed its first hurdle in Congress: A subcommittee passed a clean version with no amendments. And Rep. Kurt Schrader was one of the members who voted yes and stood up for internet users everywhere. 

Could you thank Rep. Schrader for his support? 

Saying thanks goes a long way and it takes just a few minutes.

Click here to send a tweet to thank Rep. Schrader for supporting the Save the Internet Act. 

Don’t use Twitter? No problem! It can’t hurt to give them a call to say thanks. Call Rep. Schrader’s office at (202) 225-5711

to get connected. When the office picks up say:

Thanks for supporting a clean #SavetheNet Act. Your leadership is key — I hope you can help get your colleagues on board as this moves to the House floor.

While this bill still has a ways to go, the vote today is a huge step forward. Say thanks to help make sure our representatives know we see them when they do the right thing. 

You’re the best,

Candace and the rest of the Free Press Action team

P.S. Now that the Save the Internet Act is moving forward, companies like Comcast will double their efforts to stop this bill in its tracks. Chip in $5 today to fuel the momentum for real Net Neutrality.



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