Wins For Women: States Stepping Up for Equal Pay, Affordable and High Quality Child Care, Students’ Fair Access to School, and Transgender Rights

While the White House is doing everything they can to roll back our rights, states and localities have really been stepping up this spring to ensure that transgender, gender nonconforming, and cisgender girls and women have strong legal protections to be able to achieve their potential throughout their lives.

Source: Wins For Women: States Stepping Up for Equal Pay, Affordable and High Quality Child Care, Students’ Fair Access to School, and Transgender Rights – NWLC

Joy Reid Says She Did Not Write ‘Hateful Things’ but Cannot Prove Hacking

The MSNBC host, whose recently resurfaced former blog posts include homophobic sentiments, discussed the controversy on her show on Saturday.

Source: New York Times Joy Reid Says She Did Not Write ‘Hateful Things’ but Cannot Prove Hacking – The New York Times

Watch Panel Discussion here:

Joy Reid Hosts Panel of LGBT Activists to Talk About Blog Posts: ‘Feel Free to Grill Me’


Let’s all go to the movies! Love, Simon THIS WEEKEND!

Let’s all go to the movies! Love, Simon THIS WEEKEND!

The local PFLAG chapter is sponsoring the movie admission this Saturday in Newport and this Sunday in Lincoln City for any student who can show their LCSD ID and wants to see this AMAZING movie, Love, Simon. And we want everyone there: allies and LGBPTQ folks of all ages! Let’s make this a community event! 

Please help get the word out and send this message especially to all Lincoln County middle and HS LGBPTQ students.

Please tell students (AND EVERYONE!) … This is a first-come, first-snagged ticket opp.

Saturday, March 24th: (after the March)
Newport: Newport Cinema: Up to 30 tickets will begin to be distributed at 3pm for 3:40pm showing.
Must show LCSD student ID
Concessions on your own.

Sunday, March 25th: 
Lincoln City, Bijou Theater: Up to 15 tickets will begin to be distributed at 1:30pm for the 2:00pm showing.

Must show LCSD student ID

Concessions on your own.

If you’d like to help underwrite the costs of movie tickets for LGBTQ students for these specific showtimes, tax-deductible donations can be made to the Central Coast PFLAG. Link to donate via PayPal is here

Please spread the word. This movie is powerful. I cannot recommend it enough!

Love Simon trailer
Love Simon local press

Love, Simon educational resources 

Thank you!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: LGBTQ Access to Shelters

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A new report released this week by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs found that nearly half of LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence have been turned away from a shelter, usually because of their gender identity.

All-women shelters do not allow gay men or trans women to stay in their facilities, and domestic violence shelters for men are difficult to find, forcing many of them into homeless shelters that do not have the services required to treat abuse victims. For women in abusive same-sex relationships, fleeing to domestic violence shelters can be a risky endeavor, as it is often difficult to restrict their partners from entering the same single-sex shelter.

The report describes the situation of a man named Jacob, who landed in the emergency room 12 times over a six month period due to his husband’s abuse. Hospital staff never inquired as to the frequency and severity of Jacob’s visits, and when he decided to leave his abusive husband, the only shelter he could find was thousands of miles away.

There are many additional barriers LGBTQ individuals face in seeking help for cases of intimate partner violence. These include fear of being outed, a lack of respect from law enforcement, or a fear that their abuse will paint the community in a negative light, retracting from the national progress that has been made.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 43.8 percent of lesbians, 61.1 percent of bisexual women, and 35 percent of heterosexual women, along with 26 percent of gay men, 37.3 percent of bisexual men, and 29 percent of heterosexual men report having been a victim of intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

The CDC’s study is severely flawed as it completely disregards gender identity, causing many trans women to be misidentified as men who sleep with men.

There is some hopeful news for trans women though. Last month the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued the Gender Identity Rules, requiring domestic violence shelters and other facilities that receive HUD funding to admit people whose gender identity corresponds with the single-sex facility.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This month, advocates and survivors come together to bring the issues surrounding domestic violence to the forefront of national conversation. We must ensure this narrative and understanding includes LGBTQ survivors of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is a LGBTQ issue, domestic violence is a feminist issue and domestic violence is a community issue that we are all responsible for stopping.

Media Resources: Vice 10/18/16; Feminist Majority Foundation 10/11/16;


Jeanne St.John   PFLAG Oregon Central Coast board member

     This is a response to Duke Rider’s recent letter, “Longing for the good old days” (June 3 edition). He says he “wants to hear from Democrats who support this nonsense.”   The “nonsense” he is referring to is President Obama’s latest executive order. Rider writes that it involves “bypassing congress with no debating and no congressional voting on this screwball bill that would never pass.”   Well, Duke, there is no bill. That is why there is no debate or voting. It is one of the areas in which our constitution gave the president authority to act unilaterally. The congress should be doing important work required by the constitution — like holding hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Since it is not, why would he bother consulting them with things that don’t require congressional approval?   Furthermore, this is not an executive order, nor a change in actual law. It is a Justice Department letter summarizing the Title IX obligations of schools regarding transgender students. This guidance does not add requirements, but informs districts about their existing legal obligations under Title IX (1972) that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs and activities for recipients of federal funds. This prohibition encompasses discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, including transgender status. The full letter of guidance can be found at the following link: fi le/850986/download   In other words, this guidance was intended to reduce discrimination against LGBT children. I don’t see how that is dierent from protecting Irish, Catholic, African-American, Hispanic, or Jewish students from discrimination, as enlightened people have always tried to do as a matter of simple fairness, even in the “good old days.”   Mr. Rider writes: “Young adults and children are already confused. Aren’t the president and his administration supposed to be educated people? Bathroom and shower requirements should be unconstitutional.”   What nonsense. I believe children can enter a bathroom and shut the door without any help. They are not confused, Duke is.   Yes it’s true, we crazy Democrats want a country ruled by fair laws — so sue us.

Newport News Times, Letters to the Editor, June 8, 2016, Page A6