Take Action NOW to Support Dr. Blasey Ford

The National Organization for Women Actions in Solidarity with Dr. Blasey Ford

  1. We believed Anita Hill then and we believe Christine Blasey Ford now! The National Organization for Women is writing messages of solidarity to Dr. Blasey Ford and we’re inviting NOW activists to join us by sharing to your social media tagging @NationalNOW with the hashtag #BelieveSurviviorsNOW.

2. WEAR TEAL to support Dr. Blasey Ford. Anita Hill wore TEAL when she testified in 1991. Summon the courage and strength of Anita Hill when you support Dr. Blasey Ford this week. WEAR TEAL and post your photos on social media tagging @NationalNOW with the hashtag #BelieveSurviviorsNOW. If you stage a local walkout or protest, invite local media outlets to cover your event.

3. CALLING ALL NOW ACTIVISTS TO DC: NOW will meet, wearing TEAL, at the Hart Senate Office Building on the morning that Dr. Blasey Ford testifies.We will support Dr. Blasey Ford in her testimony and demonstrate to the Senate Judiciary Committee that we will not accept a sexual assaulter on the Supreme Court. Plan to meet up with NOW early in the morning on the date her testimony is scheduled. To receive logistical information of the NOW action plan, please sign up here. If you need housing in the DC area any time this week, beginning September 23rd, please fill out this form, and local NOW activists will be able to host you. If you need more information, please contact NOW.


Can you make it to Washington DC on Sunday evening or Monday morning?Women’s March organizers are planning to flood the Senate office building with Dr. Blasey’s supporters on Monday, September 24th. Activists who are interested in participating in Civil Disobedience should attend a training in Washington DC on Sunday, September 23rd at 7:30 p.m.. All other activists should be ready to be at the steps of the Supreme Court by 8:30 a.m. on Monday. Sign up to participate directly with Women’s March here.

Not able to get to DC? Need another way to show your support? UltraViolet, Girls for Gender Equity, NARAL Pro-Choice and other organizations are calling for a National Walk Out on Monday, September 24th from 1- 2 p.m. to show our support for Dr. Blasey Ford. All you need to do is wear black and walk out – of your home, your office, your classroom, wherever you are – and post a photo to your social media with the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors. Please tag @NationalNOW so we can know you participated, too!

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Toni Van Pelt

Our nation deserves an honest justice who doesn’t lie, especially when women’s lives are at stake!

Take Action:  Last week’s hearings on Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, amounted to a sham. Not only have Republicans blocked thousands of documents about Kavanaugh, they are rushing the process to get him confirmed despite explosive information about the nominee. Democrats revealed that Kavanaugh made perjured statements in denying his use of confidential memos, letters and talking points stolen from Democrats. This occurred during the George W. Bush administration when Kavanaugh was vetting controversial judicial nominees that Democrats fiercely opposed. Under questioning by Democrats last week, Kavanaugh replied with the absurd claim that he thought the information was not confidential.

Newly released emails show that the stolen confidential documents were taken by a Republican Senate aide, Manuel Miranda, and delivered to Kavanaugh. Later during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in 2004 and 2006 when Kavanaugh was being considered for a seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Kavanaugh repeatedly lied under oath about receiving and using the stolen information.

For lying multiple times to the Senate, Kavanaugh should not only be dismissed as the nominee being considered for a seat on the Supreme Court, but the documented acts of perjury should cause him to be removed from his current judgeship on the Appeals Court. Brett Kavanaugh should do the honorable thing and withdraw his name from consideration.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s rushed and corrupted process shows that the Republicans want their man on the Court so badly that they are hiding documents and are willing to ignore criminal law so that this individual who has committed perjury may sit on the Supreme Court. Contact your Senators!

Congressional Twitter handles and Facebook accounts can be found here.

Your Message: If your Senator is supporting or “undecided” about Kavanaugh, contact them as a constituent: “I believe that Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, must not be confirmed. He has lied multiple times to the Senate and has shown himself to be unqualified for such a critically important position. The fact that Kavanaugh, as a counsel in the George W. Bush White House, received stolen confidential information, used it to promote controversial judicial nominees and then later lied to Senate Judiciary Committee members about these documents should not only disqualify him from the High Court, but he should be removed from his current DC appeals court judgeship.”

“Further, I believe that the documents which are being blocked by the Republicans may reveal even more misdeeds on the part of the nominee. Brett Kavanaugh should do the honorable thing and withdraw his name from consideration. I ask you to advocate for the nominee’s withdrawal and for the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt these rushed and sham proceedings to place an unqualified person on the High Court.”

If your Senator is opposing Kavanaugh, thank them and then tweet and broadcast your outrage:

Congressional Twitter handles and Facebook accounts can be found here.

Resources: Please watch, spread and share this video on Kavanaugh’s lies during his hearing last week. It targets Susan Collins specifically on her impending vote on Kavanaugh.

· Facebook Link: Kavanaugh Lies

· Twitter Link: Kavanaugh Lies

Sample Social Media: Perhaps repeatedly lying to the American people should disqualify you from serving on our nation’s highest court. Just a thought. #StopKavanaugh @SenatorCollins

If you are caught repeatedly lying to the American people while under oath, you shouldn’t be granted a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court. #StopKavanaugh @SenatorCollins

Brett Kavanaugh: ✅ Lied under oath ✅ Lied to the American people ✅ Lied to sitting senators – are you listening, @SenatorCollins?

And Republicans are still trying to cram his confirmation through the Senate. NOT ON OUR WATCH. #StopKavanaugh

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Toni Van Pelt

National Action team’s bi-weekly Action Report – 3/1/2018

The National Action team’s bi-weekly Action Report sends timely ways you can get involved. Check out this week’s latest activities and take action NOW!

Protect Our Future & Advocate for Gun Control!

Mass shootings in the United States have become as commonplace as baseball and apple pie. Let’s be clear: this is not normal! The events in Florida were a preventable tragedy. We cannot sit by quietly as our elected officials line their pockets with money from the NRA and fail to pass stringent gun control policies. The Senate will soon vote on two gun bills: the Fix NICs Act (S. 2135) and the the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (S.446).

Let’s take action to protect families and children. Call your Senators NOW and ask them to 1) support S.2135 and 2) oppose S.446.

To take action, click here!

Support A Clean Dream Act!

The fight is still on! On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s bid to get justices to expedite the termination of DACA. This win is a sweeping victory for young immigrants, but it is only a small reprieve. Thousands of young immigrants still face deportation. The only concrete solution is the Clean Dream Act. Over 1,000 NOW activists have contacted their MoCs to support the Clean Dream Act. Join them today and support immigrant women and families. The time is NOW!

To contact your Senator and support a Clean Dream Act, click here!

Stop South Carolina’s Latest Personhood Bill!

Right now, women in South Carolina are taking action against S.217, South Carolina’s new personhood bill. The bill has made it out of committee and is headed to a vote on the Senate floor. We need you to take action today! If you live in South Carolina, contact your State Senator and urge them to take a stand against S.217. If you are outside of South Carolina, post on social media using the hashtag, #SCpol.

 To take action, click here!

What Is Racial Gerrymandering?

With midterm elections approaching, it is important that we not only head to the polls, but understand some of the sneaky tactics used by lawmakers to suppress the vote. One of the most harmful methods of voter suppression is gerrymandering. Gerrymandering has resurged in the past five years following the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Shelby v. Holder in 2013. Gerrymandering, both partisan and racial, has a devastating impact on progressive communities and their rights.

To learn more about gerrymandering, click here!

Care for All: Learn More About Rural Women

In our increasingly hostile political climate, access to reproductive healthcare hangs in the balance. Yet, some communities are faced with unique barriers that stretch beyond legislation and policy and extend to economics, geography, and access. Read our latest report on rural women and the herculean lengths they go through to access their basic reproductive healthcare needs.

To learn more about rural women and reproductive justice, click here!

Sign Up For Civic Days with NOW!

Let your voice be heard! Join us in Washington, DC for a lobby day at the Capitol on April 26. NOW will provide training to activists at our National Action Center on April 24, preparing them to meet with their members of Congress. NOW activists will be lobbying on legislation regarding sexual assault and harassment, abortion and reproductive rights, and other pertinent bills moving through Congress.

Sign up to learn more about NOW’s Civic Days and join us in April!


(portrait) Press forward,
Toni Van Pelt