Oregon NOW Endorses Kate Brown for Governor

Read the Press Release:

March 20, 2018 (PORTLAND, OR) — Oregon NOW enthusiastically endorses Governor Kate Brown,
recognizing Governor Brown’s proven record of championing policies for equality and social justice and her
commitment to make Oregon a place where every person has the opportunity to thrive.

Brown’s entire career has been dedicated to advocating for vulnerable women and children. A few
highlights from her long career in public service:

• Helping to pass Oregon’s groundbreaking Family and Medical Leave Act (OFLA) as a state legislator,
• Raising the minimum wage,
• Ensuring that all working Oregonians have paid sick leave,
• Guaranteeing access to reproductive health care, and
• Passing common sense gun safety legislation.

On these important issues and others including equal pay, LGBTQ equality, and racial equity and justice,
Oregonians could not ask for a stronger advocate than Governor Brown.

Michelle Ganow-Jones, Executive Director of Oregon NOW, had this to say about Oregon NOW’s
endorsement of Governor Brown:

“Particularly in these troubling times, we are grateful to Governor Kate Brown for
standing for justice and defending our state’s values. We can trust Governor Brown to
fight for the rights of women and girls and to ensure that the policies of our state
support the most vulnerable Oregonians. Governor Brown shares NOW’s values and
vision for Oregon and we are proud to endorse her continued leadership.”

We are confident that Governor Brown will continue to be a leading advocate as Governor and we welcome
four more years of her leadership.

Oregon NOW: Yes on Measure 101


Oregon NOW is proud to have endorsed Measure 101. Here are four things you need to know about Measure 101, which will be on your January Special Election ballot: 

  • Oregon NOW joins over 100 groups in endorsing Measure 101. This coalition includes nurses, doctors, healthcare advocates, hospitals and local businesses, consumer advocates like AARP, and everyday people like YOU!

  • 1 in 4 Oregonians counts on Medicaid. Measure 101 guarantees that our friends and neighbors who rely on Medicaid/OHP won’t lose their coverage.

  • 400,000 Oregon children rely on the Oregon Health Plan to grow up healthy. With Measure 101, families don’t have to worry that their children could lose their coverage.

  • Measure 101 stabilizes insurance marketplaces and premiums. It will save middle-class families that buy their own insurance an average of $300 a year in insurance premiums.

Many women are deeply affected by a lack of access to health care. Despite the fact that women make about 80% of the health care decisions in their families, they often face many barriers to accessing the doctor visits and the prescriptions they need. Until recently, they were often charged much higher rates for insurance coverage just because they are women, and they were often denied coverage because of “pre-existing conditions” like diabetes or even being a survivor of domestic violence.

Measure 101 protects health care for working Oregonians — and that especially matters for women. When women are healthier, families are healthier. When families are healthier, our communities are healthier. And when communities are healthier, Oregon is healthier.

Join us in voting YES on Measure 101 by January 23rd. If you agree that every Oregonian deserves health care, no matter who they are or where they work, then pledge to vote YES this January.

If you live in the Portland or Eugene areas, can you volunteer to help protect health care access for Oregonians? Sign up here to phone bank or canvass: yesforhealthcare.org/RSVPVisit the Yes for Healthcare website to find out other ways to get involved.

Please join us in voting YES for women, YES for families, YES for health care, and YES for Measure 101.

In solidarity,

Michelle Ganow-Jones
Executive Director, Oregon NOW

Award will honor Depoe Bay woman

The Oregon Commission for Women (OCFW) recently announced its recipients of the 2016 Women of Achievement Awards, and one of those named is a Lincoln County resident.   Nancy Campbell Mead, of Depoe Bay, was selected for this honor because she “is a tireless champion for the rights of all woman and girls,” commission ocials said in a press release.  

After a distinguished career as a judge of the district and circuit courts for Washington County, working on domestic violence issues on behalf of vulnerable communities, Campbell Mead retired and moved to Depoe Bay, where she advocates full time for women’s equity on the local, state and national levels. After founding the highly successful Central Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) with community and educational services for women and girls, she joined the NOW national board with specific interests for promoting the national Equal Rights Amendment and ending mass incarceration. Her advocacy is inspired by her three granddaughters and her wish for an equitable future for them.  

The other woman selected for the award was Chanpone Sinlapasai-Okamura of Lake Oswego for her role as an advocate for the rights of immigrants and refugees. A partner with Marandas Sinlapasai, P.C., she represents clients on general immigration law matters and focuses her practice on assisting children who are survivors of domestic violence, serious crime and human tracking.  

“Each of these women is a dynamic leader and role model with a strong record of service to the on the local, state and national levels. We are pleased to honor these extraordinary women,” said Dr. Barbara Ramírez Spencer, OCFW chair.  

The honorees will receive their awards in a ceremony to be held March 8.   Since 1985, the Oregon Commission for Women has presented the Woman of Achievement Award to women in Oregon for leadership and success in their area of expertise, promoting the status of women in society, refl ecting a commitment to equity and diversity, and serving as exemplary role models.  

The Oregon Commission for Women was legislatively established in 1983 to work for women’s equality. The commission does this by advocating for women in the community, providing information on women to the governor and state legislature, serving as a link for women to state agencies, and providing services to individual women in Oregon.

Newport News Times, February 24, 2017, B4

NOW – Oregon is Co-Hosting “Listen & Learn: How Do We Close the Gender Wage Gap?”

Tuesday, April 7
at 12:00pm – 12:30pm
(Next Week)
  • Where:
    Your phone! Wherever you happen to be (RSVP: Yes! You must to get a call-in number and password. Just click here: http://bit.ly/EqualPayCall)
    You may already know that Equal Pay Day this year falls on Tuesday, April 14th. That’s the day in 2015 when women earn as much as men did in the previous year. And while nearly everyone favors women being paid equally for equal work, we haven’t done enough to make equal pay a reality in our country.

    Unfortunately, many of the folks who say they support equal pay don’t support the policies it will take to actually close the wage gap. Things like: paid sick time, fair scheduling, paycheck transparency, and affordable childcare. So we have our work cut out for us, convincing policy makers to walk the talk and do the real work it will take to reach pay parity.

    Which is way we’re co-hosting a Tele Town Hall with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Oregon State National Organization for Women – Oregon Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Oregon NOW) about closing the wage gap: we want people to hear from an expert what causes the wage gap, why it’s closing so slowly (despite a federal Equal Pay Act signed into law over 50 years ago!), and what it will take to achieve pay parity for all women – regardless of the color of their skin, how many kids they have, or what sector they work in.

    Please join us next week for an interesting call on this timely topic:

    * WHO: You – and anyone you want to invite

    * WHAT: You’ll hear from Jessica Milli, a researcher with the DC-based Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)

    * WHERE: Wherever you are, on your phone!

    * WHEN: Tuesday, April 7th from 12 to 12:30 PM

    * WHY: Because it’s high time women were paid equally for the work they do every day. And the more of us who understand how to close the gap the more likely we are to get there (before our children are paid unequally, too!).

    * RSVP: Yes! You must to get a call-in number and password. Just click here: http://bit.ly/EqualPayCall

    Thanks for taking time to learn more about closing the gender wage gap. It’s outrageous that in 2015 a group of people who comprise over half of our nation’s population are shortchanged money every day that they have earned and that they need to get by on now and retire on later.

    It’s time to close the wage gap! Now!

    Remember: you need to RSVP to get a call-in number and password for the call. Just click here: http://bit.ly/EqualPayCall

    Looking forward to an interesting conversation on the 7th,