Legislative Report, Volume 28, Number 3 – February 2018 – LWV of Oregon

In This Issue Revenue and Tax Reform Governance Natural Resources Social Policy Education Policy Revenue and Tax Reform By Chris Vogel, Revenue and Tax Reform If you plan to attend the LWVOR Day at the Legislature on Friday, and have time at 8:30 am, please step into Committee Hearing Room A.  Go to this link […]

Source: Legislative Report, Volume 28, Number 3 – February 2018 – The League of Women Voters of Oregon

As most of you are aware, HJR 203 A, the proposal for a constitutional amendment that declares that access to Health Care is a Right, passed the House Health Care Committee and the House Chamber of Representatives on a party line vote.

If you plan to attend the LWVOR Day at the Legislature on Friday, please attend in Committee Hearing Room F. Go to this link and click the February 23 date on the right-hand side of the page to see the agenda for the Joint Committee On Student Success. It is scheduled to run until 3 pm, so a great session to visit after the Day at the Legislature.

We are looking at HB 4033 -2 for election rules effects on 2018 referrals, HJR 201 A, housing, and HJR 203 A, health care. This session’s rapid processing saw rules suspended to allow progress before Thursday’s deadline for bills lacking committee hearing assignments. Bills either proceeded forward apace, were pulled for Interim refinement, or stopped. 

Your natural resources team has prioritized Clean Energy Jobs (SB 1507 or HB 4001) and fees for the Dept. of Environmental Quality to implement Cleaner Air Oregon.  Agencies have small budget “asks” that we will follow. Some land use bills are still alive.

If you plan to attend the LWVOR Day at the Legislature on Friday, and have time at 8:30 am, please step into Committee Hearing Room A.  Go to this link and click on the February 23date on the right-hand side of the page to see the agenda for the Senate Committee On Finance and Revenue.


Alert – Senate Judiciary hearing for HB 4145 (close boyfriend loophole) and other legislation

A hearing [see item 1, below] and possible work session is now scheduled for tomorrow20 February, at 8am. If you want to testify, registration will open at 7:30am. Testimony is limited to 2 minutes per person. Written testimony will also be accepted.

You can also influence the proceedings by calling and emailing to your own senators and to senate and committee leadership (Pres. Courtney, Senator Prozanski, chair of Judiciary Committee) as well as committee members.
Activity in the Oregon legislature will be fast and furious from now until March 9th. Here are some hearings and actions that may be of interest:
  1. Re HB 4145, closing the boyfriend loop hole: bill passed by the House and referred to the Senate. Sen. Courtney, President of the Senate, has not been strong in pushing for gun safety measures. Now is the time to call your own Senator, chair of the Senate Judiciary committee (Prozanski), and Senator Courtney to ask for positive action on this bill.
  2. Re HJR 203, establishing access to health care as a basic right in the Oregon constitution: Public hearing and possible work session scheduled by Senate Health Care for 2/19/2018,  1pm. Call or write ASAP to support this bill: Chair – Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson; other membership see https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2018R1/Committees/SHC/Overview
  3. RE HB 4160Tuesday, February 20th at 3pm, the Senate Workforce committee will hold an informational hearing on the organization / progress of a work group devoted to Family and Medical Leave Insurance. It is possible that this will be a joint hearing with the House Early Childhood and  Family Support committee. This will be a technical hearing on how a work group effort is progressing. As expected, there will probably be no movement on HB 4160 this session. But effort by a task force will continue throughout the year. This hearing may be an opportunity to hear how that effort is likely to be conducted.
  4. The two major environmental bills (HB 4001, SB 1507), the Clean Energy Jobs bill, have moved into Rules and Ways and Means committees, respectively. No hearings are scheduled, so calls, emails, and letters are best means to push for either of these bills.
A lot of bills have been passed and referred to Ways and Means or to Rules. Third readings (final votes) are still upcoming on some bills, but the list above reflects NOW’s highest interests / priorities. Not sure whether official endorsements were ever made by NOW except for HB 4145 and HB 4160, which have been priority concepts for NOW for a long time. But you are free to work for or against specific bills as an individual, regardless.
On the national level, we should all be looking for actions (demonstrations, protests, letter writing/ telephone campaigns) to try to push Congress into action on DACA and on gun safety measures.

Mass Shooting at South Florida High School

Please write your legislators (Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov and Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov ) in support of HB 4145 (removes the “boyfriend loophole”), and urging them to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, etc.


The bloody massacre in a Florida high school today has left us devastated and angry. It’s difficult to put into words our outrage and grief.

Tonight we mourn and try to comprehend the complete lack of human decency shown by gun lobby-funded legislators both in Salem and Washington, D.C.

Tomorrow, we will share our plan of action.

In the meantime, hug your family. Call someone you miss. And, for the love of our kids, make a commitment to call your legislator to demand strong, effective gun laws.

If you live in Oregon, tell your legislators you support HB 4145 and they should as well.

And wherever you live, call your legislators. Tell them to:

  • ban assault rifles,
  • high capacity magazines, and
  • ban products like bump stocks that effectively turn an semi-automatic gun. (Bump stocks were used in the Las Vegas shooting.)

You can find your legislator here.

It doesn’t take long to make the calls but they can help enact legislation that will last a lifetime.

Our deepest sympathies to the families and community.

Penny Okamoto
Ceasefire Oregon

Make a difference today

Your support enables Ceasefire Oregon to continue working toward a stronger, safer Oregon for all of us.

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PO Box 91155, Portland, Oregon 97291 
(503) 451-3630

Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Note: Rep. Gomberg is supportive but Sen. Roblan needs encouragement.  This could make Oregon a leader in sustainable energy.

Great news! The Clean Energy Jobs bill, both the House and Senate versions, just passed out of their original committees today. They’re bound for the Rules Committee, which means they’re alive for the rest of session! Many other bills weren’t so lucky.

More than 500 of us filled the halls of the capitol building Monday. Lawmakers couldn’t believe their eyes, moving through crowds of Clean Energy Jobs supporters everywhere they went. What a huge impact. It was the largest lobby day for climate in state HISTORY! 

We showed true statewide support for climate action. A person from each and every House and Senate district in the state attended. 

Some meetings went better than others, as I’m sure you know. We have our work cut out for us. All of our volunteers … were amazing — cheering lawmakers who are champions and urging lawmakers who still need to make up their minds.


What do we do now?

  1. Don’t go silent. It’s in a new committee, we need to push with renewed urgency! Only about 3 weeks left to get over the finish line. Share this and/or this graphic.
  2. Email and call your Senator and Representative. If they’re already supportive, urge them to be a champion and talk to their colleagues about supporting the bill right now.
  3. Call a friend, sibling, parent, niece, uncle, grandparent… whoever you know in these places — Boring, Canby, Carlton, Coos Bay, Corvallis, Creswell, Dallas, Enterprise, Eugene, Florence, Grants Pass, Independence, Le Grande, Lincoln City, McMinnville, Monmouth, Oregon City, Portland, Powell Butte, Prineville, Salem, Springfield, Tigard, Tillamook, and Yamhill.

House and Senate Rules Committee members represent these places. Tell people you know to call and write. Forward them this email.

Let’s keep giving it our all!

Sonny Mehta
Field Director

Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act – Contact your representatives…

All of the bills except one (HB 4140) that we [Oregon NOW] recommended for support are still alive approaching the midway point in the short session.

One bill is of particular interest to NOW: HB 4160, the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act. Please write or call your representatives to express support for this bill while it is still alive. If it fails to progress in 2018, it will remain at the top of our priority list in 2019. Now is a good time to make an impression on House and Senate Leadership as well as to members of the House Early Childhood and Family Support committee, which is considering holding hearings, through telephone calls, emails, and letters. A brochure is attached.

Other key bills that are on our list include  (1) HB 4145, a gun safety measure that prohibits gun ownership by convicted stalkers and broadens the definition of the people who may seek to have guns removed from the possession of people who are at risk of taking violent actions and (2) HB 4001, the cap and invest bill. Consider writing or calling on these as well.

Oregon House endorses health care as a right, sends bill to Senate

SALEM — Oregon’s Legislature took a step Tuesday toward enshrining the right to health care in the state Constitution, a move that would be unprecedented in the United States but raises serious funding questions. The House of Representatives’ 35-25 endorsement of the bill sends it to the state Senate, whose approval would put the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for Oregon voters in the November election. The move comes as the Trump administration has tried to dismantle former President Obama’s health care law.

Source: Oregon House endorses health care as a right, sends bill to Senate | Local | Eugene, Oregon