OREGON: Two Important Actions on Pesticides and GMOs in Oregon!

Corporate lobbyists are hard at work in Salem on two important issues. They’re trying to overturn Jackson County’s GMO ban. And they’re trying to prevent the regulation of pesticide spraying by timber companies.

We know corporations like Monsanto and others can buy their way into the State House. That’s why it’s so important that Oregon’s lawmakers hear from hundreds of people like you who care about Oregon’s future.

Please read this message and take action on these two important legislative issues today!

Jackson County GMO ban is at risk!
A dangerous land use bill has quietly slipped through the State House, one that could overturn regulations such as Jackson County’s ban on GMOs.

According to the Center for Sustainability Law, HB 3212 is just the latest in a “series of demands by out-of-state agricultural corporations designed to avoid any semblance of regulation or oversight of farming practices.”

HB 3212, framed as a “land use” bill, would define all farming regulations as “land use regulations”.

The bill would entitle farmers to compensation from local governments for losses due to a regulatory change that forced them to change their practices. Or it would allow counties to simply waive a previously enacted regulation, such as Jackson County’s GMO ban.

Please email your state Senator today and ask them to vote NO on HB 3212!

Protect against aerial pesticide spraying!
Oregon currently has the weakest protections in the Northwest when it comes to protecting people and the environment from harm due to helicopter pesticide sprays (oversprays) over timber clear-cuts.

We have a right to know about aerial pesticide sprays that harm citizens, sicken their animals, and poison their drinking water. Your help is needed to enact reforms—starting  with improvements to HB 3549 this legislative session.

Please ask your state Representative to support added provisions to HB 3549 to protect your right to know about pesticide spraying.

A coalition of community members, advocates, and legislators is seeking to strengthen pesticide overspray protections in two ways. Here are the requirements they want added to HB 3549:

•    Advance notice to neighbors of a planned spray so they can protect themselves by staying inside, bringing animals indoors, or even leaving the area before a helicopter spray of pesticide. Currently the law only requires landowners to indicate they will spray pesticides sometime in the next year.

•    Access to information about what has been sprayed so poison victims can get help and health officials can monitor the effects of pesticide sprays on public health and drinking water.  We want to require landowners to send the Oregon Department of Forestry a written summary within two weeks of a spray detailing what, where, and how much they have sprayed. Right now applicators are supposed to keep those records themselves but problems have arisen with falsification, failure to keep records, and failure to produce them when asked.

The pesticide and timber lobbies are out in force to prevent any reforms to Oregon’s almost non-existent overspray protections from being passed by the legislature.

Please take action today! Ask your state Representative to support added provisions to HB 3549 to protect your right to know about pesticide spraying.

Documentary about Gold Beach pesticide poisoning incident: Drift: A Community Seeking Justice

— Organic Consumers Association