Newport Warming Shelter needs supplies and volunteers

Entrance to the Warming Shelter at the fairgrounds off NE 3rd

Baby it’s cold outside…. The Winter Shelter at the Newport fairgrounds is going full force with many people needing a safe warm place to be during these freezing nights. As the weather report continues to show a cold spell through next week, we are going through supplies faster than ever with both the day and night shelter being open on a regular basis.

We need of juice, milk, bread, soft fruit, desserts, canned and frozen food to be cooked in a microwave or toaster oven, prepared dinners, and breakfast supplies, Clorox wipes, cleaning supplies, paper products like paper bowls, hot and cold cups, napkins, paper towels, plastic ware, garbage bags, etc…!!

Drop off your donations at the Newport fairgrounds off 3rd. Go up the driveway and park in front of the Exhibit Hall.

Source: Newport Warming Shelter needs supplies and volunteers – News Lincoln County


Lincoln City Warming Shelter calls out for much needed food and supplies

Source: News Lincoln County

A plea for community support for the Lincoln City Homeless/Warming Shelter from John and Cecilia

Dear Friends,

We are looking for kind donations of cooking utensils to feed and take care of the homeless in our area. Donations are for the Lincoln City warming shelter.

We desperately need a big canning pressure cooker so that bulk food can be processed on time. We need a big rice cooker or steamer. We need one of the salad shooter industrial units to process vegetables in the kitchen as quickly as it is required.

Would be honored to pick up the items if you cannot drop them off.

Just old volunteers here trying to give back to the world for the blessings we have received. Way good karma if you can help us out. Clothing, blankets, anything you can pass on to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Please contact us by email:

So many thanks in advance, God bless,

John and Cecilia

The Newport Warming Shelter is Cranking Up. Volunteers truly needed!

Source: News Lincoln County

From Warming Shelter Director Traci Flowers:

Here we go! ‘Tis the season of cold weather and long hours of cold darkness. The Hazardous Weather Shelter will be open at the Fairgrounds Sunday and Monday night – doors open at 6pm!

With us being open both at the day shelter and night shelter, we need of lots of volunteers!! There are so many ways everyone can help and it will take the whole community to make this happen! We need both day time and night time volunteers, people to hang flyers, prepare food made from someone with a food handlers card, juice, milk, paper products, plastic utensils, coffee, tea, hot coco, apple cider, creamer, sugar, Clorox wipes, soft fruit, desserts, etc.

If you can help us help others who have nowhere else to go, please call the Newport Warming Shelter at 541-265-1974 if you can volunteer.


Grace Wins Haven has some serious needs

Source: News Lincoln County

Grace Wins Haven
Helping the homeless get back into life!

Grace Wins Haven is having another volunteer training session, gearing up for winter, this Sunday, Nov. 18, at 1 pm. Also, the homeless facility is in need of sharing their supply list again. Here’s what they need:

Beverages: Milk, Juice, Cream, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate Packets
Breakfast Food: Frozen Breakfast Burritos, Waffles, Instant Oatmeal
Lunch Food: Burritos, Pot Pies, TV Dinners, Raviolis, Syrup, Pepper, Peanut Butter, Jelly
Paper/Plastic Products: Paper Plates and Cups, Paper Towels, Plastic Eating Utensils, Napkins, Toilet Paper, etc.

Drop off anything on the lists above – even cash donations if you can spare them.
Grace Wins Haven is located at 437 NE 1st Street, Newport.
Phone: 541-265-1974.

And Traci’s final request is for her sister to set up a Go Fund Me page for Traci, to help get her car fixed and other medical expenses covered. Her car is having more and more issues with every trip.

Thank you,
Traci Flowers


A plea for some help at the Newport Homeless Services Center

Source: A plea for some help at the Newport Homeless Services Center – News Lincoln County

From Traci Flowers (who is in the hospital trying to get well)…

Friends I need some help! I missed a whole week at the shelter last week and I will miss at least Monday this week due to my extended hospital stay. The Center needs of a few people who are willing to volunteer even if only for an hour or so. I have two volunteers that run the shelter with me daily and they can show you exactly what to do. Even if you can only be there for an hour and it’s just to sit and have a cup of coffee with someone or let them talk, it makes a big difference in the way people feel and the success of the center. Of course there are jobs to be done as well if you are up for one of those like passing out food from the kitchen or helping somebody on a computer.

If any of you are able to help please text me or call me at 541.270.8447.

Traci Flowers

A plea from Grace Wins to help pump up the level of services to our local homeless….

Source: A plea from Grace Wins to help pump up the level of services to our local homeless…. – News Lincoln County

Excerpts from the article:

We have been so blessed by this community and the donations given financially which is producing supplies and volunteer hours.
Many community members continue to ask what are your daily needs?
Below is a list of things that we need every day.

  • tents
  • tarps
  • sleeping bags
  • individual servings of lunch and breakfast items like
    • frozen waffles
    • breakfast sandwiches
    • burritos
    • pot pies
    • milk
    • juice
    • coffee
    • tea
    • hot chocolate
  • paper products including
    • paper bowls
    • cups
    • plates
  • men’s jeans
  • bras
  • backpacks
  • soft fruit
  • cream
  • sugar
  • flower pots to plant “starts” for the garden
  • potting soil
  • shower passes from the Newport Recreation Center
  • bus tickets
  • financial donations

If any of you in our community can help in meeting these needs it would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at 437 NE 1st Street in Newport – Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm or by calling 541-265-1974.

Volunteers needed for Monday night (3/5) at the Newport Warming Shelter!

Continued cold weather has forced the extension of warming shelter nights at the Newport Warming Shelter. AND THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR MONDAY NIGHT!

If you’d like to volunteer please call Traci Goff-Flowers at 541.270.8447

Source: Volunteers needed for Monday night at the Newport Warming Shelter! – News Lincoln County

Grace Wins Haven Needs Volunteers!!

Source: Grace Wins Haven Needs Volunteers!! – News Lincoln County

Hazardous Weather Shelter open Tonight [3/1/18]!!! We are in need of lots of community support.. from people hanging signs, to doing laundry, preparing dinner (must have a food handlers card) working a shift at the shelter, helping get equipment to fairgrounds etc.. something for everyone!!! We also need donations of: French bread, salad, juice, milk, hot beverages, creamer, sugar, paper plates, paper bowls, cups, plastic ware, soft fruit, desserts, individual serve breakfast items and lunch items that can be made in microwave or toaster oven!!

Volunteers please call: 541.270.8447