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Contact:  Franki Trajillo-Dalbey
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December 2016, Central Oregon Coast NOW is a part of the newly formed Diversity Coalition of Lincoln CountyPlease sign the Pledge to make Lincoln County a bully-free, inclusive, and supportive county.

Minutes of August 7, 2015 Meeting

When we met on Friday we did planning for the Dia de la Raza celebration and the film Abrazos.

We decided that we should do two showings of the film for different audiences:
1. On a date close to October 12 (which is a Monday) depending on the availability of the VAC. This showing would be the Spanish version of the film and would be aimed at the Spanish-speaking community and could include a potluck. The VAC is easier for Latinos to access. Virginia will check on getting the VAC.
2. A second showing of the English version of the film at a later date at OCCC.this would include a musical performance by Sones del Mexico Antiguo who use entirely pre-Columbian instruments.
3. Peace and Justice Link would like to co-sponsor and help. We would welcome their help and will suggest some funding and help with publicity.
4. Centro de Ayuda can also help with publicity, particularly spreading the word to the Spanish-speaking community.
5. Virginia will write an article for the local paper before the first showing and will explain the two showings.
6. Kayleen will do a flier.
The next meeting will be on Friday, September 11, at 10:00 a.m. at the new Italian restaurant one block North of Stephanie’s. We hope it will be less noisy and Linda is looking forward to the Huevos Rancheros (and so will I).

Minutes of May 18, 2015 Meeting

  • Nancy Mead, Kayleen Williams, Virginia Gibbs, and Linda Aguirre were present for meeting on May 18, 2015 at Cafe Stephanie

  • Linda was appointed chair of diversity committee and Kayleen will act as co-chair.

-We need more participation from our NOW group; Linda will email Dianne Eckstein who has expressed interest.

  • We were very pleased that the LC School Board decided to retain a day off in honor of Martin Luther King.  Credit was given to COC NOW and the LC Dems for the issue being discussed during the school board candidates meeting on 4/22. Linda sent an email to the LC school board members thanking them for their good decision in keeping the MLK holiday.

  • We discussed Ideas our committee can propose to utilize NOW funds. Virginia informed that what is currently needed are materials for adult literacy classes through Centro de Ayuda.  For the next school year we discussed setting up scholarships for minorities at local high schools and the OCCC nursing program. We will be contacting BIrgitte Ryslinge, president of OCCC for assistance and researching other scholarship programs like Susan Archuleta Scholarship Fund.

  • We are planning to participate in National Hispanic Heritage Month which is from Sept 15 thru Oct 15.  There are several venues, films, music groups we are considering.  Virginia will check with the availability of the the film “Abuelos” and location for a film event.  There may be other events that month that we can co-sponsor or invite other groups to co-sponsor any event we have planned.

  • We will continue to monitor on any issues of injustice we need to address or support

  • Next meeting to be scheduled by email

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