Environment Committee


Contact:  Liz Fox
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Paths to Environmental Activism

  1. Focus Levels – local, state, national, international
  2. Paths of Action – letter/news writing, emails, calls, committee service, electoral, educational, physical
  3. Issues – pollution, climate change, land use, fish and wildlife, preservation of public lands, energy


Issue: Declining Salmon
Cause: Stream/Habitat Degradation
Focus: Local/State of Oregon

Path of Action Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Contacts to be made Local reps, senators State Board Forestry Audubon, watershed councils
Specific issues to address Stream temperature rise; depleting oxygen levels mean fewer fish Clearcutting around streams with little buffer Forest Practices Act in Oregon – buffers
Committee service Research, reporting Writing letters, emails Presenting to groups
Educational NOW environmental committee NOW Community presentation
Physical Pulling ivy from trees, planting riparian vegetation Purchasing trees and shrubs for planting Organizing a community planting day
Outcomes More aware Law addressed Problem solved