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Places That Support People in Poverty


The LCSD H.E.L.P. is a program that stands for Homeless Education and Family Literacy Project. It is designed to help homeless students overcome barriers related to school attendance and academic success. There are four centers: Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo, and Waldport. Volunteers are always needed for various activities such as tutoring youth, sharing STEM skills with the AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM, picking up donations, taking someone to an appointment who doesn’t have transportation, delivering a needed item, etc. The list goes on and on but most things just come up and often the staff is busy with other responsibilities. Volunteers must pass a background check. Contact person to volunteer or offer you services is katey.townsend@lincoln.k12.or.us


  1. A dry shed, garage, or storage place, that is easily accessible, to use for donations. It would need to be centrally located in Newport.
  2. SECOND HOME PROGRAM – This program is for almost emancipated youth who are trying to finish school. For one reason or another they cannot live with their parents at home. They are usually close to graduating from high school and a foster home would be inappropriate.
  3. 21st Century After School programs are happening in all four areas of the county. Tutoring school age youth or sharing interests with them are always needed. STEM activities are especially valued and needed.

Check back here for new volunteer activities or contact Katey Townsend.