Your Central Oregon Coast NOW Board voted, at its regularly scheduled board meeting (on Sept. 10, 2018) to make the following Endorsements (Thanks to the League of Women Voters of Oregon for its thorough analysis of the measures and for the synopses):

Doug Hunt for County Commissioner

YES on Measure 102 (Allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with non-governmental entities)

NO on Measure 103 (Prohibits taxes/fees on a broadly defined “transactions” for “groceries”) From League of Women Voters: “The LWVOR opposed this measure because it does not share the tax burden. An entire segment of business would be exempted from paying any taxes if a  sales tax were to be imposed. It would also result in revenue loss from businesses involved in any aspect of groceries.”

NO on Measure 104 (Would require a 3/5 legislative majority to approve bills raising revenue)

NO on Measure 105 (Repeals law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws)

NO on Measure 106 (Prohibits spending “public funds” directly or indirectly for “abortions”)

The Central Oregon Coast NOW Board had previously endorsed:

CM Hall for Newport City Council

NO on Lincoln County Measure 21-189 (Would broadly expand the definition of “right to bear arms” to have the effect of making non-enforceable in Lincoln County any restrictions on gun ownership, manufacturing, etc. Children, convicted felons, convicted domestic abusers could have guns and take them to any public place, including schools, court houses, etc. Also would require the sheriff, rather than judges, to interpret state and federal firearms laws for constitutionality.)

The Central Oregon Coast NOW Board voted earlier this month to expend $400 to file an Opposition Argument to this Measure; our Argument is a “community” argument signed not only by our President, Sheila Swinford, and a few other NOW members, but also by Sheriff Curtis Landers, County Commissioner Claire Hall, Newport Mayor Sandy Roumagoux, Toledo City Council member Bill Dalbey, Lincoln County Democratic Party Chair Carolyn Crandall, and others. Also filing Opposition Arguments are Rep. David Gomberg, Ceasefire, and League of Women Voters of Lincoln County.