Feminist Majority Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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JANUARY 26, 2016 – The Feminist Majority is proud to announce today its endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. Hillary has a decades-long record of achievement in advancing both women’s rights and civil rights, and has made fighting for low-income families a priority. She has demonstrated the leadership and vision necessary to move our country forward.

Hillary has worked to close the gender and race pay gap, fought to end race-based segregation in education, and is a champion of reproductive rights. She has supported ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, fought for passage and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, prioritized women’s rights globally, and successfully used her power in the Senate, along with Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), to push for FDA approval of emergency contraception. Hillary supports paid family and medical leave and played a major role in passing the State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which provides 8 million low-income children with access to health care.

“Battle after battle, Hillary has proven that she will not only stand with the feminist community, but that our fight is her fight. As a self-identified feminist, Hillary has been proactive – from reproductive rights to closing the gender/race pay gap, to expanding Social Security, including care credits and fighting privatization of it and Medicare, to expanding Medicaid, to increasing access to healthcare and to promoting women’s equality here and globally. Hillary has repeatedly prioritized these issues,” said Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal. “Hillary has demonstrated her deep commitment to women’s rights and advancement. Through her actions and words, she has inspired women worldwide to take leadership, and countless nations of the world to prioritize women’s and girls’ advancement in the economy, education, and health care.”

“Women and girls, at long last, deserve a feminist woman in the White House whom we can count on to fight for us every day,” said Katherine Spillar, Feminist Majority Executive Director. “Not only can we count on Hillary to defeat efforts to make abortion illegal and family planning inaccessible, but she will lead efforts to make reproductive health services, including abortion, more accessible for low-income women and women of color. She will lead efforts to stop sexual assault in colleges, high schools, and in the military. She will reshape the efforts to gain paid family medical leave without increasing payroll taxes which disproportionately hit low and middle-income workers.”

“Hillary gets things done because she is a strong, trusted leader who never gives up fighting for people, families, and children. In fighting for comprehensive health care reform, she played a major role in securing SCHIP for the children of low-income families. She is a leader who is inclusive – she brings people together – and she will fight for immigration reform and the DREAMers.  She has the wisdom and experience to take our country forward,” said Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers, and Feminist Majority board member.

“Hillary Clinton’s vision for the future and her 2016 campaign have prioritized feminist issues like no other presidential campaign in history. She has pledged to end the Hyde Amendment, which prevents low-income women receiving Medicaid from accessing abortion care,” commented Gaylynn Burroughs, Feminist Majority Policy Director. “She supports the Equality Act to add to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protection against discrimination for the LGBT community, as well as ENDA to stop employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. She has committed to strengthening efforts to address climate change, create more affordable childcare, and build a more equitable tax code. She has also vowed to fight voter suppression and make it easier, not harder, for people of color, women, and young people to vote.” continued Burroughs.


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Willamette Week Endorses Oregon ERA Ballot Measure 89

Measure 89

Equal Rights Amendment: YES

It has been 41 years since Oregon lawmakers ratified the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The idea of making it explicit that a person’s sex should be no barrier to civil freedoms had been around since 1923 but gained strength in the women’s rights movement of the 1960s and ’70s.

It took until 1972 for Congress to send the amendment to states for approval. But the amendment fell three states short of the three-fourths it needed and died amid the growing conservative backlash of the Reagan years.

Since then, state and federal laws have banned virtually all sex discrimination. But chronic inequities—such as difference in pay between men and women—are not problems you solve by amending the U.S. Constitution.

That’s why Measure 89, which would inscribe the provisions of the Equal Rights Amendment in the state constitution, has more nostalgic value than anything else.

Measure 89’s sponsor, Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo, makes only a theoretical case that amending the state constitution would clear away lingering legal questions that, as far as we can tell, have had no meaningful consequences.

We kept hearing that many liberal or progressive groups disliked the measure but didn’t have the courage to speak out against it.

The only group that has is the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, which argues the amendment is unnecessary and could undermine rights aimed at prohibiting other kinds of discrimination.

That last argument feels pretty speculative. Instead, consider this measure a long-overdue statement about civil rights and equality that we can send to the courts, and to future Legislatures, governors and generations. On balance, we think it’s better late than never that Oregon enshrines in its constitution a clarity we long ago declared should be the law for all.


Measure 89 – Women’s Rights on the Ballot in Oregon. Vote YES on 89!

NewsChannel 21’s Wanda Moore spoke with the chief petitioner about why the Equal Rights Amendment is back on the November ballot in Oregon.  Watch the video!

via Measure 89 – women’s rights on the ballot.

BEND, Ore. –

Forty years after the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced at the federal level, the Oregon Constitution still does not specifically protect women from discrimination.

Now, the ERA is on Oregon’s November ballot as Measure 89.

“Forty years after my high school graduation, it was shocking to me that there was not written representation in our Constitution,” said Gail McCormick, supporter of Measure 89 said.

“Article 1 Section 20 in the Oregon Constitution was written in 1857, ratified in 1859,” said Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo, chief petitioner for Measure 89. “So those same words we live under today are the exact same words that somehow didn’t protect women against being discriminated from voting.”

Bill McCormick, owner of Bend’s Pine Tavern Restaurant and a supporter of Measure 89, said.”To have that omission in our Constitution just doesn’t feel right.”

If Measure 89 passes, a new section would be added to the state Constitution: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the state of Oregon (…) on account of sex.”

Former state senator Chris Telfer said, “Women in the state of Oregon do not have equality, and women represent more than half the population of Oregon, so I think it’s time that Oregonians all had equality.”

Support for the measure appears strong and no arguments in opposition were submitted in the Voter’s Pamphlet.

However, opposition came from one unlikely organization, the American Civil Liberties Union.

In an open letter on their Website, the ACLU stated Measure 89 was “unnecessary,” as the Oregon Constitution already provides enough protection for women.
The ACLU said it is worried that by including women specifically, the rights of other individuals might be targets of discrimination.

That statement prompted four former Oregon Supreme Court justices to write their own open letter, saying the ACLU is “mistaken to oppose passage of the Oregon ERA.”

“Women do not have the strongest protection in the Oregon Constitution and we need to vote yes on Measure 89,” DiLorenzo said.

How do you plan to vote? Let us know on the new KTVZ.COM Poll, halfway down the right side of our Website home page.

IMPORTANT! Turn in Oregon ERA Signatures Today (Tomorrow at the Latest)

IMPORTANT!  Turn in Oregon ERA Signatures Today (Tomorrow at the Latest)

IMPORTANT! We need you to continue collecting ERA signatures, but please turn in all ERA petitions you have that already have signatures on them NOW. And, don’t forget to sign and complete the bottom of the petition as “Circulator” before mailing. Mail to: VoteERA.org, 25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 6, PMB 482, Portland, OR 97210. Thank you & keep getting signatures; we are almost there and can make it with your help!

June 4 is the 95th Anniversary of Congress Passing the 19th Amendment

June 4 is the 95th Anniversary of Congress Passing the 19th Amendment

On June 4, 1919 Congress passed the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. The Amendment was then sent to the states for ratification. It took a little over a year to be ratified on August 18, 1920.

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) has not faired so well. Originally written in 1923 by Alice Paul and first introduced in Congress in 1923, it did not pass both houses of Congress and go to the states for ratification until 1972. It is still three (3) states short of ratification.

We have a chance in 2014 to at least pass a state ERA in Oregon that would grant women express equal rights in the Oregon Constitution. Please do what you can to help! VoteERA.org!

Let’s Stand Up and Be Counted for Equal Rights

Let's Stand Up and Be Counted for Equal Rights

By Elleanor Chin of Portland, Oregon. Elleanor is a Board member of Family Forward Oregon and the Oregon chapter of the National Organization for Women. She is an attorney, writer, mother and gardener.

If you’re on Hawthorne Street in Portland, or near Powells on Burnside, or downtown these days, you’re pretty likely to be hit up by signature gatherers for ballot measures. Yesterday I was approached for the GMO labeling measure (twice) and a marijuana legalization measure (and learned there are three different signature campaigns relating to marijuana legalization). There is a July deadline for signatures for the November election and besides, it’s spring in Oregon!

I wasn’t approached yesterday by someone asking for signatures for the Oregon Equal Rights Amendment measure, but I have been, at least three times recently. Each time it makes me happy and each time I say, “already signed!”

In Oregon, in 2014, we have a particular opportunity to stand up and be counted when it comes to treatment of gender under the law. There is an active campaign to put an Equal Rights Amendment to the Oregon Constitution on the November ballot. The Oregon ERA would amend the Oregon Constitution to specifically ban discriminatory treatment on the basis of gender. Currently neither the federal nor state constitutions offer explicit protection against gender discrimination.

The opportunity comes during a rare major public discussion of women’s experience of misogyny in daily life, sparked by the May 23 mass murder in Isla Vista California, in which the killer provided 100+ page statement and at least one video detailing his personal history and frustrations, including rage, sexual frustration and resentment directed towards women. The Twitter campaign #YesAllWomen developed in response to a social media thread arguing that “not all men” are violent and misogynistic. The YesAllWomen hashtag trended all weekend and included numerous women describing their experiences of sexual harassment, job discrimination, sexual assault.

A constitutional amendment banning discrimination on the basis of gender not only offers women protection from unfair treatment in work and school, but it is a statewide policy statement that Oregonians do not believe that people should be subject to invidious distinction on the basis of gender. It also forces some confrontation of the impact and nature of individual discriminatory acts. Constitutional anti-discrimination protection does not prevent misogyny or individual acts of violence or change minds any more than the Fourteenth Amendment ended racism, but it narrows the opportunities for formal, institutionalized acts of discrimination, and provides opportunities for redress.

Oregon has also been part of the “Equal Rites” movement recently, with Judge Michael McShane’s marriage equality decision on May 19. We have momentum for equality in Oregon so sign a ballot petition today. You don’t have to go looking for someone out on the sidewalk, an individual petition is available at VoteERA.org. Sign it and mail it and tell your fellow voters. – See more at: http://www.blueoregon.com/2014/05/lets-stand-and-be-counted-equal-rights/#comments

One day…. Look What Was Found in the Mailbox Amidst a Ton of ERA Signatures!

One day.... Look What Was Found in the Mailbox Amidst a Ton of ERA Signatures!

What a day it was when I went to the mailbox to pick up more of our signatures from people all over the state…I especially love the ones from my hometown Coos Bay!

Regardless of your political preferences….this note isn’t about our initiative…this note reminds us that the work for women’s equality in general is not done…not even in America.
We are simply part of a very large group of people who have for so long tried to provide women’s equality through the Equal Rights Amendment.

The ERA has been introduced in Congress for 91 years…through the roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, wars, man’s first walk on the moon, 911 and we continue today. The majority of our own Oregon Congressional delegation is sponsoring ERA bills today!

Twenty-two states have a state ERA…with your help Oregon will be next!

As Alice Paul said ‘Equality is not complicated.”

When Hillary was in Portland, she was asked about the Oregon ERA initiative and she said it will have impact beyond it’s borders.

The Nation magazine profiled our initiative on Jan. 1, 2014 along with their top 5 goals for America…the ERA was one of them.

Thank you to so many of you who are truly leaders!
Let’s do the right thing and place the ERA in the Oregon constitution!

Thank you so much for your support, Leanne and Team VoteERA.org
Please visit us at www.VoteERA.org

VoteERA.org | 503-989-1810 | lldilorenzo@voteera.org | http://www.voteera.org
25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 6
PMB 482
Portland, OR 97210

“Don’t Forget the Ladies!”

Equality is not partisan…but…If you are a registered Democrat:
The Democrat Party of Oregon is building a new platform and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is on their list of policy to support!   Thank you DPO for including the ERA in your platform policy list! 
Special notes: *Illinois just passed the federal ERA in their Democrat Senate last week!  *We just received a call from Eleanor Smeal (Publisher Ms. Magazine, Pres. Feminist Majority, former national NOW Pres) who has just endorsed the Oregon ERA Initiative and said “on to victory!”   * Hillary Clinton said what we do with our ERA initiative in Oregon will have great impact beyond our borders * The Nation Magazine on Jan. 1, 2014 came out and said passing the ERA was one of the top 5 goals for America and they profiled our ERA initiative!  The time is now…The ERA continues to provide a pathway for equality for ALL and this time….Please don’t forget the ladies!
 ________________________ CALL(s) TO ACTION:
1/ Send an email to Info@VoteERA.org with the message:   
“YES! I support the ERA!”  While a pathway for all..don’t forget the ladies! 
We will include your name on our list of supporters for the following message: 
“Dear DPO Platform Committee and Frank Dixon, Chair of the Democrat Party, The ERA continues to provide a pathway for equality for ALL! There is no substitute for basic equality written in our Oregon constitution!  Please note my support for the 2014 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) initiative petition 34 for your Democrat Platform Convention!”
Thank you!
VoteERA.org Team! 
_________________________   P.S. We just turned in over 143,000 signatures but want to make sure we don’t take any chances…we still need your signatures so don’t forget to visit www.VoteERA.org and download, sign and send your signature to place the ERA on the Nov. 2014 ballot!
2/ Send this request to everyone you know and put it on Facebook, Tweet it, let it go!

1/ Register as a platform delegate ASAP at this address: http://www.dpo.org/contact/apply-platform-convention-delegate
2/ Take the survey (ends Tues. May 27th at 9pm) at this address (once you’ve registered) send an email and in the subject line ask “please send me the survey for the DPO platform” : Democrats@dpo.org
VoteERA.org | 503-989-1810 Info@VoteERA.org|   | http://www.VoteERA.org 25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 6 PMB 482 Portland, OR 97210
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VoteERA Announces Early Turn In!‏

VoteERA Announces Early Turn In!‏

As of May 23, 2014 we have turned in approximately 140,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office for verification. In order to qualify for the November ballot VoteERA.org needs 116,384 valid signatures collected no later than July 3, 2014.

Among the signatures to be turned in today are those of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and First Lady Cylvia Hayes.

Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo, founder and board chair of VoteERA stated, “I am thrilled with the support we have gotten from all over Oregon. Hundreds of signatures continue to pour in daily. We will not stop gathering signatures until we are certain we have the 116, 384 valid signatures needed. I want to thank all of those who are working to make this happen. There is no question but that we will be on the ballot in November.”

Press Contact: Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo

Contact: 503-701-7122